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You should mention the Shellos in Valley Windworks as an HP hotspot for Platinum; they're weak, and have something like a 65% appearance rate.
This is for Platinum.

Wild Pokemon:
  • Shellos-The best place to find Shellos is at Route 205 with an appearnece rate of 65%. They give 1 HP EV each.
  • Gastrodon-The best option to find Gastrodon is on Route 218 at a 20% appearence rate. If you're not up to that Route they are also found at the Fuego Ironworks with a 15% appearence rate. They give 2 HP EVs each.
  • Quagsire-Quagsire is found on Royte 212 with an appearence rate of ???(if someone could tell me the appearence rate of both Wooper and Quagsire on Route 212 that would be greatly appreciated). They give 2 HP EVs each.
  • Marill-Found on Route 215 with an appearence rate of 25% during the morning/midday and 45% appearence rate during the night; Marill gives 2 HP EVs each.
  • Azumarill-Azumarill is in the second Victory Road room (the one with water). Azumarill has an appearence rate of 30% and gives 2 HP EVs each.
  • Snorunt-Found on Route 216, Route 217 and Lake Acuity with appearence rates of 10%, 20% and 20% respectively. *Note-Night Only*
Attack EVs:

Wild Pokemon:
  • Starly-Found on Route 201, Route 202, Route 203 and Route 204 with an appearence rate of 50%, 20%/30%/20%, 35%/35%/25% and 25% respectively. They each give 1 Attack EV.
  • Staravia-Staravia is found on Route 209, Route 210 (southern part), Route 215, Sendoff Spring and the Trophy Garden with an appearence rate of 20%/20%/10%, 20%/10%/20%, 30%/40%/20%, 20%/20%/10% and 20%/30%/10%. They each give 2 Attack EVs.
  • Bibarel-Found at Route 208, Route 209, northern part of Route 210, Lake Acuity and Sendoff Spring. The rates are 20%, 30%, 20%, 25% and 35%/35%/30%. They each give 2 Attack EVs.
  • Shinx-Shinx is found at Route 202, Route 203, Route 204 and Valley Windworks. The appearence rates are 30%/20%/20%, 25%, 15% and 20%. They give 1 Attack EV each.
  • Luxio-You can find Luxio on Route 222. He has an appearence rate of 10% and gives 2 Attack EVs each time.
  • Machop-You can find Machop on Route 211, Route 206, Route 207 and the northern part of Route 210. The appearance rates are 15%, 20%, 35% and 15%. He gives 1 Attack EV.
If you see appearance rates to be #%/#%/#% that means that the percantage is different at different times of day. It's organized Morning/Day/Night. I think that's enough for one day. Expect me to update in the near future. Fixed.
@ Jimbo / Chaos669: You're right, it was a typing error. Thanks for spotting that!
@ Mingot: Except around two mentions of specific Platinum references (which can be changed into "DPP" with the completion of this project), nothing else. I'm sure we could replace them!
@ HD: You have tons of good information, but I didn't put it the Pokemon that have 10% chances to be found; they're hard to consistently meet. Also Starly and Staravia give Speed EVs :P

To everyone else -
You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for all the information guys. Keep contributing! (Just look at that list already)
@ HD: You have tons of good information, but I didn't put it the Pokemon that have 10% chances to be found; they're hard to consistently meet. Also Starly and Staravia give Speed EVs :P
I can't read. Staraptor gives 3 Attack so I probably mistook that as everybody in that evolution line did. Fixed.


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I have already started screenshotting the trainers listed in this thread, I should be finished with what's up there by the end of the day.
Sorry guys, I'll update this when I get the chance to. I've just entered a difficult class and have a week's worth (~80 pages) of catching up to do, so the only time I'll be able to compile everything is by this weekend. Thank you for your understanding.

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I'm not sure if there's a section involving EV training tips, but this is how I would go about EV training a level 50 heatran that needs 6 HP, 252 special attack and 252 speed where minimum experience is necessary so it does not advance a level:

1. infect with pokerus
2. give it 10 carbos for speed and 10 calcium for special attack
3. have another pokemon in party holding exp share, desireably one at level 100
4. if available, have another pokemon that needs EV training with similar spread and holding similar power items (can alternate power bracer and power lens depending on if used for physical or special sweeping) for switching/experience purposes
5. attached power lens and faced 18 of Andrew's magikarps (in platinum, one of the magikarps knows tackle but is still very weak)
6. either fish for a magikarp with old rod or face the fisherman below Andrew his first magikarp (important to switch out to prevent facing an unnecessary goldeen) then let a higher level pokemon take care of the rest.

By now, 10 calcium and 19 encounters with magikarp should give heatrans the necessary 252 in special attack while it now has 138 in speed and 0 HP. All that is left is 6 HP and 114 speed (252-138=114 is equivalent to 9*10 + 3*8 = 114 with power anklet).

