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Yo our season has been over since like june 15 but now that we're officially 100% out and that I won't be playing next week I wanted to share my teams cause I built some heat and am quite happy with how I did this tour despite not really caring

w1 vs abriel - Replay
:torkoal: :roaring-moon: :hatterene: :great-tusk: :scovillain: :toxapex:
my experience with STAB this gen was limited to a few games when the generation came out, and a draft league where my good friend Altthiel and I spammed the fuck out of Throat Spray + Torch Song on literally everything
I didn't know anything about my opponent, never had played them before, so I wanted to use something I was hoping would put in work: Scovillain
In a pre-home tier where most Dragons available in standard play are banned and no Heatran yet, Scovillain had the potential to fuck up entire teams
After a few calcs, I realized that Scov was actually insanely strong, especially with Torch Song punishing switches so effortlessly
Tera Fire boosted +2 Burn Up has some disgusting calcs such as:


w2 vs Fissure - Replay
:great-tusk: :amoonguss: :sylveon: :annihilape: :rotom-wash: :iron-valiant:
not much to say here, I rly wanted to use the brokens as much as possible so I made a quick annihilape team thats just rly simple to understand:
tusk/guss/tom pivots into sylveon
sylveon teras and claims one with specs boomburst
annihilape comes in on the sylveon answer (usually, av pex, corviknight, steels in general)
annihilape gets a boost to rage fist (balanced move btw)
annihilape wins the long game
gottem ggs

w3 vs Fc - Replay
:grimmsnarl: :magearna: :rillaboom: :sneasler: :landorus-therian: :urshifu-rapid-strike:
Home had just dropped!! I had no one to help me build something!! I went the easy route and loaded broken ass screens that lost to: broken ass screens!!
Honestly the first week of Home was just unfun (and not just because I lost), everyone brought the brokens and Magearna got a very nice 75% winrate
This was just an OU team with Jet Punch on Urshifu and weak ass Grassy Glide on Rilla

w4 vs LBDC - Replay
:pelipper: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :overqwil: :zapdos: :clodsire: :zamazenta:

Zama was broken
Urshifu kinda stupid too just dont use scarf its ass
Overqwil was fun tho, multiple very cool calcs, great into defense, just a fun, underrated mon that can definitely fit outside of rain? maybe

w5 vs Kaif - Replay
:greninja: :great-tusk: :iron-valiant: :lilligant-hisui: :grafaiai: :kingambit:
ONCE AGAIN something I used because it put in work during the stab draft league I played in
Grafaiai is a little fucker that has a LOT of very cool options such as:
Prankster Court Change!
Prankster Encore!
Prankster Taunt!
Prankster TSpikes!
Prankster Glare!
and a fuckton of Unburden cheese I love building around
Aiai is unfortunately just a bit too weak to actually be consistent, it's a great cleaner on offense and fucks up opposing offense like nothing else, but it lacks the coverage and raw power to outright sweep. I wouldn't bother with NP sets unless you're running like Encore or Taunt or anything to mess with fatter builds, I think Encore / Taunt + 3 attacks with BoomSpray + Unburden works better cause you don't have to setup the lil demon
Stuff Cheeks sets with Unburden might have potential on fat setup + hazards team? but i don't recommend it

w6 vs pannu - Replay
:arboliva: :toxapex: :heatran: :ting-lu: :grafaiai: :urshifu-rapid-strike:
game was won but I trolled to flex with aiai LOL, don't run this set it's just not worth it
Once again, Grafaiai is not strong enough and the only set I'd recommend if you wanna use offensive physical set-up aiai would be Coil + Population Bomb with Poison Touch & pads, this set has some potential as common switch ins don't wanna be poisoned / can fear Knock, or Taunt, or Encore, or whatever the little demon has
Arboliva seemed like a cool option but if you're not facing exactly what you're trying to snipe it's just not gonna be worth it either, it looked fun and can probably fuck up defense like little else, but you're gonna need a bunch of hazards to actually threaten fat stuff

aight tour was fun, format was unbalanced cause new mons dropped mid tour, I didnt get to use Rock Polish TorchSpray Camerupt (has a lot of potential, it beats most Volc sets trust (i think))
aight see ya in OMWC probably idk yet

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it's all gone pear shaped
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well that all went a bit pear shaped didn't it

Didn't have a great season to be honest, but it's my first time managing, so I didn't really know what to expect. Some things went well, others not so much; probably the biggest issues were spending ~19k on BH (not intentional) leading to us getting basically no AAA support (also not intentional), the latter of which led to mostly relying on external support. Theoretically we could've pulled playoffs this week, but Wigglies getting a free win instantly put us on the backfoot and we were relying on other teams' performance anyway.

Won't do a big list of shoutouts because I don't really know how to say them other than just "you did well" or "sorry for not enough support", plus I don't want to sound like a condescending twat because that's usually what happens. I do however want to specifically shout out Osake Grim_Blazer Clas Palapapop Despacito87 Hugo Axzel for providing good help that kept us together.

