OMPL VI Discussion Thread

Highlight of the draft:

[13:38:52] *Scrappie: It is now The Treasure Town Talonflames's turn to choose a player. Managers: leru, megazard
mt0101 joined
[13:38:56] #Megazard: oh right
[13:38:59] #Megazard: 1 sec
[13:39:00] Snaquaza ◢ ◤: i like watching people waste money
Blazikin and Smileto ad joined
[13:39:06] #Catalystic ❤: same
[13:39:07] DEG: Same
[13:39:09] #Megazard: .nom eternalsnowman
[13:39:09] *Scrappie: megazard from The Treasure Town Talonflames has nominated EternalSnowman for auction. Tiers:
[13:39:09] *Scrappie: megazard[The Treasure Town Talonflames]: 3000.
fardinAG joined
[13:39:11] Snaquaza ◢ ◤: .3.5
[13:39:11] *Scrappie: snaquaza[The Hotshot Honchkrows]: 3500.
[13:39:12] martha ♫: .4
[13:39:12] *Scrappie: martha[The Hydrophobic Hydreigons]: 4000.
[13:39:12] #Catalystic ❤: who has ham
[13:39:15] GL Volkner: me
[13:39:15] #Megazard: .5
[13:39:15] Uselesscrab: .4.5
[13:39:15] *Scrappie: megazard[The Treasure Town Talonflames]: 5000.
[13:39:15] *Scrappie: You have to bid more credits than the previous offer.
[13:39:17] Uselesscrab: .5.5
[13:39:17] *Scrappie: uselesscrab[The Buyer Bewears]: 5500.
[13:39:18] #Catalystic ❤: GL Volkner go bid
[13:39:19] #Catalystic ❤: go
[13:39:19] martha ♫: .56
[13:39:20] *Scrappie: martha[The Hydrophobic Hydreigons]: 56000.

[13:39:21] GL Volkner: ?
[13:39:22] martha ♫: fuc
[13:39:23] #Catalystic ❤: uh
[13:39:23] GL Volkner: LOL
[13:39:23] Uselesscrab: CANCEL
[13:39:23] #Megazard: .7
[13:39:24] *Scrappie: You have to bid more credits than the previous offer.
[13:39:24] GL Volkner: LOOOOL
[13:39:25] GL Volkner: CANCEL
[13:39:26] martha ♫: i MEANT 6
[13:39:26] GL Volkner: WTF
[13:39:27] *Scrappie: 5 seconds remaining!
[13:39:27] #Megazard: oh
[13:39:27] Uselesscrab: please cancel this
[13:39:28] martha ♫: JDIDHKDJDID
[13:39:28] GL Volkner: LOOOOOL
[13:39:29] DEG: LOL
[13:39:31] martha ♫: AAAA
[13:39:32] *Scrappie: The Hydrophobic Hydreigons has bought EternalSnowman for 56000!


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These people are kinda good at 1v1, I guess
1. Kentari - Not only is he good at 1v1, but he'll also demean your opponents, free of charge!
2. Landon - It may be difficult typing out his full name, but it's equally as difficult to beat this guy
3. Freddy Kyogre - Literally the Joey Wheeler of 1v1
4. smiletoad / toadandhishaxx - Has a lotta potential teams to use and also literally dug through pastebin to find my backup of teams
5. Baleblaze - Highkey good player
6. TheShadowClaw - The overdog of underdogs
7. The Dark Alakazam - The OG One-Team-Wonder
8. UnleashOurPassion - He's a good player when he isn't vanishing during pl finals
9. MaceMaster - The only 1v1 player to make hundreds of sets for mons and still only have six good teams
10. blondesasukeuchiha - Is equally as good at 1v1 as his name is cringey
11. Iron Crusher - The Yugi Muto of 1v1 (really good when he becomes the cool guy)
12. Rumplestiltskin - Could actually become the greatest 1v1 player on the planet if he wanted to (but doesn't)
13. Joker 1v1 - He lives up to his name very literally
14. motogp - He's equally as good at 1v1 as he is disorganized
15. Blazikin - Not to be confused with literally anyone with blaze in their name
16. pqs - If you think he's gonna think, you'd better think again
17. Lancer Fr / Lancer MK - If you can learn an entire language in order to communicate with him, he's pretty good
18. ryyjyywyy - In desperate need of an intervention with his meme addiction
19. Chrispy Burns - Professional 1v1 Meme Curator Esquire
20. Emperor2 -
He played 1v1 once, like nine years ago
21. lost heros - Is equally as good at 1v1 as he is at spelling
22. ggopw - dom junior
23. Quantum Tesseract - Mr. Universally Competent
24. ILLusio - I honestly don't know-
25. Kaori - Possibly insane, possibly epic
26. At this point, you're probably better off using your spare AG player-
1v1 prs but i didnt put everyone who was on my team in 1v1 PL high like osra so those arent as biased

