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It's wonderful how we all have a guardian
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It's time for our second batch!
Anaconja is no longer tutoring Lotus in Balanced Hackmons
morogrim is no longer tutoring Sacred Wings in Balanced Hackmons
Sylveon. is no longer tutoring Naoki-sama in Almost Any Ability
In The Hills is no longer tutoring Xayah in Mix and Mega
Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) is no longer tutoring Zovrah in Balanced Hackmons
Chazm is no longer tutoring XxAwesomePlayzxX in Mix and Mega (this one is late)
xavgb is no longer tutoring BoopToOblivion in Mix and Mega
Akashi is no longer tutoring pazza in Almost Any Ability

morogrim is now tutoring Chloe in Balanced Hackmons
Chessking345 is now tutoring DarkAngeallenq.q in Balanced Hackmons
xavgb is now tutoring Pyroshi02 in Mix and Mega
ElMustacho is now tutoring XxAwesomePlayzxX in Balanced Hackmons
GL Volkner is now tutoring Xayah in Balanced Hackmons
Sylveon. is now tutoring Anaconja in Almost Any Ability
Akashi is now tutoring Naoki-sama in Mix and Mega

Inform me if you are discontent with your new pairs or if you want something to be changed and I will consider some rearrangements.

I am aware that even after nearly three weeks some pairings are still not done, those will keep going.

Tutor Discord:

Edits: GL Volkner is still tutoring Brodaha (now tutoring 2 users), willdbeast is still tutoring Hassin627, replacing Sylveon.'s tutee with anaconja. In The Hills is not tutoring BoopToOblivion in Camomons. Will have a replacement soon (likely morogrim or Chessking345)

Last but not least the OP was edited to add in current tutoring sessions.

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