Metagame ORAS LC

:xy/spritzee: :xy/pawniard: :xy/fletchling: :xy/porygon: :xy/gothita:

Why play ORAS?

It’s balanced and diverse: The meta has a wide range of viable threats and playstyles, but none of these are overcentralizing. It’s not at all uncommon to see 12 different Pokemon in a battle.

It’s accessible: The meta is similar enough to SS LC that a player without any prior experience can pick it up fairly quickly. Many of the same threats are here, and the ones that don’t are replaced with mons that fulfill similar niches, such as Fletchling over Grookey.

It’s underdeveloped: The meta is still largely in the same state that it’s been in since the end of Gen VI, meaning that it’s ripe for more optimization and the rediscovery of viable Pokemon and sets that were previously unused.

If you want to play, shoot me a PM on discord at gali#1650--I’ll always be happy to play!


Pokemon: :scyther: :sneasel: :tangela: :yanma: :gligar: :swirlix: :murkrow: :meditite: :misdreavus: :drifloon:
Abilities: Moody
Moves: Sonicboom, Dragon Rage, Swagger, Baton Pass

Viability Rankings

Sample Teams

:mienfoo: :fletchling: :magnemite: :foongus: :drilbur: :abra:
:surskit: :gastly: :pawniard: :archen: :mienfoo: :abra:
Gastbra Webs
:porygon: :staryu: :mienfoo: :vullaby: :spritzee: :diglett:
PorySpritz Balance
:foongus: :gothita: :mienfoo: :onix: :porygon: :timburr:
Dual Fight
:corphish: :chinchou: :foongus: :pawniard: :mienfoo: :archen:
Water Spam
:pawniard: :mienfoo: :fletchling: :foongus: :archen: :diglett:
Bird Spam
:snivy: :snubbull: :chinchou: :pawniard: :archen: :mienfoo:
Snivy Offense
:fletchling: :shellder: :pawniard: :mienfoo: :snubbull: :diglett:
Fletchling+Shellder Offense

You can find more teams on the RoA Sample Teams page!

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