Will I manage again? Probably not. I went into this with less information than I probably should have, and I'm generally not up for the stress. I'll probably end up playing again, but BH is already beyond cursed so hopefully DLC actually makes it a proper meta.

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The Geezer's season has officially ended, which means it's time for a team dump. I'm likely going to take a break from Godly Gift for an extended period since I don't find the tier all that enjoyable right now. I am mainly waiting for some drastic meta changes in the form of DLC or tiering action. I'm also gonna rip Clementine's format from their post because it's easier for me.

W1 vs Lily

:Hatterene: :Miraidon: :Toedscruel: :Scream Tail: :Ting-Lu: :Gholdengo:

Week 1 was Lily's welcome to GG since I don't think she's tried the tier until now. I just got mopped in GG Open + the pressure from BO1 format + first time managing and being in a team tour + having absolutely 0 idea how Lily builds to go off of made this a hard first week. I figured I'd load something with decent MU's into most things. The team's goal was to basically overwhelm Ting Lu and allow Miraidon to clean up late game, which ended up being what happened. I decided to use Toedscruel since hazard stacking + Hatterene saw a massive surge during GG Open, so I figured it'd be a good anti-meta pick to help with that. Lily did end up bringing hazard stack, so I was 1/2 correct there. I was playing a decent amount of AAA a this time, so I drew inspiration from from that and brought CM defensive Scream Tail. With Toxapex banned I was pretty comfortable running mono-STAB Scream Tail in the special attack slot since it was pretty good into the Koraidon MU and could just snowball with CM vs most teams assuming no Gholdengo. In hindsight prepping for hazard stack and not expecting Gholdengo was a major oversight to say the least. Miraidon did its thing late game though once the Ting Lu was gone.

W2 vs Meta

:Hatterene: :Toedscruel: :Skeledirge: :Koraidon: :Ting-Lu: :Glimmora:

Similar situation here vs Meta, where I had 0 idea what they'd bring. I thought I'd bring more funny stuff since this would be the last week before HOME. The Koraidon was a set I used during my AG Seasonal run, and I figured that without Toxapex it'd be pretty insane, especially since I have ways to lure and beat its checks like Skeledirge and Scream Tail. I brought Toedscruel again for the same reasons except now its offensive with AV designed to 1v1 Gholdengo and Rotom-W. I don't remember what the EV's do, but I'm pretty sure EP always OHKOs Iron Moth and 2HKO Gholdengo and Miraidon while Power Whip OHKOs Rotom-Wash after rocks chip. I helped with Blinkboy's team during week 1, which also had Tera Ghost Koraidon. Though it didn't do anything that game, it did have an insane MU, so I figured why not bring it again and get it to do something? The other notable mon is offensive Glimmora with Focus Sash. It threatens Hatterene with Sludge Wave and is basically guaranteed to get something up vs any team to help enable Koraidon. In this case the Toxic Spikes it got up helped position my Koraidon in the late game to win.

W3 vs Instruct

:Moltres: :Arceus-Dark: :Clodsire: :Great Tusk: :Dondozo: :Glimmora:

In hindsight this wasn't the best team, but it did have an insane MU that I totally turned my brain off on during the actual game. Dondozo basically swept Instruct 6-0 on team preview, and I let it die to Gapdos for no reason. I was changing between Taunt and Calm Mind, but I opted for Taunt because I thought Toxic spam + Taunt Arceus was funny. Unfortunately I loaded into a game where that wasn't very good. I managed to outskill hax with the well-timed burns vs Gapdos and Zacian. I think I had a chance to win still without them, but me getting both of them when I did took the game out of Instruct's hand. This team was all over the place, and I really shoulda sat down and made a more cohesive team. I wanted to remake a pre-HOME team idea I had with Corrosion Glimmora and this was the (messy) result. Of course you know I had to bring back the signature "Random Choice Scarf" on Great Tusks from G8 GG.

W4 vs Jrdn

:Rotom-Heat: :Arceus-Ground: :Clodsire: :Electrode-Hisui: :Corviknight: :Hoopa:

I was basically 0-X vs Jrdn leading up to this game, so my confidence was just not there if I'm being honest. Though I hadn't actually played Jrdn in an actual tournament until now. One perk of losing to a singular person so many times is you get a handle of how they build and play, which was what inspired this current team. I wanted to punish Rotom in the HP slot, as well as the very fat defensive cores that Jrdn often used. Rotom-H, Electrode-H, and Hoopa were all designed to do exactly that. I was expecting fat/balance, and he ended up bringing Koraidon + Walking Wake, so they did a lot less work than intended. The Rotom set was the same Rotom-H set that Jrdn brought the week prior. It looked pretty good into him, so I just stole it. The Arceus-Ground went in and claimed two important kills in Koraidon and Great Tusk with the defensive EV's coming in clutch. The Gravity didn't actually achieve much, but I imagine the mental damage/confusion it inflicted on Jrdn did something. Arceus-Ground did what it was supposed to and basically cleaned house, which allowed Electrode and Hoopa to clean things up in the late game.

