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Player Cost / Drafting Analysis
I was interested to see the relation between how much a player went for and how well they did (measured here by wins provided). This can be seen as a way to determine who had the best and worst value, and therefore which managers made the best and worst picks.

General stats:

Average cost per win: 4484
This number can roughly be used to see if you were worth your pick. If you were more money per win than this, you were theoretically a poor pick and underperformed, whereas if you are under this number you were theoretically a good pick.

Correlation between cost and number of wins: r = .50, p < .0001
For those unfamiliar with stats, the r value means there was a moderate correlation between price and wins, and the small p value means this is significant. Takeaway: Managers did a pretty good job paying more for people who win more, but they could do better. The biggest issue here is with AG, with managers spending large amounts on AG players with not great win outcomes (logically this also doesn't make sense via supply/demand so maybe managers learn from their mistakes)

Best 5 Value Picks:
Player / Price / Wins / Cost per Win
  1. InfernapeTropius11 [Five-Star Jolteons] 8000 6 1333.333333
  2. The Ruins of Alpha [Bedroom Blisseys] 4000 3 1333.333333
  3. Laxpras [Bedroom Blisseys] 9500 7 1357.142857
  4. GmU pokeboss9 [Optimistic Mimikyus] 3000 2 1500
  5. wishes [Untitled Unfezants] 3500 2 1750
Clearly this is pretty skewed, as after the top 3 players, you have to to #29 (E4 Flint) to get someone who won more than 3 games. Including sample size, IT11 and Laxpras were the two best picks. It should also be noted that 2 out of the top 3 best picks were done by TI, which, combined with winning OMPL, indicates that he clearly had the best draft.

Worst 5 Value Picks
5. (Tie) Megazard [Accelerating Aegiblades] 14500 2 7250
5. (Tie)Fardin [Bedroom Blisseys] 14500 2 7250
4. Eien [Accelerating Aegiblades] 7500 1 7500
3. rozes [King Kois] 11000 1 11000
2. motherlove [Optimistic Mimikyus] 12500 1 12500
1. Official Fissure [Five-Star Jolteons] 15500 1 15500

Expensive 0 win players:
  1. GL Volkner [King Kois] 9500 0
  2. Clearly [Optimistic Mimikyus] 8000 0
  3. Vid [Untitled Unfezants] 7000 0
  4. nyan kat [Accelerating Aegiblades] 7000 0
These are theoretically the worst OMPL picks. These are pretty strong results unlike the best 5, with really the only unfortunate standout that doesn't belong being Eien (7500 for 1 win).
The Kois had the most expensive winless player, and the third most expensive 1 win player. The Mimikyus had the 2nd most expensive winless player and the 2nd most expensive 1 win player.

Note before anyone yells at me: idc if you're listed here, sucks. Yes it was a small sample size. Get over it.

You can see each player's stats here:

Not trying to praise or blast anyone here, just was curious at how managers drafted. My conclusion is that they did pretty well, with a few very bad picks, a few very good picks, and a general poor-choice tendency to spend large sums on AG players.

Disclaimer: All win values were taken from Chloe's post and I added tiebreaker results. All cost values were taken from OMPL info post. I am not to blame if any are incorrect.

The Immortal

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OMPL V has concluded and the Bedroom Blisseys have reclaimed the throne!

The team:
E4 Flint - It feels like you're a part of the Blisseys now; I can't see me having a team without you. You were my first draft pick and supported me throughout the auction. You got the wins when they mattered, but beyond that you helped motivate the team and were always there to discuss strategy.

Laxpras - GOAT gets used a lot but it truly describes you. Even though you were MIA, and your activity was uncertain, drafting you was a risk I was willing to take. Going 13-0 across two OMPLs is legendary and something we probably won't see again. You had me worried for a minute there when you disappeared in week 2 or something but you got the game done and went on to dominate the rest of the tournament. You even tried to help out the rest of the team when you could. I couldn't ask for more.

1 True Lycan - Although you didn't have an exceptional run, you got one of the most important wins in the finals. Beating Steel with Poison, what a boss! I wish you chilled more with us on Discord :(.

Mark_K - I know you feel you let us down but you didn't. We only payed 5k for you, not 14.5k. You allowed us to spend money elsewhere. It was nice having you on the team and in the Discord. I hope you learn from the experience and become an even better battler.

The Ruins of Alpha - Nobody expected it from you but you took the OMPL by storm with 3 wins in the first 3 weeks against some of the toughest opponents. You certainly shut up the doubters. Unfortunately you weren't able to continue the run but we still appreciate what you've done.

Fardin - You didn't live up to the expectations I had but you were an important part of Mark and Drampa's early wins so thank you for that.

draegn - You were a key part of Flint's preparations, and you got a big win in week 5. I'm glad you had the opportunity to prove to everyone that you're the real deal.

Leru - I asked you to sign up because I knew you were fantastic and drafted you for just 5k. You were always available and when we needed you, you stepped in. Despite being a Monotype player, you showed interest in every OM and I'm sure the team appreciates any input you provided. Even though you knew very little of Sketchmons, you built a really good team and won us the OMPL in the tiebreaker. It was great having you on the team and interacting with you n_n.

Thanks and congratulations to all of you. I was just a small part of this, you guys are winners.

Thanks everyone that supported the Blisseys. I also want to thank the critics. You doubted the team and all it did was give them added motivation.

Thanks antemortem for hosting when we needed someone. I owe you one.

Stay tuned for the Smogon article where I will share some of my strategy!


e: No offense to racool, it's just for fun!
In defense, Racool and sketches was definitely a strong pick considering he had beaten Blissey's twice already and Blissey's had a couple options if they wanted to swap some players around. I mean IT11 was GOAT jr, but idk I wasn't even drafted.
IT11 in mnm was obviously a stronger pick, as sketch is easier to pick up and is slightly more unpredictable and mu based than mnm. So obviously mnm woulda been a more comfortable pick than sketch, but we explained why we picked sketch before, we overpredicted and reasoned that sketch was the safer option. At the end of the day, i had a reasonable enough mu, and played well enough to get the win, but lost to something completely out of my control (rng), a phenomena which has occured a lot throughout this ompl. Regardless, grats to blisseys on a great tournament and a deserved win, and now that ompl is over (even if it didnt conclude how I envisaged up until turn 14 of the final match rip) time for some mentions:

First off my team:
Ransei and ScarfWynaut - Thanks for drafting me, for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament. Ransei, ur probs one of the nicest people on the site, and I feel really bad about not winning ompl for u especially. Losing ompl finals 2 years in a row to a miss in a deciding tiebreaker is kinda rough, and ur probs more annoyed about it than even me. Last year sounds worse, cos it was zen headbutt as oppose to hydro pump, but both are pretty annoying ways to lose. I hope u change ur mind about not managing again next year, cos imo ur the auction king and a really good manager, but u have more than enough reasons to not want to go through all that again just to fall short to rng at the very end. As for u sw, ur probs one of the most chill people, and it was cool to get to know u. I really dont get why u are getting so much of the blame for not picking mnm tbh, we all discussed it and decided on sketch in the end as it was from our point of view the safest option. Soz for never releasing that rmt btw, but dont worry ur artwork did not go unnoticed, I think u should branch out into computer art more tbh ;P . When I release my next rmt expect a pm for art and this time Ill actually post it lol.

InfernapeTropius11 - what can I say other than GOAT, who even cares about laxpras, he never had to play mark k. U were our consistent clutch player too, something that goes amiss. U were always the last to play, and on 3 occasions, u were the deciding game for us, so yeah thanks for being the unbreakable wall of our team:) Soz for not winning it for us, I tried and tbh I thought I was going to, but t'was not to be. I wish I was good at dealing with pressure as u tbh, but I dont think that woulda affected the match cos wierdly i actually played pretty well. Predicting u to go for 17k next year, u heard it here first. If im in it, hope we are on the same team! U better hook me up with all ur teams btw. Stay cool:)

Official Fissure - Ah my sketch enthusiast companion, was fun being on the same team as u. I wouldnt read too much into that player worth thing tbh, ur record doesnt really tell the whole story at all. I mean u had to play lax in aaa despite the fact that u dont really play the tier much, and u were able to surprise him with a very neat set! Also, u lost a match to an uncontrollable 50/50(sacred fire not burning) as well as a match to ash-gren being pathetic (+6 ice beam doesnt KO Ferrothorn WTF). Ur one of the most innovative builders ik, and its been cool to discuss sketch sets with you. Kinda annoyed that ur signature berry-flex never OML'd someone this ompl, if i had a pound for everytime uve bopped me with some random berry.... my bmi would be 25.8, which apparently is overweight.