(1v1 classic winner,awesome performance in PL,really solid player and good in tours overall,not a whole lot to say about that
might be really predictable at his teams tho)

2.Kentari (is kentari.
huge variety of teams,very experienced,very good player,somewhat of a weird battler)

3.osra (when she plays she is good
doesnt play often but does well at tours)

4.Landon (really good player,huge variety of teams like kentari,just somewhat lackluster in predicting)

5.smiletoad (really good player
somewhat lackluster in teambuilding)

6.TheDarkAlakazam (good builder,good battler,but not anything really special)

7.BaleBlaze (discovered that hes rly good lately
dont know much about his teambuilding style but i think it might hold him back,since he went through some inactivity and hasnt adjusted much to the current meta)

(a living meme
has at most 5-10 teams without durant
will need to teambuild but really good battler)

9.Freddy Kyogre
(I was told that he is good so he probably is
kinda predictable at teambuilding tho)

(Quite possibly the most unpredictable 1v1 player-very good teambuilder)
somewhat of a lackluster battler

(Really good at teambuilding,not that good at battling)

(if gyffyrd signed up hes here but i dont think he did)
Emperor is a better player but does not play much nowadays
bsu is really good but they play more 1v1uu than regular 1v1 so idk

the fact that they havent played gen 7 in 3-4 months and I still placed them in the top 15 should say a lot for their quality as a player by itself
could be top 5 if they actually played

(not because he was on my team,but he is a really good player overall
has a tendency to choke series)

cant let that 4-0 go
no idea about their playstyle

16.Lancer MK
(what osra said)

17.Iron Crusher
(basically emperor but plays less and isnt as good)

18.lost heros (really good player,however he was absent for a really long time and has just gotten back into playing)

(dont honestly think he is that good but he should be decent since they had a good record in 1v1 pl)

(everyone underrates them but if they played more they would be really good)
+can play other tiers too because apparently they learn really quickly

(None knows what they actually use so probably really unpredictable
not impressed with their battling however
+hasnt played much since pl and was fairly inactive after they won monthly in room which was februaey i think? so they might have to get into the current meta again)

living meme number 2
can be good if he uses actual teams

has a LOT of potential but he is still fairly new and isnt that experienced in teambuilding
CAN do well with support from good builders

a living meme

24.Quantum Tesseract
why would you draft them for 1v1 lmao

I mean if they dont accept the way the current metagame is,I dont see them nabbing any wins this tournament

yet another living meme
will need a shitposting channel if you dont want your discord ruined

from now on everyone is a meme
personally id rank myself somewhere around 11-12

dont judge formatting its 1 am and im bored
gl volkner is cute
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1v1 Players are Ranked Differently Depending on the Player
Always Top Ladder Users - Kentari / UberLandon / The Dark Alakazam / Attidude / BaleBlaze
Known & Respected Users - UnleashOurPassion / Iron Crusher / MaceMaster / Osra / Blazikin /Motogp
Tournament Contenders - Smiletoad / Joker / Freddy Kyogre / Emperor
PQS & Pazza - PQS & Pazza
The rest are good too, just can't remember anyone else who is good and would be in 1v1 lol
:( Why am I not on the good 1v1 players list? I have 6 accounts on ladder and could easily get more on it if I wanted to and have tons of teams and beat Atti 2-0 in 1v1 TTT and beat Moto 2-1 in 1v1 TTT and made it to quarter finals in the 1v1 Classic as #2 seed and in the past few weeks I made tons of new teams that are even better then my old ones and I have played thousands of games of 1v1...
:( Why am I not on the good 1v1 players list? I have 6 accounts on ladder and could easily get more on it if I wanted to and have tons of teams and beat Atti 2-0 in 1v1 TTT and beat Moto 2-1 in 1v1 TTT and made it to quarter finals in the 1v1 Classic as #2 seed and in the past few weeks I made tons of new teams that are even better then my old ones and I have played thousands of games of 1v1...
do you want a cookie for that

