Tournament Official CAP Tour - Finals

Won in a gg vs TheJ3estPenguin

Edit: adding predictions

trace vs Birkal
Galvantula Tank vs Lnumber5
DurzaOffTopic vs @ Rage.Spam.Quit.
vs GardeLame
Snorlax in the way vs Funbot28
Dumb Sir vs Yami
vs -Voltage-
RaJ.Shoot vs Jordy
BackAtYouBro vs EpicUmbreon29
vs neomon
Decem vs Airwind
vs Frostbiyt Not too sure about this one tbh
xavgb vs Sundar
Mellow vs snake_rattler
Dj Breloominati♬
vs Hys
Mx vs cbrevan
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I’ll give trace the win. We struggled to meet up, and I didn’t check in SmogTours. My bad — I don’t have a ton of time to play.

Doesn’t matter though, trace is gonna win this whole thing :) gl man


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OCT Week 3 is out and ready!

Looks like things are getting spicy this week! Be sure to post your predictions bellow, and make sure you contact your opponent ASAP!

Galvantula Tank lost the coinflip vs Lnumber5
DurzaOffTopic failed to contact his opponent and therefore I'm granting the win to Rage.Spam.Quit.

The deadline will be the 25th of May.

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