7. so at this point, remove power lens and replace with power anklet and fly preferably to route 201 where bidoofs and starlys are abundant and face at least 3 bidoofs for the extra EVs in HP.

8. By now, all that is left to EV train in is speed as at least one more match with Andrew's magikarps or fighting wild starlys or the trainer below Andrew so long as you avoid facing his 2nd pokemon goldeen.

For the record, when I did this for EV training heatran, TRU timid shaymin & VGS shiny milotic with the 252 sp.atk/speed, 6 HP spreads and each only gained around 1000-1500 in exp points only during the EV training sessions.
I use Lass Madeline on Route 203 for Attack EVs, she has a level 38 Staraptor/Bibarel after rebattling her twice.
(Pokemon) - Tentacruel / Tentacool [Everywhere] - 2 SpD / 1 SpD Respectively: Surf anywhere in Sinnoh and you'll find Tentacool or Tentacruel.
(Pokemon) - Tentacruel / Mantyke [Route 223] - 2 SpD / 1 SpD Respectively: This is a good place to train for SpD EVs because Tentacruel (Level 30-50) appear 60% of the time while Mantyke (Level 30-40) appear 10% of the time.

Just noting these work in DP as well, since you are missing DP SpD


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Chaos669, I really don't see the benefit of Mixed EV training. It is likely that you can almost always do it faster by simply doing one after the other.

Also, since Erodent is going to be out of Pocket for the rest of the week, could you take all that he listed and integrate it into your list. And any others that were posted.

When he gets back he can update with your integrated list and we can go from there.
Alright, I'll remove the mixed spots in a bit, but keep them handy if anyone needs them. I'll merge the spots in the OP as well later on.
As Mingot said...I'm not too keen on doing the mixed EV spots. Other than that Chaos669, bravo.

To Do:

1. Add Pokeradar references in guide (leave this to me, I'll do it on Friday :) )
2. Update list
3. Add additional EV Training Tips (EE's "EXP Share EVing Method" mainly)

In short, everything should be finished this weekend.

Constant Contributors so far (will be given official credit):
I also plan on citing EV Training as one of the main benefits of chaining, so perhaps a link to my guide (when completed) would be a simple way to save any lengthy descriptions of how to use the pokeradar, etc.

Also, you missed one of the best, if not the best spot for training HP in D/P, which is surfing on Route 212-S. Woopers appear 90% of the time, while Quagsire appears 10%.

Edit: Tentacool is great for SpD in D/P. It appears 60% of the time while surfing at these locations...

Routes 205-S, 213, 218-222, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Mountain, Canalave City, Pastoria City, Valley Windworks.

Edit2: Also, it basically has the same locations in Platinum, with the addition of Route 212-S, and a worse appearance rate in a few places. Saying it can be found anywhere in Sinnoh is a pretty big overstatement, and might send people on a wild goose chase for places it actually is.

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What about Oreburgh Mine for Defense? That's what I use. You get low-leveled Onix and Geodude 80% of the time (75% in Platinum), and it's great for training low leveled Pokemon or if you simply don't like selfdestructers.

Iron Island should also be mentioned because you mostly run into Graveler. They explode too, but they give 2 EVs instead of one, or 12 EVs with Pokerus and a Power item. I think you also run into Geodude and Onix.
Updated with D/P Pokemon locations.

Erodent are there any other things you want me to add besides your To-Do list (assuming you're covering those)?
Wow. Just...wow. I added most useful content into the lists...both lists are reasonably huge now, longer than I'd ever imagined they would be. Contributors to this project...you are awesome. No, wait... You guys are awesome^

@ Diesel: I will make brief mentions of the Pokeradar and why it is useful in chaining, but other content I will leave to you. I'll be sure to add a link to your guide very soon.
@ Chaos669: You. Are. The. Best. You've done so much here, you really have. A fantastic job done by a fantastic user. I think the To-Do List is pretty much complete. I cannot thank you enough...I'll give you credit, for sure!

Everyone...this project is drawing to a close. I'm currently talking to Jumpluff about how we will organize the content in the messy list, the HTMLization process, and other similar tasks that will tie up the loose ends. You guys are great. I thank each and every contributor here for making this project extremely successful!

(Moderators: please don't lock this thread yet...there are still a bunch of stuff that I need to do)
That sounds good, Erodent. I also think you should correct the "Tentacool appears everywhere in Sinnoh" statement, as it appears in like 1/3 of the places you can Surf. I posted a list of the places it appears in D/P and Plat above.
Diesel - Fear not, I compiled everything into a neater list with the correct additions that jumpluff will then HTMLize. The Tentacool bit has been updated.
Hmm, I havent seen this one. In D/P/Pt, the Ruin Maniac Cave has only geodude (1 def) and hippopotas (1 def), without the inconvenience of all those zapdos that are elsewhere. I always train here. If memory doesnt fail me they're around lv. 20-ish.

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