OM OMPL V - Week 5

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Gonna throw some AG predicts for the last week as I have nothing better to do

Catalystic (45) vs Chloe (55) - Catalystic's unpredictability has done him well so far; getting some major upsets and even managing to win a series in OMPL while using nothing else but Duriant (I dare anyone to be able to say that), but Chloe is still the veteran in this matchup. It could go either way, of course, owing to Chloe's shaky run this year, but I don't see her losing after beating Thimo last week. That being said, it would only be Classic Chloe if she brings Amoonguss and drops to Arcspam, and I wouldn't take that as a surprise.

Thimo (60) vs PurpleGatorade (40) - No disrespect to Purple's skills with the 60-40, but Thimo is on a hot streak right now and has proven in the past that he knows how to keep a hot streak going. Judging this purely from a playstyle perspective, Thimo has the upper hand, and is quite certainly the better player. Purple needs to get a lot of things right if he wishes to beat the most expensive buy of the tour, but I wouldn't term it as an upset if he does, solely because of what a classy player he is.

Hunter (100) vs Fardin (0) - Fardin might as well win the match, but he isn't winning these predictions.
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