HunterStorm - Thanks for coming back from the dead for us.... twice!!! Both times we were in desperate need, and u delivered. Sorry for not making them count:( I honestly tried my best, and as I said earlier, lost to something outa my control, so hopefully u forgive me. Im also glad u shook off ur ompl curse, and finally got to play some hax-less matches which (not coincidentally) you won! Ur a cool guy, even if ur timezone was annoying af when i was trying to pester u to make a return.

terrors - I remember seeing seeing u still untaken during the auction and literally going nuts and spammed ransei's pms lol. Ur a sick player, and were a solid performer for us. We didnt really talk too much, but from the conversations we did have u seem like a very chill guy. For the record, p sure ik exactly how u musta felt last year and it sucks, maybe next year we will be on the same team and win an ompl finals tiebreaker eh? Although only 95% accuracy moves and above from now on ;P

morogrim - honestly I didnt have a clue who u were before ompl, mostly cos im still relatively new to oms and idk anything about bh. But im very glad I got to know u cos ur p awesome! U were a very dedicated team member, and despite not knowing a thing about sketch, u were always offering to help test in whatever way you could. I felt awful for not being able to test bh with you, but quite simply I am worse than atrocious at bh, so I probs woulda just confused u if I tested with my inexplicable plays. Speaking of which, I might harass u to tutor me in bh sometime in the months leading up to omgs net year, so consider urself warned lol. I personally dont like bh, but being good at it woulda been a huge advantage this past omgs, as literally noone in playoffs played it hence why we all dropped it. Also, sorry for making all ur effort into our team go to waste with this final match. As ive said above, I did try my best (although in hindsight my team was too prepped for balance as i had no idea what to expect) but in the endcertain things were out of my control.

Salvation - my man f6tornado, i actually sorta love u tbh. 2 huge wins, and ive never seen someone be that cool and supportive about being subbed out back to back weeks at the last minute. Ur actually also a sick AG player, very underrated. But yeah u really did just have the teams best interests in ur heart, and as ive said to the others, sorry for letting that all go to waste :/

DBW - What. A. Pick. What more can u ask for for 5k? Comes in with noone knowing who they are, everyone predicting them to flop, and gets a big win vs hnbl in probs one of the most entertaining matches this ompl. Let that match serve as a lesson: never ever early gg. Also, behind the scenes, noone saw how supportive u were. Constantly offering help and encouragement, and just a great guy in general. I hope u get to finally play lycan and get ur revenge, I have faith in you! Once again, soz for failing at the very end :(

The Official Glyx - U had a bit of a rough ride record wise, but I hear that aaa isnt ur most comfortable meta, as mnm is. Also u did have to play lax twice which is brutal, although.... yeah unless u are 100% confident in what ur opponent is gonna bring, I wouldnt resort to full ct's in an ompl tiebreaker, as theyr unreliable af, and ct's tend to be kinda terribly balanced, and weak to a lot more threats. Sorry for losing :/

And Last but most definitely not least.......
Pepa120 - All u can ask for in a player. Emotional encouragement, passion, witty comments, and scary battling ability. It was a pleasure to be on ur team and I wish you good fortune in ur tournament finals to come. Grats on beating Cam!! Sorry for letting the jolteons down in the end man.

Now For my miscellaneous mentions, most of which arent that related to ompl strictly (sorry if i didnt mention you, just pm me and ill edit you in):

Starting it off with Chloe. - Chloe... or should I say Chole...? Or perhaps Chlobae xP Ur one of my best friends on the site, cos ur one of the nicest people, and are always sticking up for me:) Ur doing a fantastic job with AG and MnM, and I strongly believe the om community would be so much worse off if we didnt have you! Have fun seeing the weekend this winter!!

Jrdn - O Love Machine, Love Machine, wherefore art thou Love Machine? ;P Lol so ur the guy who got me into oms a year ago when u passed me that tough claws dnite AAA team which i peaked the ladder with. If only u knew the scale of nuubness u were about to unleash onto the om community ;P On a real tho, ur probs the most chill person ik on the site, and defo the person ive known for the longest here, its been a fun ride :) I am very glad I got drafted onto the mawiles tbh, aside from the mawiles being the best team ever, I highly doubt i woulda ever got into oms elsewise, which means i woulda never discovered how good sketch is! Also thanks for literally building and testing with me endlessly (how many battles have we had? must be in like the 500's i swear lol), ur probs one of the best builders and battlers ik. U better fucking win om player of 2017 (ayy i got it right this time!) Also calling it rn, bronn is azor ahai (fucks sake gonna have to indulge myself in 2 years of fan theories now). GL with getting into official tiers now, ik u can boss it there like uve bossed oms!

GL Volkner - Ur probs the nicest and most supportive person ik, not just for mons but for irl stuff too. I dont see how i could possibly fail at oxford with you constantly supporting me along the way :)

sin(pi) - completely forgot u somehow until u liked this lol. Thanks for being supportive and giving me some useful advice bout life in Oxford:)) hopefully we meet up there sometime

ihhca - Absolute legend, and a solid player in general. Glad this ompl resulted in me becoming good frens with you:) There's always been the stab vs sketch elephant in the room when weve talked, but wierdly we seem to always be in agreement on the matter, aside from the fact that u prefer stab and i prefer sketch ofc.

motherlove - I will forever cherish the week we spent building aaa, which resulted in me disregarding ur final suggestion to use prim sea zapdos, as I dismissed moldy volc as a "shit set". Good times:) Also hows it feel that im the undisputed uno queen?

Megazard - OMGS>OMPL? Thanks for helping me test and build throughout, ur a great player in general, and ur sketch teams are scary asf. Still waiting on anchor shot mega gyar to make its competitive debut tho ;P

The Immortal - Grats on the ompl win! U deserved it, blisseys were the most consistent team credit to ur very succesful (if at the time underrated) auction. Im still convinced that you rig your uno hands tho ;P

Laxpras - too guud

Leru - thanks for an enjoyabl final match. Woulda liked it to have not included that hydromiss, but regardless it was a fun and close match. Also glad to hear that u really like sketch!

darksylvion - Greatest nickname creater of all time.

wishes - The best way I could describe you would be a bundle of energy tbh, make sure u stay so enthusiastic about everything, it makes it very enjoyable to be around you:)

DontStealMyPenguin - what type of fish was it? Also, did she like it? Chocolate or a restuarant meal woulda been my preference ngl, but I still think u shoulda got tickets for reading, it was tots worth it, eminem was sick, and drake and ACDC showed up!

Peef Rimgar - Ur a pretty cool guy, and I find ur scathing comments actually amusing unlike Kris's ;P Also, I finally completely forgive u and UC for not drafting me:)

Thimo - AG GOAT, thanks for coming to the rescue multiple times this ompl ;P

Betathunder - Thoughts on bending the knee to the uno queen? If you dont watch GoT, j google it lol.

Funbot28 - waiting avidly for ur next yt vid!

TheBurgerKing99 - Firstly, only just remembered that u arent halliday on smogon oops. Also, thanks for adding me to typemons council:) I will forever cherish the 30 minutes of rage i witnessed when u saw moet's yt video when he used ur team ;P

sedertz - Still up for tutoring me ou now? ;P

Alore - Thanks for being a good and supportive fren:)

jasprose - another user I first met in tours room, back when u were horribly underconfident in urself despite being a great player. Its been so great to see u become now a top tier bh player, as well as rise so quickly through the ranks in the om room, grats!

Catalystic - HMU any time if u still want to get some sketch tutoring, im totally free now :)

DonnotheFirst - ur p cool

Bondie - oxford is guud m8

DEG - meanie ;P

OM room - Thanks for promoting me:) Still annoyed I missed it tho :/

I'm actually Cash - When u said that "I'm actually Cash" I thought u meant ur smogon name was actually "Cash" which confused me greatly because the user CAsh has 0 posts lol. Anyways ive completely forgotten what I was gonna say to u, but hope u enjoy the s/o ol ;P

GmU pokeboss9 - Teach meh

And Finally.......
antemortem - thanks so much for hosting such an enjoyable tournament, u were a great host! In particular, thanks for that extension for finals, I woulda lost to activity without it:)

E- still waiting on that ompl team dump thread, ive got a fair few aaa and sketch teams to drop lol
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E: the jolteons watched the ompl win slip away...
I agree.

