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I am kinda tired of all of this. I already expressed my view about Dugtrio long ago in another thread, so won,t repeat myself, especially when everyone has already used the same arguments I would do.
Thing is, almost everyone here agrees that the combination of Dugtrio + Arena Trap is either broken or uncompetitive (probably both). Yet nothing is done because people are discussing whether the problem is Dugtrio or the ability.

So, what needs to be done, in my opion is:
1. BAN Dugtrio (with a Quickban if possible). Almost everyone thinks that the combination of Dugtrio and Arena Trap needs to go, so what problem do we have for just banning the Mon? No collateral damage is done, since it will take time for a Tier to appear (probably PU, but could be as far as ZU) in which non-Arena Trap Dugtrio would be remotely viable.
2. Then, with Dugtrio banned, just follow the discussion currently held and if Arena Trap is the issue, just ban the ability and unban Dugtrio after that.

What is happening right now is the same discussion about whether the problem is Dugtrio or Arena Trap, while everyone agrees that the combination of both has no place in the OU Metagame. And everyone has known that for far longer time than the day this thread was re-opened. The Meta is still in not a good shape and Dugtrio + Arena Trap is clearly the culprit. What I am asking for is to end with this nonsense and then discuss less relevant problems, since we all know that even if Diglett and Trapinch are uncompetitive with Arena Trap, they are clearly worse than Dugtrio and trap far less Mons.
we've done this discussion 4 times already with the same outcome every time. at this point this is just a formality and a giant waste of time; please read the past threads on this. this is neither unique, profound, or even new and yall need to stop pretending like it is. absolutely insulting and disrespectful
just putting it out there; for the 1-2 people that are saying that the replays werent fine (they were), please challenge me. I'm currently #10 on the ladder, and will bring the exact same team in the replays. Ill even ladder up to #5 with it. this has gotten pointless, why we are arguing this
Lol my dude, if you were the one posting replays I wouldn't have any problem with it, but an unproven user posting replays from sub 1300s where the only replay he had against a known good opponent (Finch) resulted in the Pokemon he was trying to show off doing absolutely nothing and him getting 5-0'ed is a terrible way to try and support any argument.
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