Tournament OM Snake Draft - Signups

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PS Name: jeran zzz
Tiers Played: all. im the best at ts since my alts literally infest top 10 since day 1. can build for all but zu, never played that, never will.
Timezone : gmt+1
Significant Time Missed?: i have to be alive during September thats all

glad we are having another tour, sadly its un-oms this time still love them all. cool stuff
PS Name: frcl
Tiers Played: Tier Shift
Timezone : GMT+8
Significant Time Missed?: Cannot play till sept. 2nd due to exam, and have school in general afterwards.
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PS Name: Ransei (said I'd be taking a break from smogon tours for a long while like I very much involved in them in the first place but I just want to try this out)
Tiers Played: Partners in Crime / Camomons / ZU / realistically put me in anything i guess
Timezone: GMT-4
Significant Time Missed?: This is Ransei you're asking...
i was bullied into doing this

PS Name: tegrof19
Tiers Played: Sketchmons, Camomons
Timezone: EDT (GMT -4)
Time Missed: Not that I can foresee

i'm toxic as shit and bad at mons, don't draft me
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