So much tragic for the Jolteons;

First Racool wins very lucky in final round.

Racool predicted Leru to win the tiebreaker.

When Racool makes another post
Just seeing this from main forum i thought Racool / Jolteons won.

In the tiebreaker match;

Racool got the favorite lead matchup

Leru could have made the outplay turn 8 by switching in Mimikyu.

Leru could have gotten the damage roll on Celebi turn 10.
+6 252+ Atk Huge Power Azumarill Extreme Speed vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Celebi: 305-359 (75.4 - 88.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Marowak Alola was weak poke to chose considering Lerus first team;
Porygon-Z / Greninja / Kartana / Landorus-Therian / Mew / Slowbro

M-Mawile had winning moves;
Bullet Punch was sure win, Trick Room could be sick comeback, Kings Shield luck and M-Diancle depended.
(Dragon Dance was not an option cuz Mimikyu was Jolly)

I think the tiebreaker was played in the right order;
a short match, a long match and a close match.

Thanks for all the great matches during OMPL.


Tournament Banned
wait, i havent done shoutouts yet ;o
DEG alright-ish manager
Bondie other alright-ish manager and the reason why jamie oliver squirting olive oil is my avi
wishes one of the few people who i became friends with during ompl, stop being addicted to crossdressers
The Trap God one of my besties and im glad i gotchu in cuz u destroyed mnm ezpz fuck those mnm mains
Jrdn we spoke a lot during ompl, disappointed with ur score

this is everyone i remember from my team

other shoutouts:

The Immortal u owe me my 65% custom avi still
HunterStorm u owe me as well
Chloe. idk if u owe me also idk maybe probably not but yeh heres a shoutout yay
Racool u pmed me much more for help than necessairy ;P but ur cute
Chloe. again i remember now i helped u w stuff, so u do owe me

if ur not on this list, u were too irrelevant to show up in my mind i guess, orrr you were not relevant for an ompl related shoutout.

have a great day


im expecting likes from people on this list

and Fardin gets a shoutout in his own hidden spot yay

OM room

You lost the game
I'd like to shout out my man jasprose for being one of the best ompl players this year and somehow being forgotten by people

Also s/os to the mimikyus team for being a pleasure to manage and being great overall, you guys were underrated af and super flexible, ur w/l scores don't matter because we put you in metas u weren't the best at for reasons but u guys still pulled off a solid ein throughout. Love to see what you guys have in store for next year and hope everyone else has the best! Definitely an amazing ompl this year and I was glad to be a part of it


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  • Arceus had an astounding usage of 63 in Anything Goes, over triple that of the second most used Pokemon, Groudon.
  • Everyone who used an Arceus-Steel won. Best Arceus confirmed.
  • Kartana took the title for most used in Sketchmons, followed by Landorus-T, then Tapu Fini. Of these, Tapu Fini had the highest win rate.
Now that OMPL is over, we can look at the full usage stats here!

Want to see how the Bedroom Blisseys took it all? Just search '[BB]' in the thread to see all of their replays! Check out the usage for each week too! It's been a lot of fun to make these usage stats and post them, and they're very interesting to look at. Thanks for letting me do that The Immortal!

Grats Blisseys!
Aight here we go

First of all huge shoutout to Ransei and ScarfWynaut for deigning to spend a measly 8k on me drafting me and giving me an opportunity to play my favourite OM in one of Other Metagames' two big tours, talking with you guys over the course of the past few weeks was really fun, and competing in this tour was a blast. Also thanks for assembling a good team in general so we could make finals! You guys had a great draft (seriously getting good mono/mnm/ag mains for like a quarter of ur budget is insane), it's unfortunate it came down to a hydro miss in final tiebreaker match :( but we had a good run and no complaints here! You guys were also really supportive throughout the tour and really kept team spirits up. Hopefully we can be on the same team next year :)

Obligatory shoutout to GL Volkner for helping me test a few teams and being my best friend irl, in general you've just been really supportive and a great dude to banter with, which I really need most days, thanks bud <3

Thanks to morogrim Racool Official Fissure Ransei ScarfWynaut and The Official Glyx for helping me test, the dozens of practice battles we had is a definitely a large part of why I was so successful so Imma just give the credit where it's due :)

DBW terrors it was rather unfortunate that I didn't see you guys on PS! much as you both seem cool but we only exchanged a few words maybe once all tour :( maybe timezones are just a bitch or something but thanks for clutching a few mono wins and hopefully we can get to know each other better

HunterStorm Salvation man you guys just clutched wins when we needed them and were really good team players, it was great battling alongside you :) I don't think I've ever talked to you salvation, and I haven't talked with hunter much since ORAS but again hopefully we can rectify that fuck timezones etc.

Pepa120 THE GOD :-O team mvp tbh

Chloe. I tease you a lot but you're a great friend and fun to battle WHEN YOU FUCKING ACCEPT LALCJKAKXNWKPKX anyway corrupt leader of mnm it's always a pleasure chatting with you even when there's no purpose to it lul move to Canada so I don't have to stay up late/wake up early to see you y/y <3

The Immortal and the rest of the Bedroom Blisseys, well played, it's great that we tied week 5 AND finals and the tiebreaker came down to the final game, made for a really fun and intense last couple weeks, congratulations on the win!

Uselesscrab thanks for predicting against me every week and giving me the motivation to win <3

Klang thanks for um
%klanG: in your final battles I said go it11
%klanG: which destroyed mark k's motivation to battle
that I guess?

Shoutout to Dragongroudon9 and Highlord for going undrafted when they're 2 of the better players at their respective metas what are you doing @ managers smh

Laxpras stop being a pussy and play me bo3 in every OM for REAL finals when???

The Ruins of Alpha thanks for tying me for best cost:win ratio NOT sigh

imas #imas:if i see a shoutout ill keill iy
I want to know what this means so here is a shoutout

Kit Kasai more like cute kawaii

Kris more like you're welcome

And of course thanks antemortem for hosting! This OMPL was super fun, and I hope it's even bigger and better next year!


Let legends be real
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OMPL V: In the eyes of Ransei

Hello readers! As you can tell, OMPL has now ended. Ever since I named my team what it was, I have decided to make a huge post in the end explaining the origin of my team name and my experiences with OMPL V.

The origin of the Five-Star Jolteons.

This is going to be broken up into two sections. The first section will explain why I chose Jolteon as my mascot and the 2nd will explain how I came up with my team name.

Section 1: Why Jolteon is my mascot!

After OMPL IV, I wasn't entirely sure on whether or not I was going to manage again or whether I was going to play. Several months later, on an average school day, one of my teachers were talking about a certain president. This wasn't just any kind of president, but a president who was seen as a true leader. My teacher explained that a true leader isn't somebody who takes credit just on the good things they had done, but also takes the blame for the bad things. Someone who not only does great things, but fails to disregard their own mistakes and let somebody else take the blame.
During the time my teacher had discussed this, a flashback popped up in my mind. This flashback reminded me of the player character in Pokémon Conquest leading an entire army with a Jolteon. The image I saw was the image of a true leader, and from that moment, I knew that I had the capability of managing a team for a second year and I knew that my mascot had to be a Jolteon.
Jolteon to me represents true leadership because of its reminiscence to the Pokémon Conquest warlord that controlled an entire army, defeated the great Nobunaga, and saved the Ransei region on his own, with an army and with a Jolteon. Jolteon on its own also has sprites that show it having the posture of what I see as a leader with its head always looking up high in high hopes of succeeding and its warrior-like stance when its head is pointing downwards.
Sinnoh's strongest Gym Leader and the leader of Team Instinct from Pokémon GO also have Jolteon, which only makes the amount of resemblance Jolteon has with great leaders in Pokémon spark higher.
When I see Jolteon, I don't just see a leader. More than that, I see a warrior. Jolteon almost always looks fierce and ready for battle. This part of Jolteon represents our players in OMPL as they should always be fierce and ready for battle.

Section 2: Coming up with my team name.

