Tournament OMPL XI - Week 1

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Hello. It's me: regirock. I am most well known for my incredibly high activity in the other metagames room on pokemon showdown, but here's what I'm more well known for: winning THE world cup of other metagames (fifth edition). See my signature for proof. Luckily, ompl has been blessed with my presence once again, and I am offering predictions and valuable insight on the format that I know the most about. Generation 6 Pure Hackmons. While not included in this tournament (or any edition of the other metagames premiere league for that matter), I will still be offering my predictions and valuable insight on every Generation 6 Pure Hackmons game played between any two players of this edition of the other metagames premiere league. It's a well known fact that the side events at any tournament are better than the actual tournament, so I encourage all to participate.

Deadline for week 1 is 11:00 PM (GMT -4) on May 28th, 2023. This is exactly one hour after the OMPL deadline, so you will have exactly one extra hour to john. Please post your results on my wall and I will be back in next week's thread with my opinions and in-depth analyses.

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predictions but i know so little that a monkey using /pick would be better than me

:wigglytuff: The Wiggly Family (Dragonillis and Palapapop) - [4][4] - The Terrible Tyrants (drampa's grandpa and kenn) :Tyranitar:

SV 2v2 Doubles (Best of 5): Despacito87 vs yuki
SV Almost Any Ability: Osake vs shiloh
SV Anything Goes: polt vs Inder
SV Balanced Hackmons: TTTech vs quojova
SV Godly Gift: Meta vs blinkboy
SV Mix and Mega: Pokemon Trainer 596 vs SpaceSpeakers
SV NFE: ojr vs lepton 45-55
SV STABmons: Rofna vs Fissure

:Virizion: W Virizzions (hayedenn and Greybaum) - [4][4] - Soul-Stealing Seven-Star Solgaleos (Fc and Guard) :Solgaleo:

SV 2v2 Doubles (Best of 5): Vrji vs Fragments
SV Almost Any Ability: hariyana grande vs DugZa
SV Anything Goes: Taka vs Guard
SV Balanced Hackmons: cityscapes vs pdt
SV Godly Gift: gum vs Dr. Phd. BJ
SV Mix and Mega: xavgb vs Icemaster
SV NFE: Stareal vs clean
SV STABmons: pannu vs Fc

:Dubwool: Dubwool Entendres (Redflix and Quantum Tesseract) - [6][2] - Photon Geezers (Tea Guzzler and ponchlake) :Necrozma-Ultra:

SV 2v2 Doubles (Best of 5): DripLegend vs Krytocon
SV Almost Any Ability: The Number Man vs MZ
SV Anything Goes: Staxi vs Bread Sandwich
SV Balanced Hackmons: XxLazzerpenguinxX vs Tea Guzzler
SV Godly Gift: Lily vs ponchlake
SV Mix and Mega: Quantum Tesseract vs db
SV NFE: King Leo V vs Tuthur
SV STABmons: Kaif vs LBDC
Schedule week 1 vs The Terrible Tyrants (drampa's grandpa and kenn) : (GMT=0)

SV 2v2 Doubles (Best of 5) : Despacito87 vs yuki : Thrusday 8 PM
SV Almost Any Ability : Osake vs Shiloh : Friday 8 PM
SV Anything Goes : polt vs Inder : Saturday 7 PM
SV Balanced Hackmons : TTTech vs quojova : Saturday 3 AM
SV Godly Gift : Meta vs blinkboy : Friday 6:30 PM
SV Mix and Mega : Pokemon Trainer 596 vs SpaceSpeakers : Sunday 6:30 AM
SV NFE : ojr vs lepton : Sunday 8 PM
SV STABmons : RoFnA vs fissure : Friday 5 PM

Will update when i will know about SV AG.

Let's go Wiggly !

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Schedule week 1 vs fluttermania (gmt 0)
2v2 (doubles) : chris32157 vs crying : sunday midnight
~~Almost Any Ability : ivar57 vs atha ~~
Anything goes : TaxFraud vs fogbound Lake : saturday 8 pm
Balanced Hackmons : chessking345 vs leru : saturday 6pm
Godly gift : fraise vs jrdn : saturday or sunday 5/6 pm
Mix and mega : damflamme 3 vs Kcda : week : 7 pm
Nfe : pandadoux vs fade : saturday 1 pm
Stabmons : abriel vs clementine : sunday 4 pm

I edit when i’m sure for mnm and godly gift
go Gods as ghold !
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