Oh My Mirror ! Round 2 - It's gonna be Legen... wait for it... Dary !

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Been trying to get in to contact with Z-rex, but he appears to be afk every time I message him. Hoping to get this done tomorrow so it doesnt become a coin flip
Activity post. I couldn't acces my desktop for a few days, so I couldn't do stuff.

Opponnet VM'd me, I VM'd him back. I still have to make my team though

EDIT: Finished my team,but still tweaking it a bit
activity post:
to whoever my opponent is, i won't be around until tuesday GMT+0 probably due to a long plane flight
I will battle Zarator very soon.

EDIT: Lost 2-0 in a haxxy, but good game.

Made some pretty bad plays, but oh well :/
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