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Tailwind Offense.

Here is my Tailwind offense I have created which revolves around strong breakers in the tier. I find Tailwind to be one of the more difficult forms of offense to build around but this is a good example of what I view a good Tailwind team should look like.
The team consists of 3 of the more effective Tailwind mons in the tier, Lead Rocks Mew, a unique Full Incense Whimsicott set, and Eject Button Tornadus-I, and 3 hard-hitting breakers.
SD Crawdaunt was chosen as it's got excellent coverage and having this with +2 speed thanks to TW makes it extremely difficult to revenge kill.
Nasty Plot Thundurus-T acts as a pseudo-electric immunity and is one of the hardest-hitting special mons. Finally, Mega Metagross, as the team needed a steel type, I opted for a sub-power-up-punch set as a way to stack boosts and break common balance teams.
Mew has a simple role, rocks up, tailwind, and boom. Whimsicott has a Full Incense in order to be the slowest pokemon in the field when using U-turn after setting up Tailwind. Eject Button on Torn-I is to setup TW and switch out on the same turn to maximize TW turns.

252 SpA Life Orb Gengar Shadow Ball vs. 240 HP / 4 SpD Mew: 338-400 (84.2 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+3 252+ SpA Manaphy Surf vs. 240 HP / 4 SpD Mew: 334-394 (83.2 - 98.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
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Definitely a very challenging week, so I will do my part doing the trick room team!

This would qualify more as a semi room since it aims to still function fine outside of it so you arent always needing to have trick room up. Offensive Trick Room Cofagrigus is honestly pretty cool as a standalone and very competent cleaner so it is the main star of the team so to say. Then there is mega heracross. I LOVE this mega, its tankiness is out of this world. Behind a sub it is probably the scariest thing to face, and really take advantage of the trick room. EVs gotta have some speed cause banded tyranitar will always be a nuisance to any type of trick room shenanigans.

From there I have decided to use slowking over slowbro for additional special defense to survive some stuff in a pinch while still checking lopunny pretty decently, and being to face mega alakazam a bit more comfortably. From there Exca is just the best mon in the tier, knock off serp with slowking throwing thunder waves is just a downright bully, and scarf rotom is the goat. This ended up better than planned so I am glad for it!

Have fun!
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And with that we are going to close this round, this has been won by Team 4 by MrAldo! Congratulations, it shall be added to the hall of fame shortly.

Lets move on to the next round, this aint stopping anytime soon, ladies and gents!

Round 13


From all the pokemon that are OU by usage in this current ORAS tiering, this one is easily the most forgotten of them all. Is it because of how bad it is or it is just something else entirely? I see potential, lets see if you guys see it as well. The challenge is building a team with Gengar!

This round will last until Saturday April 1st at 11:59 PM GMT -5

Have fun!
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:sm/gengar: :sm/tyranitar-mega: :sm/excadrill: :sm/zapdos: :sm/clefable: :sm/volcanion:

Team :

for this week, I'm building hex Gengar with sand. You might be wondering why am I pairing it with sand. The reason is sand + will o wisp get you 18% chip per turn which is pretty cool.

Teambuilding process :
1) I'm pairing Gengar with Tyranitar because it is able to take advantage of Weavile thats trying to pursuit trap Gengar so you will get free dragon dance.

2) For the second partner, I'm going to use Excadrill because it is just a good sand abuser and provides utility to the team.

3) For third Pokemon, I'm adding Zapdos because it is provide ground immunity and able to spread para.

4) Team is kind of weak against Mega Lopunny and Mega Alakazam so I'm adding Clefable. Clefable is good for sand team because it doesn't take chip from sand and it can also help other teammates by spreading para.

5) I'm using scarf Volcanion as the last pokemon because the team is kind of weak against Keldeo and it is also good for speed control.
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Mega Lopunny + Specs Gengar Core Offense

:sm/lopunny-mega: :sm/gengar: :sm/bisharp: :sm/rotom-wash: :sm/excadrill: :sm/landorus-therian:

Hey everyone, here for this week's Gengar teambuilding comp. So I wanted to start things off with a strong core. What better than mega lopunny and Specs Gengar offence
- Mega Lopunny So to add speed to the tier and take advantage of the fighting immunity of Gengar and take care of steel and dark types which resist its STAB moves.
- Gengar is a strong wall breaker which can switch into clefable and other fairies that gives Lopunny a hard time. Trick is a good move to shut down stall and help the team more.
- Bisharp can be used to take advantage of mons which are used pursuit to trap Gengar and set up making it a good partner with Lopunny, pressure Garchomp, and Rotom-Wash.
- Excadrill is a great scarfer and spinner for the team
- Rotom-Wash and Landorus-Therian are good defensive cores in offence teams
hope you like it. : )

