OM OMPL V - Week 5

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won against jasprose, gg. Helped by the sleep turn on opposing ygod early game.

Tinted Spec Porge, or offensive Porge is forgotten this OMPL, glad this finishes off to match the KOIS Theme! It's a fateful encounter by the kyogre lover jasprose too :>

Edit: mfw both eject button and offensive Porge is actually used in the other two BH games this round, decided to use this two components last week though lol.

Gl to the finalists, looking forward to moro v flint, and a lot more!

Uselesscrab for nominating me so my first OMPL actually happens.
Official Fissure for listing me on EV's list, and to EV, so I can swim with Kois this year!
GL Volkner Thanks for your cheerful presence all along this journey. We could have done better if some of the prep work was done more carefully (like my missing MMX item v moro / your ability of Regi v gmu lol), or the para happens less. Despite a lot of screaming of "hey why is VD drafted," I do see you grow a lot along this journey and hope you keep going. Too bad my build didn't won you the game vs Flint :( But no regret, you indeed gained a lot.
I can only tag very few people so gotta done this succinctly: Thanks for my KOIS teammates; despite we had a relatively sad season, I do enjoy your team spirit and commitment. We could have done better, but no regret.

s/o to TI for triggering me by saying PO is trash, was gonna meme this one with psyspam.
Lastly, Obligatory s/o to PO fam Funbot / Lance /willdbeast. Glad that my one year into BH brought me so much fun.
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