ORAS DOU Stage 5 Suspect Voting

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The following users will vote on Azumarill in Doubles OU

If your name is on the list but you dont have posting privileges in this forum by tomorrow, just shoot me or kamikaze a PM and we'll have you added.

Please use the following format for your posts:
Azumarill: Ban
Azumarill: Do Not Ban
Azumarill: Abstain
Note that Azumarill will be banned only if a 60% majority is reached.

Lastly, a word from Level 51 on behalf of the DOU council:
PSA: We're out to create a balanced format, so if you have valid and informed reasons as to why banning or not banning Azumarill would help towards this goal, then by all means please feel free to vote that way. However, if you are merely voting to rack up numbers towards TC or if you feel that you are not adequately informed about the state of the format, please do consider using the Abstain option - it exists for a reason. There's no need to ruin a perfectly good suspect test for reasons such as 'I enjoy using Azumarill xd' / 'it's not broken if everyone gets to use it' / 'if you have difficulties against x then you're a bad player' etc.

tl;dr: Do not be opposed to use the Abstain option if you do not have a proper opinion on Azumarill. It will still count for TC.
Thanks to everyone who took part in the suspecting process!

NOTE TO NEW VOTERS: your vote will not show up until the end of the suspect test, even to yourself, so don't resubmit it.
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Azumarill: Do Not Ban

I'm not that much into doubles but I somewhat have an idea after playing a lot of matches on the ladder or in tours so I think i wanna share my thoughts about Azumarill. Imo Azumarill alone def is dangerous but not lethal at all its easy to be taken out once it cut half of his hp and is fairly not hat hard to handle. The main concern is probably Jirachi which makes Azumarill the threat that it is. Jirachi and Azumarill have close to perfect synergy and are almost impossible to take down in 1-3 turns (unless you have a Volcanion). Azumarill takes out the Dark-, Ground and Fire-Types with ease which are dangerous to Jirachi and might be troublesome while redirecting. Jirachi takes care of all the possible 'mons that can stop Azumarill from sweeping such as Thundurus, Amoonguss, Gengar, Zapdos, Breloom etc as it easily resists or is immune to Azumarills common weaknesses. Redirecting is a huge huge factor which makes Azumarill considerably broken but it really isn't on its own that why I think it shouldn't be banned.

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