As for coming up with my team name, I wasn't entirely sure on what I wanted it to be. It was something I hardly even thought about for up to two months after choosing Jolteon as my mascot. It was only when I found out who my assistant manager was going to be had I started thinking. Being inspired by Uselesscrab's team name in the previous year, I had discovered that I didn't want alliteration on my team name. I didn't want alliteration on my team name because there weren't many words that show why Jolteon is our mascot. I wanted the name to have a more special, appropriate meaning. At first I noticed the word jousting and I thought jousting was decent, but having two Jolteon on horses clashing into each other with swords wasn't the idea I wanted.
I took the word jouster and I decided to look for synonyms of it. I found the words militant, warrior, and warlord, which fitted in more closely to what the point of my mascot was. I also wanted to add in a word that had to do with a leader a ruler. I then came across the word dynasty, a line of rulers. I felt that the name worked perfectly not only for me and ScarfWynaut, but for the rest of the team. This is because I saw all players as leaders in their own right, being able to control themselves and do whatever it takes to succeed in matches.
The word "unchampioned" was brought up because both ScarfWynaut and I felt in our spirits that our team could be unbeatable, unrivaled, and unmatched. However, towards the end we removed it because we felt that it would make the name of our team too long.
During the time ScarfWynaut and I were coming up with a team name, I wanted to add 5-Star to the name. This was because I felt that it sounded better and that it was a great way to replace the word "unchampioned" as 5 stars is usually an indication of perfection. Even though I wanted to add 5-Star, I had one worry about doing so. I recognized that in the previous year, Uselesscrab also had the word Five on his team and I didn't want to rip the team name off from his team. I started thinking about it until I realized he didn't add the word star to his team name. As soon as I realized this was as soon as I placed the term 5-Star into our team officially and our team was declared to have been the 5-Star Jolteon Dynasty of Warriors.
At first the team name was definitely made fun of, then The Immortal removed most of the name and just made us the Five-Star Jolteons, which I didn't mind.


Before OMPL drafting, I had high hopes that I was once again going to draft a very good team. Many users wanted to try out for joining our team so I've decided to make a discord where everyone who wanted to try out could just chill and hang out. I've also given them ranks. The higher their rank, the more they've tried to convince me to draft them on our team. However, as usual, tryouts didn't widely affect who goes on a team and who doesn't. Most of the best players didn't need to try out to be drafted, and many of those players were on my mind. However, this didn't mean that the tryouts were entirely pointless, several players who were known to tryout often were placed in teams. One of the players who had tried out against me often was drafted into the Five-Star Jolteons.
I've noticed that before OMPL, things were getting kind of twisted, as several users were generally disrespected in the OMPL Discussion thread (Durza) and I honestly didn't like it. It just felt wrong to discover that even before OMPL had begun, the major discussion thread was already being treated like trash.
As for drafting, I have decided to let my draft plan become similar to that of my previous year drafting. I had the initial plan to draft players who were more adapted to the tournament environment. Players that were more used to winning in the most important OM room tournaments than anywhere else. With this plan, I was thinking I had everything set, but I also felt that it'd be uncertain whether or not I got to draft all the players on my list. This year also felt unique as my initial drafting plans weren't just mine this time, but also ScarfWynaut's.

During draft:

During the draft, I was hyped up and ready to go, but of course, I had to practice in order to remember how to draft. After some practice, I quickly got the hang of it again. ScarfWynaut had decided to let me handle the drafting and himself handle the plans due to my successful draft in the previous year.
During the beginning of our draft, I noticed several players on our planning list already going off into different teams but at a really high price. I quickly had to rethink our plans through. Unlike my previous year managing, I wasn't exactly sure on who to draft first. After some quick thoughts, I decided to go for Racool as my initial pick and she ended up being on the Five-Star Jolteons.
Digging a bit later into the draft, I've noticed that morogrim, one of the players on our planning list, wasn't drafted yet, so I tried my best to draft him and it worked. From that moment, I knew I was set in BH drafts and in my mind, I was thinking that I actually didn't need any more BH players, leaving morogrim to be the only BH player on the
After drafting morogrim I've decided to go for Official Fissure, a player who was previously on the successful Legendary Pikachus team. He was known to be a generally good player all around and as expected, he didn't come cheap. After many vigorous upbids, I managed to draft him into the Five-Star Jolteons.
As our credits were shortly draining, ScarfWynaut and I were thinking of ways to make more of the players we want cost less. The later we draft them, the less they are likely to cost. At that moment, we didn't want to draft in any really good players on our draft plan fearing that we might lose them once again. Because of this, ScarfWynaut had what seemed to be a great idea. The idea was to nominate pepa120 to be drafted so that we could stall out the credits of the other teams in order to get more of the players we wanted at a cheaper price and hopefully allow other teams to be convinced on upbidding pepa. At first, I had no idea who pepa120 was. My general assumption was that he was a Monotype player I didn't know but could help us. Trusting ScarfWynaut's idea, I supported and therefore, pepa120 was nominated.
When I found out that he was an Anything Goes player I sorta panicked. In the short run I waited for a team to upbid him and nobody did, then everybody questioned why exactly I nominated pepa120 for OMPL. I then checked his ladder elo and GXE only to found out that he played many matches and yet had 74% GXE. From there, on my focus in drafting shifted to Anything Goes, as I needed to get much better players. By the time I was chosen to nominate somebody next, I had decided to nominate Don'tStealMyPenguin, only to find out that he didn't sign up for OMPL, so instead, I was suggested to nominate HunterStorm, who was a player I actually knew was incredible in Anything Goes. To my surprise, I only got him for 8000 credits and it was a success.
Even with my success in drafting HunterStorm, I still felt that I needed to draft one more really good Anything Goes player to make up for the addition of pepa120 in our team. I was searching all around on the Smogon signups thread (as I never noticed the "players remaining in the pool" arrow until after I ran out of credits) and in PMs I was suggested to choose Erotic Pigeons, another really good Anything Goes player. I nominated him, only to see his price reaching too high for our team to afford. Before then, I was suggested to nominate f6tornado. The only problem was that I couldn't figure out his username on Smogon until a bit later when I was told f6tornado was said to be Salvation. After Erotic Pigeons was taken away I noticed the amount of really good AG players were dwindling and so I felt the urge to buy Salvation for the same amount I previous considered would be too high to buy Erotic Pigeons for and with that I've managed to add Salvation into the Five-Star Jolteons.
When it came to Mix and Mega, there were only two options on my mind. Those two options were Fardin and InfernapeTropius11. I wanted both of them on my team as Fardin is generally an all around good teambuilder and InfernapeTropius11 was someone not to underestimate in Mix and Mega. As we saw, my attempt to draft Fardin into the Five-Star Jolteons wasn't a success. As much as Fardin wanted to be on my team, he ended up being too expensive. About 10 minutes later I managed to nominate InfernapeTropius11 and his draft into the Five-Star Jolteons was a success. It went better than I thought it would and even then, many of the spectators typed in .overpay and had underestimated him, with no clue of how good he actually was at his main metagame.
Over the time of drafting, I was also searching for a Monotype player I knew had the potential to win matches, but also one I knew was going to be a cheap and easy pick. DBW, the player who tried out often and helped me out with Monotype sets during the week prior to OMPL pmed me. From what I saw in that pm, I knew that I couldn't back down the cheap offer, so I decided to go for it and as expected, he was another addition into the Five-Star Jolteons!
ScarfWynaut and I were still waiting for the correct time to pick up terrors, a really good Monotype player who ended up being so successful in the previous OMPL. We waited a bit too long and he ended up being nominated by Uselesscrab for the Accelerating Aegiblades. I went all out on upbidding terrors and at best, it paid off.
After I managed to obtain nine players on my team for OMPL V, I knew that my team was set and ready to go. Even though I knew my team was prepared, I had just enough credits to draft one more player. I knew I needed to choose wisely on this draft, so I thought about it. Suddenly, a pm from one of our teammates suggested me to nominate Glyx and I agreed, knowing how good Glyx would be for the Five-Star Jolteons due to her experience among several OMs in ways similar to some of the other members of the team. My only worry was the idea that she could easily cost beyond the 4k I had left. Regardless, I gave it a shot and nominated her. Pikachuun upbidded her for 3.5k and I was worried, thinking that it would be upbidded more if I sent my last upbid. However, mercy was given to me by Pikachuun and The Immortal as they were tempted to upbid and I successfully got our last player drafted into the Five-Star Jolteons.
After drafting, I was left to decide on what I was going to do with pepa120. At first, I said that he would just be a cheerleader for our team, and I stuck with that at least for the first week.

