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Parts of OP stolen from old thread made by wishes and Snaquaza. Approved!
Welcome to the OM Tutoring Program!
Making its late return from generation six, this program aims to pair trusted, active members of our community who are what we consider the best of their tiers to users who want to learn their specific tiers. Our purpose is to get more people active in OMs and raise new and prominent battlers from the dust, and we hope you can make friends as well! I will try to pair everyone to an enthusiastic and active tutor. We'll try and pair everyone up with their best fit!

You can always sign up! There's no specific time during which you have to apply, you can just ask me whenever you want and I'll try to help you.

The actual program will go like this.

  • Sign-Up: Users can sign up by posting in this thread or PMing me on Smogon or on PS. You'll have to give you Smogon and PS name, the metagame you want to learn and your timezone, so I can pair you up with a good tutor. You can submit for either Almost Any Ability, Balanced Hackmons, Camomons, Mix and Mega, or STABmons, although the bigger metagames like Balanced Hackmons or Mix and Mega will probably be standard and have the most tutors.
  • Pairing: After you sign up, I'll try to approach users who could be fit as your mentor. I'll try to have a standard list of tutors, but if they don't fit your timezone or can't be active I'll try to find one anyway. I'll post in the thread when I assign someone, and will make a conversation with you and your tutor, so you can communicate and I can follow your process.
  • Training: At this point, it'll be between you and your mentor. You'll have to try and schedule a time and at that point work on the tier. You'll get advice with teambuilding, with battling and how the tier is put together. You'll learn whatever you want to know, such as the threats in the metagame and what you need to check, as well as general battling skills as how to take a risk, identify roles in a team and win the lead matchup. If you're not happy with your mentor, you can tell me and I'll try to fix it. This phase will last approximately 2 to 3 weeks, depending on when you feel that you know enough about the tier. It shouldn't last any longer so that the tutors can also move on to other users.
This thread will function as a general informational thread. You can ask questions about it here, and I keep track of who's tutoring who at the moment. Additionally, you can also post here if you want to be tutored, although you can also just PM me. If you feel like you'd be a good tutor, you could post here, but chances are that I'll approach you anyway. Both should follow this scheme if they post.


*Be sure to mention whether you want to tutor or if you want to be tutored before putting down what tier(s).

If I'm not happy with how a tutor behaves, (s)he'll probably be (temporarily) removed from the project. This way we can make sure no other users have a bad experience. Tutors are assigned on an as-needed basis, so if there's a lot of ask for STABmons tutors, I'll ask more people to help out with the problem.

You are responsible to mention whether you want to tutor or to be tutored.
Tutees are also responsible to find their tutor and tutors are responsible to find their tutees.

As of March 28th 2019:

xavgb is now tutoring LaBalladeDesCieux in Mix and Mega
Sylveon. is now tutoring Official Fissure in Almost Any Ability
ElMustacho and Willdbeast are now tutoring @kyo3944 in Balanced Hackmons
morogrim is now tutoring Rlly6 in Balanced Hackmons.

Feel free to PM Ransei in Pokemon Showdown or Smogon if you have any questions.
Want to be tutored,

Username: BoopToOblivion on Smogon, on PS! i’m normally on as BaneOfAll
Timezone: GMT + 0
Tier(s): Want to be tutored for primarily Camomons, but also Balanced Hackmons if possible. Heck, probably STABmons over BH, though I understand there won’t be as many tutors for that? Screw that I’m being dumb. Want to be tutored for MnM, Camomons
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Username: Naoki-sama / Naoki-Rush
Timezone: GMT +1
Tiers: I'd like to be a tutor in BH and to be tute ^^. Basically I can tute beginners but i still not so good.
I also want to be tute in MnM and AAA
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Here are the first batch of pairings for Generation 7's OM Tutoring!!!

GL Volkner is now tutoring Brodaha in Balanced Hackmons
Anaconja is now tutoring DMDW in Balanced Hackmons
morogrim is now tutoring Sacred Wings in Balanced Hackmons
Sylveon. is now tutoring Naoki-sama in Almost Any Ability
Willdbeast is now tutoring Hassin627 in Balanced Hackmons
In The Hills is now tutoring Xayah in Mix and Mega
Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) is now tutoring Zovrah in Balanced Hackmons

This all came in the order I wrote them down in. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to request a change. Otherwise, have fun over the next two-three weeks! More pairings will be coming soon!

Btw, we also have a discord:

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