OM Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #13 @ post #497; deadline Feb. 24]

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After laddering to Gold in the AG tier, I have a few thoughts about the core (and possibly future core challenges).

While laddering through mid-ladder, the experience felt similar to a normal ladder experience, with the core not being particularly difficult to utilize. Waterceus + Ho-oh is already a fantastic core (one that I used extensively in Gen 6), and the core didn't seem to challenge the laddering experience much.

Confirming that Ho-oh is a fantastic teammate is perfectly fine when paired with a Supportceus, but I personally think that the cores in the Core Challenges can be a bit more creative and provide more of a challenge so the ladder requirements can be lowered to a reasonable amount. (Platinum that's past #1 seems a bit too far fetched)

Some ideas for future AG cores:

Giratina-Origin and Magearna combined can check most of the threats in the metagame while maintaining a fantastic offensive presence. Both of these mons are heavily underused, so it would be interesting to see how people would attempt to use this unlikely duo.

Lando-T provides an offensive check to Primal-Groudon and Ho-oh, allowing Xerneas to attempt a sweep. While Xerneas is a domineering presence in the metagame, Landorus-Therian is almost extinct; this core thus showcases the multifaceted AG tier.

Overall, I think that while this AG core challenge is certainly a fantastic start, I'm hoping that in the future, unique and challenging cores can make their way into this challenge to help add variety to the metagame and challenge users to come up with creative ways to utilize the cores provided.
Reached bronze after 30 mins or so
one loss is from hooh skarm core my team cant handle and since team is built for high mid and high ladder
using cm waterceus 4 the memes, reaching between gold n silver 2morrow becuz im 2 lazy to ladder
gl hf chandy fam
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I received some complaints in PS about the Platinum achievement in AG being too high. All of the elo requirement that I set up are Gold requiring you to at least in top 10-20, while Platinum requiring you to peak the ladder. That's why all of the cores I picked MUST be good, BUT not terribly overused. But if Platinum requiring you to peak seems too hard, I'll lower it for the next challenge (I can't do it now because there are some people that already reached Gold and changing it would mess up what people achieved).

Regarding Ho-oh + Waterceus core, I picked based on the usage of last month and how good they are. Both are good mons and they are fine for each other, but both mons are below top 20 in terms of usage (based on this usage stats). My target is to pick mons that aren't overused, but good individually and when paired with each other, so in this sense, both Waterceus and Ho-oh fits. But I can certainly give a more challenging core in exchange for lowering the Platinum reqs.


Penny saved is still a fucking penny
Though I haven't ladderred more because I have been busy af, but just here to say, excellent initiative Why Nerdy , as an OM lover I can safely say that the quality ladder of both AAA and sketchmons (especially sketchmons) has improved considerably, and thanks to all of the good players taking part, and in the process to counter team each other, teams have become so unpredictable and fun to play against or even ladder tbh.
Also Merry Christmas everyone, happy ladderring!! n_n
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