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SM Balanced Hackmons should not be a format. There are so many better options that at least make sense. 1v1, AG or Camomons would literally make more sense. How did this get past the planning stage? Did no one oppose this?

You're alienating existing OM communities that exist in order to have 2 BH slots, when competent BH players are even stating there aren't enough players to fill one slot. I'd really appreciate clarification here and possibly reconsideration, because you've essentially dug this tournament's grave before it's even begun.
I completely agree with Chloe, I'd like to urge the responsible staff to rethink the formats played to replace one of the BH slots with another OM as quickly as possible. It changes a lot of the preparation for managers and whether many players sign-up or not. The SM BH playerbase not only greatly overlaps with SS BH but many players are not currently active. Hopefully this changes as they get approached by managers and friends but it's not something we should be counting on.

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Hi guys. I appreciate the feedback and I will post the logic of the selection.

The next best alternative is Camomons. From the OMs that we have here, I think most if not all people would agree that Camomons is the best choice. With that said, we had an awfully difficult time coming up with a Camomons playerbase. There are 3 or 4 Camomons players that would not be playing a different tier. After that, you're pushing it to people outside the community that need teams passed to. BH on the other hand, there are easily 16 BH players of OMPL calibre. Even excluding mixed tier players like xavgb and Funbot28, there's GL Volkner PinkDragonTamer a loser MAMP Chessking345 Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) tzop Marsopa Trump & Test Rex SuperSkylake Matiss98 sugarhigh Akashi jasprose HeadsILoseTailsYouWin Quantum Tesseract willdbeast. There are plenty more of slightly lower quality too (no offense). At least half of these players wouldn't be participating in the tournament without SM BH.

We all have our own agendas; my agenda is the OM community. SM BH involves the most people from the OM community in the OMPL compared to any other format choice. Given the negative response, however, I am willing to let the selected managers decide if they want to replace SM BH with a different format.
Splitting my post in 2 to ruffle fewer feathers.
We're currently in a weird situation, Manager-wise: Users of the caliber of drampa's grandpa have declared that the fact that there are only 8 spots for managers calls causes a tough competition for a spot. As I'm writing, there are already 9 sign-ups, and it is only day 1. The absence of co-managers means that more people who would like to actively participate without necessarily playing (like myself), are left without an option and will have to sign-up as players.
Furthermore, that fixed price is creating 2 categories of potential managers (sorry if I got your categories wrong, this is based on my own perception of things):
  • People who want to manage, and have a yearning for it, but would not pay 16k for themselves as players (Examples: Mark K, Chloe);
  • People who are pushed to manage strictly because they want to exploit the loophole that is still allowed and save ~5k on themselves, but would otherwise not necessarily have sought the managing positions (Examples: xavgb, Andyboy);
  • Jrdn (all of the above). The way I see it, Jordan is the only manager (meaning person who originally intended to participate as a manager this edition or has done in the past) that would actually be pushed to buy himself as a player, with such a price. For most of the others, 16k is too much to seriously consider.
So, we have a rule benefitting potentially one person, and potentially causing 8 people with amazing social skills but lower competitive presence to not participate at all, or to a less involved extent (your TheCoastsOfToast 's, your berry 's, your willdbeast 's).

What are our alternatives, in my eyes?
  • Declaring that managers will not play, and re-instating co-managers (the 2019 formula) : This negatively impacts those managers who planned on signing up and intend on buying themselves (in my eyes, this would be Jordan and Stresh, if he was planning on managing all along), but stops players, who had no intentions of managing, in doing so just to exploit the loophole. It allows people who were planning on co-managing to do so, and with someone they appreciate (not just someone who drafts them as an assistant).
  • Augmenting the price to ~20k and re-introducing co-managers: This does not fully avoid the loophole, but reduces the interest that managers have in finding a top-player with whom to co-manage at all costs, because top players will be less of a steal. It also reduces the current pressure on top-players to manage when they don't really feel like it, because their profit margin would be significantly lower. It also allows Jordan and Stresh to buy themselves, if they so please, for an adequate price. And again, this price changes practically nothing for most other managers as, the way I see it, they would not buy themselves for 16k, either.
  • Maintaining the status quo: Whilst maybe not ideal, it might be that no-one gets excluded because of the rule, and all of your typical co-managers are bought at low prices during the draft, from managers that are aware of their worth and their competitive shortcomings. If this is the chosen option, I strongly feel that it should be compulsory for a manager to name a co-manager during or after the draft, so as not to paralyse the League in case of an unforeseen problem.
  • Other options: I am far from omniscient, I have not considered all options and I'm sure more may exist. Take me sparking the discussion as an opportunity to suggest more intelligent and practical options.
I apologize to those I have tagged. If I have been disrespectful to anyone, that was not my intent. I love this community, and I'm sure that whatever is decided, we'll really enjoy our OMPL!
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Tfw stresh is a mixed tier player but you aren’t...

