Tournament OMPL VI - Player Signups

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Pokemon Showdown name: Ehvrim
Preferred OMs: AAA or BH (but I'm better in AAA)
Foreseen inactivity: the second week of august and maybe the two weeks before
Showdown: iDubby, DubFreakNakeeb
OMs: AAA, 1v1, and AG
Timezone: EST
Inactivity: School until June 15th. I'll still try to be on tho during school.
Pokemon Showdown name: John 1240
Preferred OMs:
Bo3 USUM AG, USUM AG, USUM BH, Bo5 USUM 1vs1, USUM Mix and Mega
GMT +2
Foreseen inactivity:
Pokemon Showdown name: Awesomator77
Preferred OMs: Only 1v1
Timezone: EST (GMT -4)
Inactivity: School until June 12th, minus 5th
Pokemon Showdown Name: biggy330
Preferred OMs: USUM 1v1, AAA
Time zone: CST (GMT-6)
Forseen inactivity: Tuesdays unless i'm desperately needed, should be available besides that
Pokemon Showdown name: D0UBLE_J
Preferred OMs: BH and 1v1. I could play some M&M, but haven't played since the recent changes to the tier.
Foreseen inactivity:
None that I'm currently aware of.
Pokemon Showdown name: Hind_Nayak
Preferred OMs:
USUM 1v1 and mix and mega
Timezone: GMT+5:30
Foreseen inactivity: some days in july
Pokemon Showdown name: stableprince569
Preferred OMs: I can work with any OM, I'm a quick learner. But I play really well in 1v1
Foreseen inactivity:
no relevant inactivity foreseen
Pokemon Showdown name: Neako
Preferred OMs: Mix and Mega
Timezone: EST
Foreseen inactivity: Vacation at the end of July
I want to enter, my preferred metas will be 1v1 and Mix And Mega. My username is Kamek Porygon.

The timezone is EDT, in Brampton. I am usually online from 4-6 pm.
Pokemon Showdown name: DreamsX
Preferred OMs: 1v1 is my main thing, but I can play BH and AG when needed.
ya boi dreams got that PST west coast
Foreseen inactivity:
ya boi's always on (No foreseen inactivity during the tourney, but I am taking a small 2 day vacation within the next week, should that matter)
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