Week 1:

I soon found out that it was the Untitled Unfezants that our team would have to face on week one and I was pumped. I knew this was going to be a good challenge to prove whether the Jolteons or the Unfezants were better. After waiting all week we eventually tied and I felt happy about it. Apparently we were even. In the meanwhile the OMPL discussion thread and OMPL's reputation got progressively worse so I didn't feel that I had what it took to bring the OMPL spirit and hype back up. Later in the week, pepa120 asked if he could have some teams to prepare for OMPL with. I gave him teams and I started watching him battle. Towards the end of the week, I've adjusted myself. I wanted pepa120 to play at least one match in OMPL. I knew I couldn't ignore my mistake of drafting him and I knew that his chances of losing while high, aren't certain, mainly because we're playing Pokémon over anything else. He really wanted to play and I drafted him to play, not just to be a cheerleader for our team. I talked to ScarfWynaut about letting pepa120 play at least one week and he agreed. We then decided on a week. We decided on week 4 since we were facing the Optimistic Mimikyus. ScarfWynaut and I felt that week 4 was generally going to be easier than most other weeks and it gave enough time for pepa120 to prepare.

Week 2:

As acknowledged by several people, I changed my lineup drastically. This was because I wanted everyone to play in order to gain a chance to prove themselves in OMPL. I'm not the type of person to draft somebody and not let them play, because what would be the point of drafting them if they aren't going to play? Other than that, I wanted to show the light of our full team. A team is a team for what it is. Don't hide some of your members just because you fear they are bad. It wouldn't be worth winning f if your whole team hasn't been utilized. The Five-Star Jolteons were facing the King Kois. The week for our team was generally easy as we had five wins and one loss. The OMPL Discussion thread hasn't really changed as memes such as "off topic" were still going on and its reputation was still bad. This along with previously being slammed down has caused me to become lazy in terms of trying to make inspirational posts to motivate the Five-Star Jolteons and making OMPL as a whole better.
This week had also started to surprise me as many of the players people didn't expect to win actually won. I took note of this and decided to hold on to that info. By the end of week 2, many good players sought to consider playing in bo3s instead of bo1s since bo3s were said to be more fair and less haxy.

Week 3:

During Week 3, the team I was managing was up against the Accelerating Aegiblades. I was ready to take on the most overrated OMPL V team ever made. I started to go back to my week 1 team in hopes of getting more than just a tie this time and I gave my team a heads up saying that pepa was going to play during Week 4. Since the week before this one, Someone had been begging for me to place in pepa on week 3's lineup. I told them that I was thinking about it and that I might place in pepa when I already knew that I wasn't going to. Therefore, they ended up mad for the rest of the week. We overall won with 4 wins against the Accelerating Aegiblades and therefore I was satisfied as prior to week 5, this was the team I've received the most backlash from and they were overrated beyond meaning, even by me. OMPL V's discussion thread and reputation was still halted and I had turned down on OMPL overall. Nothing was being done to make OMPL any better, hardly any team was seen doing something about the big discussion thread this community had. Around this point (starting on week 2) was where I considered winning this OMPL not very worthwhile. Regardless, I didn't care. The point of OMPL was still to win and I still needed to support and satisfy the team I cared for. By the end of week 3, ScarfWynaut had informed me that he and Pikachuun had set up Week 4's AG match to be pepa120 vs GmU Pokeboss9. I felt good about this and was ready to see what the result of their match would be. In the meanwhile I was still preparing pepa120 for his match. Towards the end of week 3 though, I gave him a certain team I initially thought would be easy to use (it's actually not) instead of the team I gave him two weeks prior that he was already used to.

Week 4:

Week 4, the week where OMPL got the most spotlight with matchups such as pepa120 vs GmU Pokeboss9 and GL Volkner vs E4 Flint. HunterStorm and I during the previous week tried to prepare pepa for his match, and out of fear of not knowing what GmU would use and that pepa would poorly use the more complex teams that were given to him, I gave him another team and told him to use it. I felt the team would be easier to use, only to learn that it wasn't. Pepa120 misused the entire team after I told him what each of the Pokémon's jobs were, regardless of the team having more obvious offense users such as Choice Band Mega Rayquaza and Choice Specs Xerneas. I felt a bit disappointed but then I recognized that he could've done a lot better had I let him use the webs Shuckle team he was practicing with a month before then. It was a great misconception that skill alone was truly what made him lose, but I don't think it was. Skill was indeed a factor yes, but more than that, he simply wasn't used to the Pokémon I gave him and their sets. Because of this, he had also failed to understand the roles of each of the Pokémon on that team. Even though he badly lost, I was still happy that pepa had played at least, and that happiness caused me to create a motivational speech several hours later. I tried to pep up the team with a large post just to tell our team that just because pepa had lost, didn't mean we lose this week. I placed an image of a pope (honestly I didn't pay attention to the fact that he dressed up as a pope) with a doritos cap on holding two bottles of Mountain Dew for many reasons. This was to show what OMPL V to me had become. Over the past few weeks, I've felt that people weren't taking OMPL seriously, with spammable memes, disrespect to other users, even ones that took no part in OMPL, and people such as Peef Rimgar who instead of caring about how low OMPL's rep was getting, saw every opportunity to roast people whenever he could for the likes. The post was me adapting to what OMPL V had to become and a message saying for everyone to start treating OMPL more seriously. Of course, the offenders were still blinded by my point. At first, I couldn't successfully explain why I would post such an image, so I've decided to create this image: The image represented how what I posted was repulsive to many OMPL participants, without them seeing the truth in it. Since Reshiram was the Pokémon of truth, I decided to scribble on Reshiram and turn it upside down. I posted the doritio image not to worsen OMPL's reputation, but to show everyone exactly how low it had gotten. Peef Rimgar commented on it saying that it was the worst post ever on this site. At first, I was disappointed and sad. I wanted to reply with something absurd in return for his lack of realization, but after a day of thinking about it, I came up with a different conclusion. I just posted a smile. I posted that smile specifically because I've realized that Peef's opinion was irrelevant. I had decided to disregard him because he was doing more to worsen OMPL rather than to make it better. With that, I left the thread, deciding I shouldn't post there for a while, and I waited to see how the rest of the OMPL community and their thread would change. After pepa had lost, I decided to build an even simpler team to use. This team was monochoice, with all Pokémon having either Choice Band or Choice Specs as their item. To my surprise, I have won an entire tournament and had even beaten two of the top AG players with the team, which signified how successful the team is. I jokingly laughed about it and said that I should've given pepa monochoice instead. Over the entire week since pepa had lost, I've had PMs from Chloe, IT11, and TI telling me that I had screwed up, and even some with IT11 questioning why I had never admitted screwing up when I sent pepa120 out in battle as he was stressed out. Truth be told, I already knew I screwed up since the beginning, since my draft even, but my belief in the Jolteons caused me to push that aside and see the positive in what I've accepted. I felt the Five-Star Jolteons were truly strong enough to beat the Optimistic Mimikyus NO MATTER what the outcome was of pepa120 vs GmU Pokeboss9. This wasn't the case however. I caused my team to be in great stress this week to the point where I wanted the week to end asap. I was hoping for the team to clutch in as many wins as possible, because I felt that if the Jolteons were strong enough to beat Mimikyus regardless of pepa120's outcome, they were strong enough to win OMPL. I had also warned the team weeks prior to his match that he was going to play, which gave us enough time to prepare him for his match. Pepa120 obeyed my orders and followed my suggestions, even if I didn't make the best of decisions, and he tried to prepare himself for his match. The biggest problem with his match was the time. I failed to tell him when exactly his match should've been played and as a result, it was done too early. If we were to have prepared him more throughout the week, he would've obtained a much higher chance of winning in all likelihood and he likely would've used a different team. We obtained three losses and two wins against the Mimikyus. I was worried about the final match, the Monotype match. Terrors had contacted Clearly, but Clearly disappeared for several days without a trace. Because of this, terrors got the activity win and I was satisfied. I was happy the week was finally over and that we had survived.

