Tournament OM of the Month Tournament: VoltTurn Mayhem (Won by Rofna99)

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:gholdengo: OM of the Month Tournament: VoltTurn Mayhem :slaking:

The point of this tournament is to allow everyone to discover a tier and have fun while improving the development of the meta.

Important information and rules:

- Due to time constraints, this tournament is a No John tournament, Rounds will last after 3 or 4 days depending on if it is during the beginning or the end of the week, thus, no extensions will be granted until Final.
- This is a Swiss tournament, so everyone will play 4 times even if they lost.
- The tournament will last 4 or 5 rounds (around 2 weeks), depending on the number of signups. People who went undefeated will play a final round to decide the winner of the tournament.
- Matches will be best-of-three in the VoltTurn Mayhem format
/Challenge [USERNAME], [Gen 9] Anything Goes @@@ VoltTurn Mayhem Mod, Standard OMs, Sleep Moves Clause, -Fake Out, -Revival blessing, -Flutter-Mane, -Iron-Bundle, -Miraidon, -Koraidon, -Palafin
- Replays must be posted.
- VoltTurn Mayhem resources can be found here.

Rofna99 vs Springerk
Rofna99 vs Turtlek
Springerk vs Turtlek

Deadline is Thursday 26th at 11:59pm GMT+1, extensions are now allowed if you need one but play as soon as possible please
If you would like to host an OMotM tournament, contact PandaDoux on discord as PandaDoux♥♡㋛★✩#6506 or contact an OM staff.
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