Official CAP Tour - Finals


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Official CAP Tour

Quarter-Finals Matchups:

xavgb vs Hys
Jordy vs Mellow
Mx vs GardeLame
trace vs Jho

This is the first Official CAP Tour, a standard Single Elimination tournament that will be hosted twice a year. This tournament is meant to be keep a nice competitive goal for players in CAP, so it will grant winners access to the ever so prestigious CAP Hall Of Fame. Don't be overwhelmed and think you're not ready to play, always feel free to play, it's an opportunity you shouldn't miss! Matches will be played in one game, then the Semi-Finals and Finals will be played in a BO3.

All matches will be played with the CAP ruleset at the beginning of the round. E.G. Greninja may be banned two days after the round has started but Greninja will still be usable for the remainder of the round.
Matches can be played on Pokemon Showdown OR Smogtours.
Activity calls will be dealt by on a case-by-case scenario, but generally just get your matches done. If it is impossible to due within the timeframe you may ask for an extension but please post it in the thread.
Schedule your matches. If one fails to communicate with another then the match will not be coin flipped and the user that tried to actively get the matches will get the win.
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Snorlax in the way vs The Thunderbirds

gonna curse people because im not nice:

Snorlax in the way vs The Thunderbirds: they're so big
pokehimon vs SunMYSER
xapx vs Jordy
majority vs Rage.Spam.Quit.
vs ilesaural
iKiQ vs Jho - swear to god offler
BackAtYouBro vs K.Rool
TheJ3estPenguin vs EpicUmbreon29
Frat Dude
vs neomon - swear to god fratty
legend slayer vs Dumb Sir
vs ShunosaurusLii - its the clayart guy
Zicofool vs martha
DarkAngeallenq.q vs Airwind
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Calling act, tried to schedule multiple times but oppo didn’t respond to my last attempt (+ he doesn’t know how to properly schedule, so I got confused for the earlier attempts)

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