ORAS DOU Stage 5 Suspect Voting

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Azumarill: Ban

Azumarill on its own isnt deadly, but due to the doubles nature, once it sets up, it is really hard to bring down. Around 1/3 of my losses are because of being swept by this bunny. By all means, it should be Jirachi, its powerful partner that should have been banned, or the move belly drum, but as for this suspect, yes, Azumarill is really hard to predict at times, and can be broken if played correctly. So yes, I vote to Ban Azumarill.
Azumarill: Do Not Ban

In my mind Azu doesnt deserve to be banned since on its own it isnt too big of a threat even it does get up a belly drum in some cases. This is because several pokemon can check azumarill pretty easily some of these include Amoonguss, Kangaskhan, Virizion, Ludicolo and strong spread attackers that arent weak to aqua jet. What makes Azu feel broken is the presence of redirection users next to it for example Amoonguss, Togekiss, Volcarona and the biggest culprit Jirachi. But since were not suspecting these redirection users at this time my previous points still stand.


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This suspect test is over, my friends.

Ban: 39
No Ban: 48
Abstain: 6

44.8% of active voters have voted to ban Azumarill from Doubles OverUsed. Even if the remaining 23 voters voted to ban Azumarill, the required 60% majority to ban it will not be met.

Thus, Azumarill will stay in Doubles OverUsed!

This thread will open until September 13 GMT Noon for stragglers to get their votes in.

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