Tournament OMPL VI - Player Signups

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Pokemon Showdown name: Baleblaze/Blastblazer
Preferred OMs: Most comfortable in 1v1, can do BH and mnm with some help in teambuilding
Timezone: +5:45 GMT, but my activity is often spread at random times during the day. I've made it a point too never have inactivity as an issue while playing
Foreseen inactivity: will have exams some time in july and some probably time in september, will give advanced notice on that. though i might be unable to play for a week before each exam i should be fine otherwise
Pokemon showdown name : Bunrphenix
Preferred OMs : Anything goes (Bo1 or Bo3), Mix and Mega, i can play a little bit Balanced hackmons and 1v1 (but there aren't my main tier)
Timezone : GMT + 2
Inactivity : maybe from the 19/06/18 to the 26/06/18 but even with that i could maybe be active, none other inactivity that are planned now (i will change the post if so)
After contemplating, I decided to sign up for OMPL.

Pokemon Showdown name: Cookiekins
Preferred OMs: AAA, and possibly BH (but haven't played much after pdon ban)
GMT+8 until July 9, GMT-4 (or EDT) after
Foreseen inactivity:
I cannot do July 8-9, some days in June I may be inactive but not sure on exact dates yet


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Pokemon Showdown name: Therealazn123
Preferred OMs: Big Fan of BH, can play MnM
Timezone: PST
Foreseen inactivity:
Pokemon Showdown name: SunnySolgaleo
Preferred OMs: Balanced Hackamons and Almost Any Ability
Timezone: EST
Foreseen inactivity: Up until June 26th, I have school, so that might be a drawback.
Showdown: DanDaMan99
OMs 1v1 and MnM
Timezone: GMT
Inactivity: A week sometime around early August, dates not yet confirmed
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