Anyway, I’m actually rather pleased with this, and not just because honestly all the SM metagames are better than the SS versions. A second SS bh slot would be a nonstarter, but there’s a larger playerbase for SM that helps make up for the fact that BH does currently fall a little short of 2 frontline players a team. Ensuring that each team will have 2 BH players is also a lot more freindly to people without longterm connections in the OMs community; I know I spent pretty much every week in the last couple team tours I played BH in testing and throwing around ideas with players not on my team, and if you don’t have a pool of friends or acquaintances you can trust that’s a lot harder.
Tfw stresh is a mixed tier player but you aren’t...
cant be a player when you're dead

And if the point of it is to keep OMPL to OM players, I can totally get behind it until you take another look at the format lineup and realize NFE has very very little overlap, and clearly nothing compared to Camomons.

I'd also like to support the idea of re-introducing co-managers as Gmansour20 suggested:
Augmenting the price to ~20k and re-introducing co-managers: This does not fully avoid the loophole, but reduces the interest that managers have in finding a top-player with whom to co-manage at all costs, because top players will be less of a steal. It also reduces the current pressure on top-players to manage when they don't really feel like it, because their profit margin would be significantly lower. It also allows Jordan to buy himself, if he so pleases, for an adequate price. And again, this price changes practically nothing for most other managers, the way I see it, as they would not buy themselves at 16k, either.
This eases the competition for a managerial spot and gives a way for the people that make OMPL as fun as it can be to be able to invest themselves into this without having to fear being denied a manager spot (If the plan is to draft pre-set co-manager as early as possible and let them take over) or simply being drafted to a different team of their choice, or worse, not being drafted at all. All of this would be a shame this suggestion must be taken seriously.
Pinging the host Ransei to express his opinion or just clear the air.


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this tour/om tours in general have been clowned for years as being complete messes, I see we're getting off to a rocky start already but as an avid fan of the om playerbase and a meta or two, I hope to see a tour that om players can use as their competitive outlet in a time where everyone has a shit ton of free time. OM players don't have official tours to strive for like main tier players, they have this shit, so let's maybe try our best to make this tour the best and most competitive it can be, yeah?

I hope to learn gen8aaa and get drafted or spectate from the sidelines regardless, surely this tour won't be ass :D

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bro you put me at c tier wtf Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request)

In all seriousness, I'd like to say that I'm not going to be managing this OMPL. Being with Funbot28 and the Money Mags last year was a great experience, but I don't trust myself enough with current OM knowledge to manage a team and support a team solo, and there's a gigantic amount of uncertainty as to whether I would actually be picked as an assistant manager or drafted to a manager I didn't expect (or want) to be with. That tied in with the community backlash stemming from the Gen 7 BH pick and my lack of experience with Gen 8 OMs means that I'd be much more comfortable staying on the sidelines.

As we draw closer to the beginning of the tour and once signups go up, I'll gladly participate in mocks, player rankings, and all the rest of the ompl sideline festivities, but me being active in this tour just ain't it this year.

Some things I'm looking forward to this year:
whatever the fuck gen 8 bh is (seriously just click the dynamax button)
whatever the fuck gen 7 bh is (thanks sugarhigh)
GL Volkner making his re-re return because hytale still hasn't fucking released
PinkDragonTamer actually having a good record and not being held back by rotating bh players around (IF sm bh is even included this year)
French players like Dragonillis getting drafted (because apparently there's a gigantic french om community, who knows why)
players who have no idea what they're doing getting subbed in and clicking as many buttons as they can until they win (thanks power)
teams completely forgetting to bid on anyone who plays stabmons
Funbot28 and Jrdn actually playing
the return of someone from the dead (most likely geerat, word, or aesf but i've heard they hate gen 8) who does surprisingly well (again)
activity drama because ompl uses some different activity thing than normal tours
MAMP 's OMPL drinking games
vivalospride 's everything. love that guy.
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why's it one manager this time?
Pinging the host Ransei to express his opinion or just clear the air.
This year we've decided to have one manager per team to draft to ensure our draft is as competitive and balanced out as possible. Top tier players aren't just reserving themselves to co-management position in a specific team just to buy themselves at the very beginning of the draft, stripping all other teams from such a fantastic option right away. We also believe there's a strong enough connection in the community for our chosen managers and their draft picks to comfortably work together as manager and assistant manager during or after the drafting process. People who aren't picked as managers wanting to become assistant managers may still sign up and if they are planned to be specifically chosen as an assistant manager rather than a player, their price is likely to be low during the draft. It wouldn't cost most teams too much to buy a manager in if they're not one of the greatest player in any of the formats in this tournament.

On another note The Immortal and I have received substantial feedback from the outcries given to us throughout the past few days and I'd like to announce that we've been coming up with an alternative in response to this outcry in order to improve the potential outcome of this tournament. Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons is no longer set as our final format in OMPL VIII and our final format has been left undetermined until all of the managers are decided. We will then have our managers collaborate to decide the final format for OMPL VIII and we'll begin player signups from there.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or general input regarding OMPL VIII, you may continue using this thread or you may contact The Immortal and I through discord/smogon convo.

One last thing, I have made SectoniaServant my assistant host for this tournament so if I'm not around you can ask him questions about OMPL VIII and they can be directed back to me in the meantime.
sidenote, I will make a 3 angry, annoyed emoji minimum on any instance of [redacted] [redacted] that I find in om discords. Those in om forums will receive a swift police notice and will accumulate angry react points and once they have reached an amount of 10, they will receive one of several cursed images I have saved in my folders.

Have a great day :psysly: .
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