W5 vs Syvi

:Hatterene: :Corviknight: :Eternatus: :Basculegion: :Ting-Lu: :Great Tusk:

Knowing that I was playing Beauts, I was preparing for stall specifically while also trying not to put all my eggs into that basket. Same thing with Jrdn here where I've played them enough times to know what types of teams they may try to use vs me. I was ultimately aiming to have outs vs stall and HO if it came up, but it ended up being neither so yeah. Greybaum loaded the absolute god prep vs me, because what in the actual hell was this MU. I was basically fumbling around the first several turns trying to figure out what to do when they started letting me get up layers of Spikes. At that point I was thinking maybe Hatterene could do something if I try to position around them trying to remove hazards? That didn't end up happening and I traded Hatterene vs Heatran. If I had some luck, I maybe could have just swept from there vs the Heatran or Samurott. The doors opened up with Heatran gone since Eternatus instantly became a major threat since I hadn't revealed any of my attacks just yet. I wasn't afraid of the Arceus since I had Toxic, and for the most part I just clicked vs what was in front of me until I won. Though I will say going for Toxic was a massive choke on my end vs Great Tusk since Flamethrower 2HKO'd and punished any play.

W6 vs Fraise

:Grimmsnarl: :Mewtwo: :Polteageist: :Cloyster: :Great Tusk: :Baxcalibur:

I robbed this man blind just like his president robbed his citizens of their retirement age or something.. I'm not aware of what's going on in the country of France right now, but pourquoi n'as-tu pas besoin de nourriture pour chat quand tu as une petite amie is my question. Anyways I was debating between HO and stall vs Fraise, and just like how things have been going so far, I guessed completely wrong and I loaded HO into Fraise's Calyrex-I(ntrusive thoughts) team when the stall would have mopped Fraise. I say intrusive thoughts because that's it feels sometimes playing this guy Fraise. I'm gonna keep it real with you Fraise. You deserved this win without hax, but this team is straight booty my man. It had a great MU into my jank HO though, so who is the real loser here right? There really isn't much to say about the team. It's just screens HO with 5 really powerful breakers. The M2 set covered as many basis as possible in 3 moves. Flamethrower 2HKO'd Hatterene at +2 and beat Steels like Zacian and Corviknight. Grass Knot oblierated Ting Lu, Great Tusk, and Dondozo and was a serviceable 120 BP vs Arceus and Clodsire in cases of switching around. Cloyster was supposed to be a cool anti-meta pick since it blasted absolutely everything in the tier... but Fraise brought SpDef Washtom and Slowking so yeah.

W7 vs BJ

:Hatterene: :Maushold: :Grimmsnarl: :Polteageist: :Rayquaza: :Baxcalibur:

This was without a doubt my worst performance ever in a tour game. I choked under the pressure to say the least. I played abysmally throughout the entire game, but the icing on top was me canceling clicking DD vs Greninja to instead click Dragon Ascent. Why? I haven't a clue. Of course I coulda avoided being in that position in the first place by simply not being bad. Anyways cope aside, the inspiration for this team was "bitches love maushold" - beauts. If you don't understand that reference, it was the night that S/V first got released on Pokemon Showdown, and the OM room was hosting room tours for every OM. Basically half of the teams in the 20+ people tour had Maushold because everyone thought 135 Atk Maushold would be good, which led to Beauts saying "bitches love maushold" in every game that had it. Flashforward to now.. I had ran out of ideas on what to bring, and I was tired of building balance since it felt like I couldn't reasonably cover enough things with the limited options for defensive mons we had. So I drew some inspiration from AG and brought a combination of two different HO's I brought during my AG Seasonal run (shoutout Frozoid ) being Hatterene (Electric Seed) screens HO and Maushold screens HO, except I combined the two. Both of them did absolutely jack shit though because I'm awful and need to L2P.

Anyways I wanna give a shoutout to my team for a great run this season. I say great run because it was in fact a great run. Ignoring record and performance, I had fun. I'm sure everyone on my team would have much rather won and made it to playoffs than go out the way we did, but if you only measure success in a hobby by how good you are at it, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. I had fun and I met a ton of new people and made some new friends. That to me is a successful season. There was a looooot I could have improved on during my first tenure as a manager, but I'm happy with the result either way.

Additional shoutouts to the people outside of my team, old friends and new, who I may have met along the way or simply became better friend with during the span of the tour or leading up to it for anything from actual help to simply just talking or bantering. It was fun sharing a season with you all as well. Thank you guys for adding to the experience and making it memorable for me. This may not be everyone because my memory is quite awful.

Anyways thank you all for OMPL XI. Is XI 11? I don't know, and I'm not gonna look it up. Take care and best of luck to the remaining teams. I'm still waiting for Dave's Dialgas to be added.
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