Official Smash Bros Tournaments for 3DS/Wii U (UPDATED 04/09/2015)

Thanks to those who entered our previous tours, the new tours are now up. Any posts made after this (including im2ad's post) will be considered as an entry for the new tours.

Any queries, please ask lyran, thanks.
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All Pokémon in Smash technically can be female. They'll mos tlikely be included in future theme tournaments. I decided not to add sheik, either. As it's stated in the start post, that's final.

If you want to confirm, please tell me what tournament you're confirmed for (or both) and which character you will use, each.


Dread Arceus

total cockhead
alright, in for Wii U, sad I can't use the pokemon with a flower on its head for the flower tournament tho :(
also playing Zelda
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You still need to tell me what character you're going to use, I hope reading is not that hard. :P

Edit: Thanks.
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Ox the Fox

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PS username: Ox the Fox
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Character: Lucina

I was planning on telling you on ps, never says u have to put it in your signup post.. thought it had to be unknown or something
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I honestly wonder if people can read. Jack Dalton, Wendy is not in. Ox, you need to specify a character. I added you, DW.
I'll be using my waifu Robin for the Wii U tourney like I did for the sword tour :)

PS Username: Creeper3971
NNID: Yoshiguy3971

This tour should be fun :D

EDIT: Is there any reason for the odd starters and counterpicks? Just curious.


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In for Wii U with WFT.

PS Username: verbatim
NNID: verbiage

Are FD/BF/Smashville banned for this tour, I don't see them in the OP?


Rosalina & Luma, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Lucina, Female ( Yes, female only.) Robin, Zelda, Palutena, Wii Fit (also female only.), Villager ( you guessed it - female only.) ONLY these characters. Remember that.

There are no Pokemon, I know they can be female. These are the allowed characters, deal with it. This won't change on request.
IK there's some saltiness leftover from people being jerks about the swords tournament, but could we at least get an explanation as to why several female character's aren't allowed in the female only tour (Sheik, all three mii's, Wendy koopa)?
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I'll be joining in the 3Ds bracket.
Pokémon Showdown US: TerminaKid
3Ds FC: 3351-5017-7928
IGN: TerminaKid
Characters: ZSS, Samus, Villager(Maybe)
TerminaKid , I added you as ZSS now. If you want to change, tell me.

Also, about stage choices and character choices:

These are my personal choices, a bit edited from a german tournament series I really enjoyed. This, by any means is not supposed to be a serious meta-styled tournament. I want fun stages, a nice theme to go with the characters and most importantly: I want the people to have fun with something new, and unusual. That's why the stages are like this, same goes for the characters.

I did neither put Sheik, Wendy or the Pokemon in the tournament for two reasons, mainly:

For sheik and Wendy, I'm a) planning on using them in one of the next theme tournaments, as this will most likely be a small series if people like it and b) do I honestly just think sheik and Wendy don't fit the theme too well. My tournament, my rules, probably.

Speaking of that, with some excuses, EVERY Pokemon can be male and female. To me, it makes no sense to let them in in such a tournament.
i want in on the tournament. i'll be participating in the 3ds tournament and i will be using female villager. my pokemon showdown name is the same as this one. thehiddentriforce

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