Week 5:

I was prepared for week 5. I knew we needed to go all out on the Bedroom Blisseys if we wanted to win, which was one of the reasons why ScarfWynaut and I decided to ignore our team's suggestions of making pepa120 play during week 5 instead of week 4. The team we sent was set and ready for battle. After antemortem created the week 5 thread, I heard controversies about Glyx wanting to play a bo3 in her match instead of a bo1. After hearing about this, I decided to create a groupchat for the rest of our AAA players. The groupchat was made for the purpose of trying to find as many ways as possible for Glyx to beat Laxpras and to give her maximum support. Regardless of what we had came up with, there were complaints that Glyx was taking advice from nobody else on our team but herself, which was problematic. I decided to talk to Glyx to see what's up. She came up with points which I personally felt were valid but as soon as I talked to ScarfWynaut and some of the other members of our team, they turned against it with the excuse of saying that a bo1 would be much better since Laxpras was known to clutch bo3s. I couldn't see past their logic so I went with it. Sadly, I knew this would only lead to drama and alas, I was soon trapped in it. I tried to convince Glyx to play a bo1 instead of a bo3 against Laxpras but she refused. Talking to ScarfWynaut about it, he wanted to sub her out asap for Official Fissure. Instead of subbing her out, I wanted to see if I could change her mind. I truly didn't want to sub her out in under any means as I truly felt she had a chance of winning. I talked to the rest of the team about subbing her out and they were all neutral about it, but felt it was recommended if she continued to refuse the bo1. My conversation with Glyx lasted for hours and just as I suspected, it didn't end well. Being pressurized by how much I stressed the Jolteons out during week 4, how much backlash I received from my team and other participants in OMPL, and how much ScarfWynaut and the rest of our team really wanted her to play a bo1 because they felt it was best, I had no choice but to sub her out. I subbed her out with an apology note reassuring that I had little to no intention of actually doing this. I was pretty sure Glyx knew what I meant judging by what I had pmed her but Kris saw the post in a different approach and decided to comment on it, possibly leading to even more drama. Regardless of what Kris had posted, I edited my post due to it, feeling that he was right and my apology note was too harsh. I had given Glyx several options for the finals and she simply refused, then she left showdown, changed her signature and avatar, and left Smogon. I felt completely devastated when this happened. As if I had completely failed as a manager because of the many times I have screwed up. I felt that this was the point of no return, and that it was simply the end of it all. I wanted to leave and abandon OMPL. I changed my avatar to something with a dark background, which turned out to be a Dragalge. I sent a message to the Five-Star Jolteon's conversation saying "Do all you can guys, I'm done." I broke in tears doing this and I was left to think too much about how much I've screwed up OMPL. Morogrim noticed my post right away and questioned it. I truly felt that I've given up trying to manage. DurzaOffTopic also pmed me asking me how I was. I told him I was doing absolutely horrible. After my conversation with morogrim, I chose to attempt shaping myself back up again, regardless of how much this pained me, because the team still needed me to support them. Durza on the other hand had spread the news to everyone on discord and told me about it, so I went there. I was off reading their replies and they talked about how Kris was the one that started this drama. I quickly forgave Kris as my problems stimulated from more than just that one post and I felt what he said in that post was right. For the next hour or so after Glyx had left, I could only think about how badly I've done and as much as I tried to put that aside after my conversation with morogrim, I couldn't stop thinking about it and it got worse. I turned to the Other Metas discord and decided to link a song by twenty one pilots titled: Ride. I did this because the song represented what my feelings were at the time. After about an hour or two, maybe more or less, I fell asleep thinking I'd feel better the next day. On the next day, I hoped to see Glyx so that I could apologize to her. Racool pmed me about not needing to apologize and had fixed our problems to make both of us feel better. Glyx then PMed me and I apologized, saying how this wasn't what I wanted to do. After a while, no more trouble was caused and she decided to reunite with our team again. The drama was finally over and just knowing that made my day. As for our OMPL matches, I noticed we had already lost 3 matches so quickly. ScarfWynaut panicked in the same way I did during week 4 and he wanted the week to end asap. He feared we were doomed and that it was going to be the end for Jolteons. I remained calm and confident. I saw the light above and hoped for the best, knowing our team could grab the other 3 wins with ease. Racool followed my expectations and won her match with great ease. IT11's match came next. During this week I had constantly battled IT11 in order for him to prepare for his match using teams similar to what Mark K had used in the past just to make sure IT11's teams weren't exactly weak to his. When I watched IT11's match, I still had hope in the team. I noticed him losing towards the end of it and I saw his last hope being Kyogre. All I could do was hope for a freeze to occur. I more than hoped for that freeze, I somehow expected it to happen. With that, Kyogre actually froze Mark K's Xerneas and won the match because of it. From that moment, I knew we weren't going to lose this week. We had to get a tie no matter what the cost was. The final match was once again our Monotype match. Terrors and 1 True Lycan both couldn't find a correct time to schedule their matches and our team thought there was a possibility that we could gain an activity win. However, seeing their Smogon profiles and having logs to prove their activity. I felt the activity win wasn't going to happen. As a result, I talked to ScarfWynaut about subbing in Salvation. DBW would've been on my mind but he said he couldn't be on at the time of terror's match, in which his time already had passed. He wasn't on at that moment so our last hope was Salvation, who was on a Pokémon Showdown server known as azure. While ScarfWynaut and I were discussing the substitution, The Immortal also PMed me about substituting his own Monotype player, as both terrors and 1 True Lycan skipped their chances to battle numerous times. After a bit of conversation, I have decided to sub in Salvation. One of our team members weren't sure about my choice of action and my response was that he had recently started to get used to playing Monotype on azure and he overall was a really good player. After I subbed in Salvation, Leru pmed me asking where Salvation was, I told him I was preparing him for his match. Salvation wanted to play two matches with me before he battled Leru. During the first match, he used a monotype fairy team. The fairy team appealed to be because of the Tapu Bulu + Tapu Koko core and dual screens Klefki. I felt it could work against Leru. Being pressurized by time constraint, I played badly and lost. During the second match he brought a monotype normal team. I played just as badly and lost again. I told him to choose the fairy team against Leru due to the many more opportunities I saw for the team to win against him. He used the team and with the Tapu Bulu + Tapu Koko core, he won. The week was over and we were confirmed to have gotten to the finals. It wasn't only our team that contributed but it was also the King Kois, as they've done great enough to tie with the Untitled Unfezants. I honestly wanted them to win because they haven't won a single week and they deserved to have won at least one week. I've also noticed Kois doing a great amount to motivate their own team and making OMPL what it truly should've been. I appreciate all they have done to try to make OMPL V better, especially in this week after they saw what I posted. When the week was over, I was hyped. We had one last week to determine who won OMPL and I felt Jolteons had their win in the bag. The Immortal justified himself by the end of week 5 by saying they could've won if they wanted to, but the truth was, we didn't use the most serious of teams either, so who knows. The Immortal also mentioned that I deserved to win during the previous year, but not this year because our team didn't dominate. I silently disagreed, taking a different approach. The Five-Star Jolteons as a team had worked much harder to achieve their goals and worked better as a team than the previous year. Our team had endured and overcame many more significant challenges mentally and socially and because of that, we've made it this far, of course with some hax on our sides as well. We can't control hax, but we are grateful it impacted some of our matches, like it has for other teams.


When the finals began I was filled with hype. I decided to let Glyx play this week as I felt she could have the highest chance of beating Laxpras and I decided to let the team do whatever they feel is best to obtain the win they deserve. I placed in Salvation for our AG slot due to the notification that HunterStorm likely wasn't going to play this week. A couple days later, HunterStorm found a time where he could play and had decided to create a plan of subbing him in. I talked to Salvation about this and he agreed only under the condition that he took caution about what Fardin could bring. With that, I decided to sub in HunterStorm around the time he wanted to be subbed according to plan. Sifmilar to the previous week, we obtained early losses but we caught up. HunterStorm and Racool both won their matches but Morogrim choked and lost his match, especially to Spectral Thief Yveltal. With this the best we could do this week was a tie and IT11's match was left. With all the time IT11 and I spent preparing for this match once again, IT11 successfully won his match against Mark K and gave us a tie for the week. HunterStorm felt that he would've been unable to play during the next week, like he assumed during the previous week, causing other teams to assume he wasn't going to play again.


