OM Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #13 @ post #497; deadline Feb. 24]

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Reached Gold in Sketchmons... still Silver in AAA.

Seeing the other teams in AAA, I don't think my current one will cut it. It wasn't even Fardin that convinced me of that; it was everybody else that was running Stamina Suicunes to my face... and winning. And that one Poison Heal Buzzwole.

My Sketchmons team, on the other hand... can easily reach Platinum. Just need to find some games and not choke. That (revised) team will undoubtedly be shared after the peak.
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Bronze in AG till now, really fun tier(though only had 2-3 good matches), really looking to get into this one(Any suggestions where to start?)

Now then. I have an important announcement to tell you all.
You all have a second Platnium rank for Sketchmons. This is in accordance to a ladder peak.

I'll be sharing my team over at the OM team dump. In short, it's really solid, only being disadvantaged against the heaviest of stall. Most of the losses came when I was in the transitional phase, thinking up some new strategies. Everything else crumpled before its might. Alolan-Marowak is amazing, by the way.

The last match, for prosperity:
Somehow made it to Silver in AG

Dumped Squawkerz's set somewhere along the road in favor of having the Arceus be the team's Defogger and dumping Fini which I was using for some reason, because the Squawkerz set really wasn't working out anymore
So yeah at around 1570 Fardin pointed out that my new team wasn't actually packing Bisharp, which I didn't realise. I got probably around 4-5 wins with it so I guess I'll just use this as an appropriate excuse to step away from the challenge because I don't really have the time to ladder.
Soz for cheating, didn't mean to.

Every win to Gold still counts thought.
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