ORAS ORAS OU Global Championship 2018: Round 1

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this girl rly slapped some letters together huh
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I'm subbing some people in for Drud, so in order of earliest to latest post:
in as sub if possible
in as sub
in as sub
in as sub if it isnt too late
in as sub
in as sub

New Matchups:

Set 1:
RedEmption vs DAVIDpwns
Piratilla vs Santu
Gaerys vs Hira
Sjneider vs Quagmander
BlackyDucky vs Lopunny Kicks
dcae vs Blazenix

Set 2:
Teclis vs DAVIDpwns
Jhonx~ vs Santu
xray vs Hira
Caasi vs Quagmander
AAamen vs Lopunny Kicks
Pais vs Blazenix
Won vs IPF in bracket 1 gg

Contacted samjo through pm but he has his profile hidden so i cant tell if hes seen it or even been around.
E: samjo and i are playing on tuesday
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