frankly Pqs should be higher on these lists of all people, but people think hes just a bad shitposter he might be a shitposter but hes really good at 1v1 and has experience
OMPL 1v1 Player PRs
OMPL fr tho.PNG

Get to know some of the top players!

For a few of them, I wrote a small blurb.

A driver in the current 1v1 room, Kentari has cemented himself as one of the tier’s top players in the current USUM metagame. Many complain about his attitude and how he goes about things, but in the end, he still usually comes out on top. A very consistent player on ladder, it is always suggested to not ladder when he is if you still want to have elo left at the end!

Another current driver in the 1v1 room, Landon has also proven his worth in the metagame as well. Almost always seen in the top couple spots of the ladder rankings, Landon is quite the force to be reckoned with. A really great, and chill dude both on, and off PS!. A very dominant player, and a great teammate to have.

Another driver in the 1v1 room, frequently seen watching from the shadows of the battlefield. In the words of UnleashOurPassion, “She's pretty good when she's not too busy pretending Venonat is viable.” Another very solid player, but with less of a ladder presence. Even so, Osra has a few highly ranked accounts on ladder, but decides to stay away from it, opting instead to be a spectator. All of her spectating sure seemed to make her good, and she knows just about everything about everyone. A great, organized, nice team player.

A current 1v1 room moderator, UnleashOurPassion is the civil servant of the tier. Creating his own bot, and being a permanent member of the 1v1 council, UOP is quite the man when it comes to being involved in the tier and community he loves. Not only is he important to the tier, but he is also quite good at the tier as well. A teambuilding wizard, UOP can make just about anything work, including his famous Stunfisk and Durant. Not only is he a great person to know, but he is also a very strong, and really great 1v1 player in general.

"Stunfisk isn't a meme." -UnleashOurPassion

A current 1v1 room voice, CallMeJJok3r, also known as just “Joker” has quite the reputation in 1v1. Known widely as a good, but light-hearted player, Joker has had very good finishes and records in 1v1 tournaments. The winner of the 1v1 Classic, and boasting an astounding 4-1 record in most recent the 1v1PL, Joker is quite the asset to any team he is a part of.

A 1v1 room moderator, MaceMaster, a.k.a. “Mace,” is the “best 1v1 set builder around.” With very apparent skill and knowledge of the 1v1 metagame, Mace is a player of consistency, and skill. A very strong, and unpredictable opponent, every match against Mace is sure to leave one’s heart racing.

Punctuation doesn't mean everything! Despite just being just a normal user in the 1v1 room, Smiletoad, commonly known as "Toad," has really proven their worth on the fields of battle. Being a top-notch player, Toad has been a definitely a force to be reckoned with, and one to not underestimate when they're your opponent.

A 1v1 driver, The Dark Alakazam, a.k.a. "TDA" is quite the player. A great predicter, and a great teambuilder, TDA has shown himself off to be something great. A consistent threat on ladder, his teambuilding shows with his many different teams that he can use to switch up and mess with his opponent. A quite unpredictable player, quite the teammate.

Last but not least, we have Baleblaze, a moderator in the 1v1 room. Known for being a consistenly good for a long time, Baleblaze has created quite the name for himself. A great all-around player, Baleblaze can be quite the tough nut to crack. With a few very good and hard to beat teams combined with his skill at prediction and outplaying, Baleblaze definitely shows why he's a player that's a cut above the rest.

Anyways, here is the full PR that I made.


Joker 1v1

Freddy Kyogre
The Dark Alakazam

iron crusher
Lancer Fr

lmni 1v1
Dom (partys over)
Fertile Crescent
Lost Heros
Quantum Tesseract

official fissure
4.5x4.5 Tatami

duckymomo senior
mageic master

Here is the link to the spreadsheet.

