Official Smash Bros Tournaments for 3DS/Wii U (UPDATED 04/09/2015)


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If it's not too late, I'd like to sign up on behalf of my friend who doesn't have an account here.

PS Username: LJMarv
NNID: LongJohnMarv
Just wondering, will we be having a standard tournament here soon? Preparing for my first offline tournament coming up in a month so I'm just wondering.
The new tours have been announced, any post made after this will be considered as an entry.

NEW FEATURE ADDED: From now now, when you enter a tour: You must check in on the day to ensure we know you are present. Otherwise you may be auto DQ from the tour. Check ins will be open 15 mins before the tours start!
PS name: EliwoodEmblem
NNID: KyleDunamisCH
3ds FC: 3754 7222 4595
Memo: Need to make sure that 0mglooted needs to have a challenge, or else the rest of you guys will struggle.

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