Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 2

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Activity Win Request

... Again. I actually did manage to schedule a time with my opponent EonBlitz for this passed Tuesday, but as far as I can tell, he or she did not show up. Scheduling was kind of messy, since we never officially agreed on a server to play on, but I did my best to check both the Smogtours server and just the regular Showdown! server/site. I was there from the time we agreed on (2 PM EST) until 3 PM, and he or she has not been online since Monday. I'm not really optimistic that we will get anything else scheduled.
Update: My opponent Jhawkking never came online since the matchups were posted and the times I attempted to schedule have passed without any contact from him.


Banned deucer.
ajna quit and hasnt been on for days, so he missed the scheduled time yday. activity i guess
Activity win request
My opponent Flexxen hasn't been online since February 13th (before the match-ups came up). I've contacted my opponent three times in order to arrange a schedule, but haven't got a response.
opponent is not replying, what can i do, he/she only gets online once a day and that's to early for me, no flexible timings for them. People should atleast choose 3-4 different hours of day to play OST imo.
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