OMPL V: Discussion Thread

Looks like it's over. Even though I did pretty bad myself paired with an embarrasing record, I have people who deserve to be thanked:

Fardin You're one of the best players I've had a chance to learn with, you taught me how to play stall and vs stall, how not to choke, teambuilding in singles, you're simply fantastic. Plus, you alone have granted our team more wins, through helping me, Dramps, Leru and even Laxpras, than you ever could in AG yourself. Sadly, I couldn't step up like you believed I could, I'm sorry for that bro, just know I'm thankful. Now go on to dominate in pretty much any meta you play Mr. Prodigy ;]. Good luck for your next match!

Chazm My favourite brit! I'm so fucking glad we both made it to OMPL, it wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you for the support and motivation, testing and teambuilding. If it weren't for you and fardin I'd have gone 0-6. It was a pleasure to get to know you and get better together. If we go on, by next year we might no have competition :p. Keep it up!

Quantum Tesseract Hey dude, you got me into this tournament thingy. You were the very first to believe I had potential to participate, and went on to refer me to TI. Thank you for believing. Also, I don't what the fuck you said about me but it must've been REALLY good for TI to draft an unknown, inexperienced player for a starting position.

The Immortal As I've said, I have no idea what QT could've told you to want me as a starting player but whatever it was, you believed in it and trusted me. I'm glad for that. I know you wanted another proven player to be able to sub me out if shit went south but you still rated your draft a solid 8, with me in it! And procceeded to play me in every week, which, although you had no other main MnM players, I didn't expect. In the end, I let you down, but thanks for believing.

Highlord You never ever refused to test or give me advice whenever I asked you. If you were on, you always responded to questions and helped me get high level experience. Phenomenal player, how the fuck did you go undrafted?

Thanks to The Ruins of Alpha, E4 Flint, Laxpras, Leru, draegn and 1 True Lycan for being such a cool team and providing me help whenever I needed it and whenever I didn't as well :P. We made such an amazing run and I hope I wasn't too heavy. Let's get it!

Also, special thanks to Chloe., Racool, InfernapeTropius11 for keeping me motivated from the very moment I was drafted, through shit talk mainly.

It was a pleasure to partake in this tournament and get to know the OM community. I'm not sure whether I'll keep playing OMs or not (ig it'll all depend on whether the new VGC format appeals to me or not) but if I do stick around I'll make sure to be a way better player than I was this time and maybe then I can be proud of my performance. It was a lot of fun though!

Take care y'all :).
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Seeing how OMPL is now over, I might as well do my shoutouts too.

The Immortal EV Ransei Uselesscrab Pikachuun DEG - thanks for not drafting me u massive snakes u just allowed my tumor in this thread to grow

Chloe. - thanks for being a dictator and deleting my posts in this thread as an attempt to STOP me

partys over - hola, soy dora.

wishes - hello

GL Volkner E4 Flint EV - good luck volkner and effort value made the uniqueness of E4 Flint's name go to shame

imas - hey

THE ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST - my lord and savior please never let me drop to these depths

i am kris

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