Tournament OMFL II - Won by Porygons

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Week 5

The Hacking Porygon (Yami) - [3][3] - The Snommunists (Kris)

SS Almost Any Ability: Ainzcrad vs Expulso
SS Balanced Hackmons: LolTrollGame vs Spook
SS Camomons: Karl Dude Guy vs zioziotrip
SS Mix and Mega: Nakeeb vs ToxaNex
SS NFE: WMAR Sub: K3ppr vs Kaif
SS STABmons: Riku Sakuraba vs Velvet Blood

Debonair Dwebbles (Fissure) - [3][3] - Type-Nullards (tzop)

SS Almost Any Ability: Estarossa vs aqh
SS Balanced Hackmons: Marsopa Trump & Test Rex vs DarkBeserker
SS Camomons: Jadeblade87 vs Altthiel
SS Mix and Mega: mc56556 vs damflame 3
SS NFE: SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs 7shoes
SS STABmons: Aloopuriza vs Pyroshi02

~ Deadline ~
06:00 AM GMT on 1st of June, 2020
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Once again the inconsiderate OM leaders have decided to ban stuff in a very inconvenient way, namely stabmons banning dracovish which will be in effect this round. As always make sure you know the how the meta you're playing works.

Poorly formatted standings have been updated so you can work out what your team needs to go through, every team playing this week has a chance though it will be toughest for the Nullards and sadly the Octilleries can't progress to the semis.

Good luck everyone!
Okay so as you may have noticed the two deciding games have yet to happen due to act issues. However no attempt to request an opponent subbing or call act was made until late today when it was no longer possible for the games to be played even with the player at fault being subbed out rapidly, and not at all for the other game.

As such I'm granting a 48 hour extension to this round for the two remaining battles to take place, but the Porygon's sub will stand (since their player was the cause of the activity issues in the first place). Please PM me if you have any complaints or questions.

SS NFE: K3ppr vs Kaif
SS STABmons: Aloopuriza vs Pyroshi02

~ Deadline ~
06:00 AM GMT on 3rd of June, 2020

If these games still don't take place I will make the activity call with no further delays. Next week will also be delayed accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Well done to the Debonair Dwebbles who made it directly to the Final with their strong performance so far, and also to the The Hacking Porygon and The Snommunists who have made it to the Semi Final for an exciting rematch of last week to see who get's to fight in the final for the top spot!

The final game from last week will still take place, but it has no impact on the overall team standings so you'll just be playing for pride.
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