If you've seen me last year, you know why I didn't want for there to be a tiebreaker for this OMPL, but alas, we got one. Me along with the rest of our team were deciding on who to put in our tiebreaker. I later thought it was best to go with Mix and Mega as our choice, and I told ScarfWynaut to choose Mix and Mega if I'm gone at the time the choice had to have been made. I left the next day for school and I came back finding out he had decided to choose Sketchmons over Mix and Mega, had chosen Official Fissure for AAA, and had chosen Salvation for Anything Goes. I questioned why we had Official Fissure for AAA, why he chose Salvation again, and why he didn't choose Mix and Mega instead of Sketchmons and we got into a small argument. Choosing Mix and Mega would've almost ensured IT11's seventh win and would've given us more options for AAA such as Racool. I told him to let Glyx play instead of Official Fissure since I felt Glyx had a greater chance of victory due to the knowledge she had about Laxpras and the previous week showing she had been closest to beating Laxpras. After a while, he placed in Glyx. During Glyx's match, it was noticed that she brought what looked like a counterteam of a rain team Laxpras said he'd bring and I was a bit surprised. I noticed Glyx losing the match and I was like "nope, we didn't get the AAA win" but her Magearna started racking up KOs. Regardless, she still lost. After she lost, the controversy about her team was spread all around and people began to criticize Glyx and Fardin while assuming Fardin leaked Laxpras's rain team to her. I honestly didn't care because this was the final week and we were expected to have lost the AAA match against Laxpras no matter who we threw out anyway. I felt the criticism was unnecessary. As a result, I searched for some of Grimsley's quotes and PMed it to several users after Glyx had lost. I found out about Grimsley's quotes during my last playthrough of Black 2 weeks prior to this one and I noticed Grimsley saying inspirational things after I beat him and I saw how his words could relate to the subject of OMPL. I was left with nothing but to hope for Racool and HunterStorm to win their matches. HunterStorm had fulfilled my expectations and we were left with one final match, Racool vs Leru. 24 hours prior to the match, the match was all I could think about. My heart kept pounding in hopes of Racool winning and I couldn't bear to wait for her match to end. When I arrived from school I saw she had lost and I felt down. Relieved it had ended, but down. When I found out it was to hax, I felt even more down, I rethought some things through and I made certain decisions. Decisions that may make participants mourn next year. I said "gg friend" to The Immortal in respect as he won and OMPL had finally ended. Then I moved on...

Things I've learned in OMPL and lessons I have to give:

Over my time in OMPL I have learned many different things. These things are what I think may or may not help impact other managers and players. I will give away a list of 6 of these lessons and some of Grimsley's quotes that I had pmed certain users.

1. It's unreasonable to ride your reliance entirely on a player's skill.

As you have suspected, many of the people who were expected to win had actually lost due to hax, chokes, or simply because they didn't prepare enough for their matches. We have really good players like Quantum Tesseract who had negative w/l ratios in OMPL. It's not reasonable to say he was overrated and bad because he lost his OMPL matches, as he has had great success in other types of tournaments and in my belief he's still one of the best OM players we currently have overall. We also had players who were expected to lose at all costs but instead won for fairly similar reasons. Likely either by hax, their opponent choking, or the fact that their team was simply more prepared for what their opponent was throwing at them. The best part is that users who nobody knew were often immediately assumed to have not been good in battle and often weren't trusted. There is a difference between someone being highly known and being really good. We have calculations above from Chloe and Laxpras that show some evidence. Kudos to them. Go like their posts!

2. Don't shut down bad players.

If you want to make OMPL better and a player you don't think is good was drafted, Here is what you do. First for several matches, observe how they play and then help them fix their problems. Instead of pulling them down and making them feel bad about themselves actually try to help them achieve their goals. If a player can't play when drafted because other players are better and you fear your player would do bad, your entire team wasn't shown and you were lazy in trying to support them. You guys would make yourselves look pathetic, to me at least. Most of these types of players will accept help. Take caution though, don't mix up the players who are actually decent in battle and the players that truly need help, and for those who do want to get better at battling, do be afraid to ask for help. We all have to start somewhere and most of us don't start out good.

3. If the player doesn't want to take advice and truly believes they could win with what they have, let them be.

You never know whether the player is right until they try and it gives them more freedom. If they think that'll help them win for the team, support them with all your might. It also creates less drama and honestly for the purpose of why I have made my mascot what it is, I should've followed this lesson during Week 5.

4. As a manager, you can't satisfy the team and the individual at the same time.

You can't do this, period. Under certain conditions I've caught myself trying to satisfy my team without satisfying individuals and vice versa. Sometimes you can't control certain players even if what they think is best is different than what the rest of the team thinks is best and vice versa. Read above for great examples of this involving pepa120 and Glyx. You just have to think about what's best for each individual and go with your gut to form a cooperative team.

5. Always look towards the positive side of things.

It's best to always hope for the best no matter what happens even when there's seemingly no hope. A little hope could actually change results of certain matches. I never admitted screwing up when I let pepa120 play his match and when I drafted him because I saw the positive side of things, thinking that the 5-Star Jolteons could still triumph in OMPL regardless of whatever happens.

6. Each and every one of us is a 5-Star Jolteon at heart.

Everyone who participated in OMPL tried their best to win while being fierce and most of them were left to battle on their own, giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions and control themselves in battle. Every one of us gained control over ourselves and your Pokémon like a leader, even if you weren't a manager, and because of this, you are all Jolteons at heart. Doesn't matter whether you were on Bondie's team, doesn't matter whether you were on the Blisseys, doesn't even matter if you were on the Aegiblades. Each of us is a Jolteon in our own right.

Grimsley's quotes:

"Whether or not you get to fight at full strength, whether or not luck smiles on you--none of that matters. Only results matter. And a loss is a loss."

"If somebody wins a battle, then, without doubt, someone else has lost the battle. That's the way of battle. A real warrior doesn't dash off in pursuit of the next victory, nor throw a fit when experiencing a loss. A real warrior ponders the next battle."

"Life is a serious battle, and you have to use the tools you're given. It's more important to master the cards you're holding than to complain about the ones your opponents were dealt."

A match is a match and what's done is done. I've seen so much unnecessary drama thrown into matches during this OMPL with tons of people complaining about what should've happened. I placed these quotes in for users to think about whenever something drastic happens in Pokémon battles.

A message to the Jolteons:

Well, it was a good run. We've fought so hard until the very end and we even had a mass amount of cooperation for the most part. I'm proud of this team as a whole, and I really wish to have celebrated our win with you, but alas, hax got in our way and we had lost. We were so close to our victory and I'm sorry I couldn't do my all to ensure we'd win this week, even with hax stepping in our way. I'm also sorry for all the stress I have caused each of you during week 4 just to get our last player to play. I'm happy most of us kept our cool and understood what ScarfWynaut and I had to say throughout this entire OMPL. Our team developed the most spirit and for whatever reason caused the most drama in the later weeks. Regardless of all that drama we've held ourselves together in a bind and managed to accomplish a chance of winning OMPL once and for all. I honestly don't have any regret drafting any one of you. You guys have drawn out the meaning of OMPL in ways beyond simply just winning it and managing this team was fun for the most part. As we sadly have to depart, I wish for the best in each and every one of you and maybe, the team you'll join next year would win. I don't have much else to say to the team as a whole so I'm moving on to your shoutouts.

These shoutouts will go in order of who I drafted in OMPL and will move on in alphabetical order afterwards.

Racool: Thank you so much! You've brought our team together at our worst moments and did your best to advise the rest of our teammates to do what's best for our team. How you've done it amazed me beyond words and I don't know what else to say about it. You've been micromanaging our entire team at our worst moments and I feel that you could become a successful OMPL manager one day. As for how you played, you've underrated yourself at first. Regardless, even when you didn't feel confident, you still tried your best in each and every match you've played and I'm sorry you had to lose the final match for us with a Hydro Pump miss. You've done more than enough to help this team out. I don't know how I could pay you back for it while at the same time, doing what I think is best (This is referring to the post below every shoutout).

morogrim: The reason you were my only BH player was because when I drafted you, I knew I was set in BH. I knew you would be capable of launching our team to the finals and you've done just about that. Forget about that first match and forgive yourself for your three losses. You've done enough. I also thank you for bringing me back from my knees after I considered dropping out of OMPL. You reminded me that I couldn't simply just abandon OMPL and leave my team in the dust.

Official Fissure: Thank you for cooperating in another one of my OMPL teams. Even though your progress in OMPL wasn't as good as in elsewhere, you've helped us still with your teambuilding skills and with some of our overall decisions on who should play certain weeks. I'm sorry I brought you in our team for the second time just to witness our second loss in a row due to hax. I hope you are chill about it friend.

Pepa120: You have by far shown the most spirit out of everyone and you had became a defining trait in this OMPL. You have proven to me that you weren't a waste of 3k and if anyone says you were, you say otherwise. I never expected you to be such a good cheerleader but you've done better in keeping OMPL cheerful than anyone else. I get you might not be the best in battles, but you did good enough for what it's worth. Honestly, I should've let you use the Shuckle Webs team. You could've done better with that. Regardless, thank you so much for supporting our team and thank you for being obedient. Well anyway, I also get that you want to get drafted again next year. I recommend checking out the OM Tutoring thread that will be opening up soon and finding anyone who is willing to tutor you enough in Anything Goes. You can even find me sometimes and I'll be willing to train you. Hopefully, you'll become good enough to change the minds of other managers next year and good enough to give them a couple wins.

