Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 1-D

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so i try to schedule with a man who visibly don't know how to schedule, look, i posted last tuesday "when are u available", Thursday, he respond "Today after 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time ‎(UTC-5)‎" without thinking of maybe i have school or something. Monday i send a message of his wall telling that i had some stuffs going on, and if he can tell me his availabilities. but idk why, he was only yesterday at 8:14pm, and still don't respond
i think he is trying to get an AW or some shit like that, please help.
PS: oh and he do not ping me on discord too so?_?
Activity Post : I try to contact my opponent on his member page the 15th januar but he didn't reply...
Activity Win Request, I know I already posted but it's Thursday now and I have have not received a response from my opponent. he was last active over a week ago.
Activity Win Request: I messaged my opponent, JaskaTheIndian, 8 days ago and have yet to hear back. Is there a substitute I can battle or anything other course of action I should take?

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