Well, it looks like I got the show stolen from me thanks osra, but I still hope this is infomative for all the managers, despite the amount of PRs that are probably going to go up on this thread. I did want to keep this project a bit of a secret and post on Friday, but now that word's gotten out and everyone's done it, might aswell join into the fray.

Thank you to Osra, UOP, Macemaster, and everyone else who helped along in the process of making this.
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:( Why am I not on the good 1v1 players list? I have 6 accounts on ladder and could easily get more on it if I wanted to and have tons of teams and beat Atti 2-0 in 1v1 TTT and beat Moto 2-1 in 1v1 TTT and made it to quarter finals in the 1v1 Classic as #2 seed and in the past few weeks I made tons of new teams that are even better then my old ones and I have played thousands of games of 1v1...
I mentioned that I was bored
even so I should have won the series because I somehow got all predicts correctly
not like you needed to post that to get drafted,if managers think you are good enough you will get drafted
also has it really come to the point where we post accomplishments in order to get drafted
i cant stand this

p.s. love how every single PR forgot attidude exists if he doesnt ragequit xD
also francyy exists
and hes good apparently
at least thats what people say
Why are there like 5 1v1 prs
I told Osra I was making a PR and she decided to post her own after, then Moto got upset at hers because he disagreed, so he made his own, then Joker decided to make his own small one in response to that one. Yeah. A bit hectic.

p.s. love how every single PR forgot attidude exists if he doesnt ragequit xD
When he says hes not going participate, you don't rank him.

also francyy exists
and hes good apparently
at least thats what people say
He's on the PRs right where he belongs.


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Last mock draft:

blondesasukeuchiha 38500
Quantum Tesseract 20500
Hamhamhamham 20000
Fardin 19000
Laxpras 18000
HunterStorm 15500
highlighter 15000
Highlord 15000
PurpleGatorade 15000
morogrim 13500
motherlove 13500
Official Fissure 11000
Paycard 10000
Catalystic 10000
Pigeons 9500
Joker 1v1 9500
Willdbeast 9000
Chazm 9000
Funbot28 8000
Zesty43 8000
Holy Break 8000
Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) 7500
xavgb 7000
Akashi 7000
aesf 7000
Osra 7000
UBERLandon21 7000
Adrian Marin 7000
tzop 6500
UnleashOurPassion 6500
GL Volkner 6500
MAMP 6000
DontStealMyPenguin 6000
Halliday 6000
Mark_K 6000
Andyboy500 6000
InfernapeTropius11 6000
Iron Crusher 5500
Kentari 5500
TheCoastsOfToast 5500
DonnotheFirst 5500
Baleblaze 5000
Arifeen 5000
ihhca 5000
The Dark Alakazam 5000
GarbodorIsHot 5000
Sylveon. 5000
M'joe'ra 5000
shiloh 4000
Mysterious M 4000
Arushi 4000
Kuttush 4000
The Excadrill 4000
MultiAmmiratore 3500
itsKimbo 3500
Jrsmash9 3500
The Cheesen One 3000
motogp 3000
jasprose 3000
Eien 3000
bdov 3000
SuperSkylake 3000
NovaFish21 3000
Complexities 3000
Magma 3000
Cookiekins 3000
Shiba 3000
Freddy Kyogre 3000
Betathunder 3000
sugarhigh 3000
Illusio 3000
Rumplestiltskin 3000
iLlama 3000
Pepa120 3000
The Consort 3000
jrm115 3000
The Mawile Ace 3000
TheShadowClaw 3000
Zephyr Dragon Lord 3000
Duckymomo Senior 3000
TylerWithNumbers 3000
Fertile Crescent 3000
Aethernum 3000
nono10023 3000
Gyakusatsu 3000
Dreamcatcher 3000
MaceMaster 3000
EternalSnowman 3000
Vhayle 3000
Kris 3000
AugustusM 3000
Regrets 3000
5gen 3000
TIAWT 3000
Anaconja 3000
pazza 3000
toadandhishaxx 3000
DreamsX 3000
aki0s 3000
In The Hills 3000
Gross Sweep 3000
Terracotta 3000


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