Here is the paste
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Gengar Tspikes Hyper Offense

Gengar is surely one of the more underrated breakers in ORAS OU, that may be because it has a hard competition with other special breakers in the tier, and also due the massive Weavile usage.
This team features Gengar is a unique way, by forming a pseudo hazard stacking core of Garchomp and Toxic Spikes Cloyster. This Cloyster set has recently gained some popularity in SPL XIV, but I personally have had some experience with it beforehand in 2015 as it was a well known Cloyster set utilised on ORAS Ubers HO teams back in the day, as a way to chip bulkier mons and just nudge them into 2HKO range of the offensive threats.
I have paired it with Bisharp and Gengar as a way to block hazard removal, by utilising Bisharp's defiant to punish Defog and Gengar's ghost typing to spin block (blocking rapid spin). The duo also has a great offensive pressuring core that demolishes a lot of balance teams such as Cofagrigus toxic spikes balance. Thundurus was added as I wanted another setup sweeper to pressure offensive and balance teams, while adding a flying type to the team. Finally, I chose Mega Charizard X as another setup sweeper, I went with the 3 attacks set as Heatran has been pickup on usage, adamant was used over jolly as Scarf Landorus-Therian is very rare nowadays and I needed the extra oomph. Tank Chomp was picked to first lure in Mega Diancie and OHKO it, opening up the team even more, while also checking mega Scizor with flamethrower and Volcarona with Rock Tomb. You may notice I have the rarer Jolly Bisharp this is to hopefully lure in some mons that try to knock off stuff like Zapdos before it defogs and keep the hazards up, and some slower Tankchomps.
Gengar Mega-Medicham Spikestack
Gengar's a really cool mon, and I'm glad it was chosen for this round. It has a lot of unique traits this gen, since it's the only offensive ghost type in the meta, and levitate + willowisp makes it really annoying and hard to remove. It's really annoying into the LopTornClef teams as well as the spikes balances going around, since wisp is impossible to switch into and hex hurts like hell. The main weakness Gengar has is how weak it is to pursuit mons, so I added Medicham, since if Gengar dies to pursuit, medi abuses the free turn to throw off an insanely powerful attack. Gengar also has really good synergy in terms of how it threatens Medi's common switchins, like slowbro cofag and m-lati with a burn/hex, and you can create progress off of those doubles that aren't forced if using another mega, like lopunny. I was insanely weak to Excadrill at this point, since Mold Breaker ignores levitate, so I added TankChomp, since it both provided rocks and a way to 1v1 excadrill. Toxic over fireblast since I was pretty good into ferrothorn already. I needed a defensive backbone vs stuff like zam diancie and weavile, so i added ferrothorn and clef. Spikes were really valuable for wearing down a lot of medi's grounded checks and allowed me to click thunder/ice punch more freely, since even if they had a grounded switching i was getting free chip. Cm clef also loves spikes, and if youre able to burn exca it basically wins immediately. I wanted more speed control and an actual ground immune, which scarf lando gave. It also was a pivot into medi, and an offensive check to metagross and diancie.


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Hello there !!
Finally decided to take part in this fun thread for this week around Gengar (don't mind the order).

I wanted something rather bulky even though Gengar is quite an offensive mon.
Hence I started with this SubHex Gar which won me some games in French Teamtour. Spreads burn as far as possible in the opponent's team to make great use of Hex.
Because of Hex, I needed mon that could help on that concern : Lando with Toxic makes a cool partner as it also lands Rocks and offers slow pivoting. Slowbro came to my mind right after as it as a great physical bulk and can spread status through Scald and T-Wave.
Tornadus-T rounds up this core by checking some special threats (ie Latios / Keldeo) and spamming Koff which is pretty cool to weaken the opponent's team.
Gliscor and Scizor are the main wincon here. Gliscor can handle a ton of Pokemon of the tier and take advantage of its great ability/bulk/typing to set up after Gengar has been (eventually) hit by a choice-locked Pursuit from the likes of TTar and Weavile. Zor checks Fairy/Dragon and can also take advantage of the said Pursuit user, but also Metagross. This is an offensive version, but a bulkier one might also be considered to better check these threats.

Weaknesses :
Volcarona is a pain to deal with. Keep Gliscor as high as possible, and the rocks obiously.
The team is kinda slow, ,so faster threats might be annoying to deal with (just Twave them).
Weavile: you can run colbur bro, but zor might be able to deal with it.
If Gyarados clicks DD, it wins.

Hope you'll enjoy it !​
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