HunterStorm: Thank you for racking up wins for us and thank you for trying to help pepa win his OMPL match. I owe it all to you. Thank you also for saving up time to play when you were uncertain on whether you could. I'm so lucky you signed up for OMPL because I needed really strong AG players like you on our team.

InfernapeTropius11: You went above and beyond mine and the entire rest of the community's expectations in terms of how well you would do in OMPL. I noticed how hard you've been preparing to win your matches and it all paid off well. You even got backup from Kyogre when you were at the brink of losing and you really needed to win. You've rocked in this OMPL and that is what I appreciate about you being on the team the most. I'm sorry that I've stressed you out so much over choosing pepa for week 4, and I'm sorry I acted ignorant towards what you had to say about it, but that was because I was looking towards the good side of things and trusting that our team could overcome such a challenge. Good luck in OMPL next year if you're playing man. I hope you become the Laxpras of Mix and Mega.

DBW: Thank you for helping out terrors and supporting our team in OMPL and thank you for being so understanding. You were great to chat to and you were always there when I had a problem to talk about in OMPL. I wish I could've let you play more. Sorry for only giving you one match to play. You seem a bit underrated but what I've seen proved you can manage to win Monotype battles in future OMPL tournaments. I hope you get drafted again next time you join and I hope you get more opportunities to play.

terrors: Thank you once again for participating in one of my OMPL teams and thank you for trying your best to succeed as much as possible. Like I said to Official Fissure, I'm also sorry I drafted you twice in a row only for you to see us lose the OMPL tiebreaker finals to hax once again. Also, thank you for trying to be as active as possible for your OMPL matches, even when you never played some of the matches you were waiting for.

Salvation: Thank you for helping out our team and for being so understanding. You followed our suggestions and orders without question, even when I rushed you into your Monotype match with Leru, and subbed in HunterStorm in your place against Fardin not once, but twice, and I'm sorry for both of those. I also feel lucky that you took the time to train yourself how to play Monotype and that it paid off in your match against Leru. You became part of that hidden talent ScarfWynaut and I were seeking prior to our draft.

The Official Glyx: First of all, thank you for trying your best. I'm fairly sure you tried harder than anyone else in OMPL had against Laxpras and I'm sorry you never got your bo3. Many people say bo1s are better in a logical sense when a player faces somebody better at their meta but honestly as time passed, I began questioning that thought and seeing the realization that maybe you could've won a bo3. There could've been a chance. Not a high one, but a chance! None of us can absolutely confirm on whether you could win a bo3 or not, and you never had the chance to prove it. Pokémon is less skill than most of us want to think and matchups + hax and the chances of choking could've granted you wins. As for the drama caused, try to overreact less and don't try to argue about what happened or what people are doing. It gives you the greater chance of gaining respect from the players of our community. What people talk about when you complain about certain things are horrid so the best thing to do is just to go with the flow. A match is a match no matter what happens and we need to accept the result no matter what. Also, try building more standardized teams and getting used to them. That may also help you gain the respect of other players.

ScarfWynaut: Thank you for co-managing with me and helping me to make certain decisions that I never really had to make before. You've given me an entirely different experience and viewpoint towards OMPL than what I've had in the previous year, when I was practically managing alone for the most part. Now that you've seen what the main manager can do, you can go out there next year and possibly do even better than what I have done. Show everyone who you are and good luck to your OMPL team next year man.

Kyogre: For being an awesome Pokémon, you deserve a shoutout!


Shoutouts to OMPL outsiders:

Bondie: You drafted like a complete boss. I'm amazed.

Chloe.: Thank you for understanding what I had to say about why certain things turned out what they were. Also, It's nice to see you're managing again! Your mascot may be seem slow but I believe you can prove your opponents otherwise! Good luck next year.

darksylvion: Best Kois co-manager. Like several other users, I also thank you for being understanding and actually supporting my team after you guys had lost. Your team deserved at least one win but alas, you didn't get one :(.

DEG: I see the list of good players I gave you helped a lot. I noticed how you were feeling down about OMPL in the beginning so I did all I could to help. I'm glad it all paid off at least and you became a challenge. Also, gg from that bo7 1v1 match we had.

E4 Flint: My shoutout to TI also applies to you. I got nothing much else to say other than that overall, you seem to be the star player of the Bedroom Blisseys. Part of why I never considered drafting you this year was because I knew you'd get taken by them. You are one with the Blissey and I respect that.

EV: GO KOIS. Your team was like ours, great spirit, lots of drama. Thank you for taking your time to manage in OMPL once again!

Fardin: I tried my best to draft you, sorry I couldn't. rip. On the bright side, you got drafted on a winning team. Congratulations.

GL Volkner: You've done great trying to keep your team in high spirits, even with the Kois constantly having to change their assistant manager. You've also tried so hard in your OMPL battles even when you knew you lost. You might have lost to GmU but you deserve some more respect.

GmU pokeboss9: #respect

Kris: Hi Kris. How are you today?

Laxpras: Grats on your amazing 13-0 AAA win streak man. It's insane. How did you do it? Well anyway, you have carried two entire teams through OMPL so it's safe to say you definitely deserved to have had your team win OMPL. Even with counterteam attempts and your matches getting harder and harder you STILL managed to win your matches with great ease. I'm sorry that I didn't go so far to draft you this time, I, like several other managers, worried about your activity and how it could've been factored in. Other managers and I also felt that you could've been rusty enough to be more mediocre but no. You've proven us dead wrong. You have earned the title of Supreme Goat.

Peef Rimgar: Congratulations on being the king of roasting. Will you actually start finding ways to make OMPL better this time? Even as an assistant manager you represent your team and you choose whether to make your team look good or look bad. Don't leave a bad impression.

Pikachuun: Good job with your draft man. It was nice you see you active during this OMPL and honestly I liked your team even if it didn't look as good as others. I felt that every team this year was generally balanced and that none of our teams greatly stood over another. As much as people tried to shut down your team for looking weak, your team still stood strong. Honestly, if the Five-Star Jolteons would've lost earlier the Optimistic Mimikyus would've been what I wanted to have won OMPL. This was mainly because of how much your team was thrown into the dirt. I was amazed by how close you came to beating us and many people actually thought you would beat us because one user lost their OMPL match. I noticed your chances of winning were pretty high until Clearly, things didn't go as expected for you and we ended up in a tie.

Thimo: You were one of the few goats placed into OMPL. Sorry I couldn't manage to get you to 30k. It was way too much for not only me, but really any other manager to afford !_!. On the bright side, we did make you the most expensive! Good luck on trying to get that custom avatar next year and thanks for the teams you have helped several OMPL players make.

The Immortal: Congratulations on winning OMPL and giving The Bedroom Blisseys a total of three OMPL wins. Your team as always has been fierce and challenging to face and this year, you have done what the Legendary Pikachus had last year. You and your team dominated through OMPL and unlike the Pikachus, you have gotten win win that you earned.

Uselesscrab: I apologize to what I said above in Peef's shoutout and for the trouble you've been through in this OMPL. As usual your team made some sweet drafts, but I didn't like how overrated they were.

L S F: <- This is a 1v1 discord chat DEG wanted me to include in my shoutouts. Join by invitation and prepare to be whoa'd.

Where I'll go next year:

Honestly, I don't think I'd want to manage next year. I've been through so much thinking non stop about OMPL, experiencing things through a wave of emotions and waiting so long only to lose the finals tiebreaker match to hax two years in a row. I care too much about OMPL for my own good and I don't think that's going to change if I continue managing. I also fear the probability of losing a tiebreaker finals for the third time in a row due to hax. As probable as that is, it has already happened twice in a row. There's still a chance it could happen a third time if I dare manage, and I find that it's not worth going through so much. I'd rather would've just lost earlier if I were to have lost in the first place. I don't think I'll be able to bear that risk in the future. For all the people who have enjoyed my time managing, I'm sorry, but it's just how I feel at the moment. I don't know what else to do with OMPL or even if I should get involved in it next year but at least I have the time to think about it and before it's too late, I hope to have made a final decision.

Well anyway, thanks everyone for participating in OMPL even if you weren't drafted, thank you antemortem for hosting OMPL, you have been a great host, and thank you nv for trying to host OMPL.

I'm Ransei and this was my experience with OMPL V. See you all next year.​
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