October 14th 2012 VGC Regional - Houston, Texas: Won by BenjiTheGREAT (ARAZZZZ)!


Out of towners, please help spread the word on your FB pages.

Due to TPCi changing the Swiss round time limit to 20 minutes from 15 AND adding top cut for up to 8 players for each division, we've had to change the registration times for all divisions. The new registration times will allow us to start round 1 earlier and get wrapped up at a decent time Sunday afternoon so that the players can get home before it gets too late.

Sunday - Video Game Championships

Juniors & Seniors - 8:00 am - 9:00 am Registration. Must be in line by 8:30 am to secure a seat in round 1.

Masters - 9:00 am - 10:30 am Registration. Must be in line by 9:45 am to secure a seat in round 1.
Thanks, Mike! This is great news! 20 minutes means stalling shouldn't be as much of a problem as we complain and top cut is always a nice addition! Hopefully my friends will deal with waking up at 8:30 to drive downtown.
Nope, scheduled for work on that day. (Not like i could have asked off. October to january is typically blacked out for requesting off at wal-mart and retailers in general.) so i wont be able to attend.


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not going after all :(

gotta prioritize my schoolins, and besides, i've already got tops in this format :p

have fun you rascals
Wow didnt see this till now, but im here in houston! (As im sitting in the hotel room, finishing my team) so good luck all! Its my second one so im super excited lol
I got 18th. I lost one to unbelievable hax also and one to a dumb move on my part. Like really dumb. Fun games though, maybe next time.
I'll just say how my hax were. Flinch on Gyarados using icy wind. Flinch on cress using trick room. Critical hit on cress, killing it. Flinch on Metagross. Flinch on Rotom, para, and kill. I did not have that pleasant of a battle. Don't talk about unbelievable hax to me. Round two was torment.

Also, are you the werecario I talked to?

EDIT: You know what? I don't think the hax mattered. I had a helluva time today. I probably wouldn't have won anyways.
Got haxed 3-3, while my brother won the swiss with my nats team in seniors, and he ended up getting timed out in a close game in top 4! Congrats to benji and talon for winning!

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