Tournament OMFL II - Won by Porygons

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Thank you for my actual first experience in a team tournament. I feel like I’ve grown tremendously as a player and en route to becoming a better team player. I would share my teams only 3, but 2 are memes or stuff i wanted to try but ultimately failed. So glad i got to represent my beautiful NFE community and Porygons. Yami thank you so much for putting your trust in me as an NFE player, sorry i failed going 0-3 but i can learn from it and move on. Go with my gut more. All my porygons are amazing and so proud to meeting yall. Heres to next OMFL, unlikely to be promoted to OMPL LOL


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Well we didn’t win and congrats to the porygons, u guys are great. Overall this tournament made me so much more appreciative of NFE and mons in general. I’m so proud of all the dwebbles who helped make such a great team and atmosphere in the discord. You guys made this tour 10x more enjoyable. Well once again congrats to the porygons and maybe the dwebbles can run it back next year :)
Congratulations to The Hacking Porygon and Yami for winning OMFL II!

Thank you to everyone who took part, especially all the managers for all the work they did for the auction and organising teams. Everyone seemed very motivated and there was hardly a single activity problem or dispute and there were a lot of exciting games, so thanks for making my job easy and enjoyable.

Hopefully this was a fun and well run experience for all of you, and I hope to see most of you in next year's OMPL or perhaps OMFL III, or other OM tours.

MVP award goes to Marsopa Trump & Test Rex who despite not being on the winning team managed an impressive 5-0 season while only being the 7th most expensive player. Commiserations to the Dwebbles who had an astounding tournament and just fell short of taking it all. Well played everyone.


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Alright, I am so glad I got to experience being a manager in a smogon team tour for once. It was a great experience and I am very proud that the first time I managed a team tour, my team won. I could not have done it without all the people I drafted and my two helpers DugZa and MetaRiolu7 that I ask to help my team once I got my manager spot. I hope that one day in the future, we can all team with each other again. I cannot thank you guys enough for winning the whole tour :porygon:. I love all of you and remember that waifu luck is real!

Nakeeb The goat that went 5-1, I am very glad that I picked you up for mnm as you dominanced it. You also kept morale up and were a great chat presence. Hope to see you in OMPL next year because you definitely have what it takes to be there.
LolTrollGame You were the one I wanted for BH when I was tryna figure out who to get for that slot. I knew you were good and have what it takes to preform well. Do not let you get down on your record or not living up to your pricetag, it happens.
WMAR Sorry this tour did not go too well for you. I hope you take this as an learning experience and use it to improve on playing and prepping. I am sure if OMFL happens again next year, you will dominate the NFE slot.
Karl Dude Guy I was not too in the know with camomons, but when I saw some replays of you playing it I knew I had to get you. You did pretty well and got the wins we needed.
K3ppr My Monotype goon and nexus friend. I knew you played OMs and well we put you in all over the place LOOL. You played like everything but BH and camomons I believe, so thank you for being so flexible and getting wins for us.
Ainzcrad My nexus friend. I knew you played OMs, and had the potential to go positive in AAA and sub in when I needed you to. You were great to have in the chat and appreciated the waifu luck thing I did every week that actually helped us win the tour LMAO.
Fylkir Pudin Another Monotype goon and nexus friend. Thank you for getting a win in NFE and being active. I really hope your view of me has changed a bit and we can team together again.
Riku Sakuraba Yet another Monotype goon and nexus friend. Sorry I could not play you more, but I was glad to get a friend that was able to be a sub if I needed one.
I am bu My Monotype friend. Sorry I did not get to play you, but I hope you enjoyed your first smogon team tour.
Floss My assman, Monotype and nexus goon friend. You always beat me to send in lus and made manager + helper chat fun. The team definitly benefited from having you as a active chat presence and kept everyone under control if I was away because of work LMAO. You did do pretty well this tour in STABmons (3-0) and I hope to see you around.

DugZa My close friend on this website and a Monotype goon. While OMPL did go rough for you, I am glad that were able to help us out in camomons and a couple other slots. Hope to officially team up in a team tour soon.
MetaRiolu7 Another Monotype goon LMAO. Thanks for the help in camomons and NFE I think. You were great to have as a helper and hopefully we can officially team up sometime in the future.

willdbeast Thank you for hosting this tour and hanging out in our discord, hope it was not too wild for you!

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