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OM Madness Tour

Welcome to the Other Metagames Madness Tour, a tournament showcasing the creativity at the heart of OM Mashups! Each week, players will be given a list of 5 Other Metagames mechanics to choose from; during scheduling the players will agree upon two or more mechanics to combine into a Mashup, which will be the format for that round.

Tournament rules:
  • General tournament rules and guidelines found here.​
  • Best of one, double elimination.​
  • All battles must be played on Pokemon Showdown!.​
  • Replays are required.​
  • The format for each week will be a combination of different mechanics chosen by the hosts, and the banlist will be a combination of the formats' banlist, along with any additional bans or unbans decided by the hosts or players.​
  • If a format has not been declared by three days before the deadline, a format will be decided by the hosts and assigned to the players.​

Contact the hosts with any ruleset disputes. Hosts have the final say on this matter
Hosts: Ducky Eggs

Example mechanics pool: Godly Gift, Almost Any Ability, Sketchmons, Revelationmons, Bonus Type
Example additional rules: Boomburst is restricted in all Sketchmons mashups.

You and your opponent must agree upon two ore more of these mechanics to create a mashup with.
Example formats:
Almost Any Ability Sketchmons (SKAAATCH)
Godly Gift Bonus Type Revelationmons (GGBTREV)
Bonus Type Almost Any Ability Sketchmons Revelationmons Godly Gift (BTAAASKREGG)

Signups will close after one week (July 11 @ 11:59 PM GMT-4), or earlier depending on the number of signups. Post "in" to signup.
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