Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 1-D

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Activity Win Request:
Have now contacted my opponent Fran9Molón6 five times, still no response. Hasn't been online since the 19th and before that since the 11th.
Activity win request, again. My opponent suddenly disappeared after not having respected the time we decided for the match, on Wednesday. I waited for him, but nothing more.
Activity win request:
My opponent missed scheduled time today (been waiting for 2 hours) and he also hasn't been online since the last time he replied to my VM. Due to my exams next week I won't be able to get the games done.
Activity win or sub request : I messaged my opponent Jukoprime twice but he does not seem very interested in playing that game and deadline is getting close.


formerly FY2.0/Eko
Activity win or sub request : he is online sometimes and jsut dont want to respond or i dont know, i said earlier that if he dont respond until saturday im calling for act/sub, so there it is.
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