Gen 6 ORAS Ubers Cute-Ability Ranking Thread

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For once, I feel like talking cuteness.

Mega Mawile for A-Rank. She may appear threatening, but don't let her fool you. That naughty smile; that "evil glare" which is actually a playful look; that amazing dressing style; everything screams cuteness. Mawile wants to love and be loved, she just doesn't know the best way and ends up intimidating you. Don't do this to her.


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I updated this a bit (yes I very much still have interest in this). I'll add the primals once I can find some box sprites of them. There's still many mons left to rank and even more that should probably be moved around.
Gothitelle and Ferrothorn are below the genies? Ferrothorn has surprisingly adorable animations and expressive eyes, and Gothitelle has bows.

Lando and Thundy have jack and shit unless you think a bara with leprosy and ugly facial hair, and a dumb tiger with a popeye and ugly facial hair are cute.

Lando and Thundy for Steeljackal rank.
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shouldnt this be oras ubers cute-ability ranking thread now
also groudon is a-tier low but primal groudon isn't higher wtf are you kidding me

I'm 100% for badass ranking. I would nominate Scizor/Mega-Scizor for S rank at least. Someone do it ASAP, lol. Although Ubers has so many badass Pokemon that IMO it would be hard to find Pokemon for tiers lower then S/+A, lol.

While Cresselia is really niche Pokemon (mostly if you need a glue Pokemon for dragons/groudon) it has solid enough niche to be included in ranking. I nominate Cresselia for A ranking. It's a cute Pokemon with right art ;). And Sylveon outside of H rank is a crime, plox.

Also need to nominate Smeargle for -A. It's not even close to the titans of cuteness like Sylveon or Skymin, but it can be cute in it's own way. Look at this for example:

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mewtwo isn't cute what the fuck guys lol

;-; idgi why people say that

also the primals are not cute idgaf that image is cool but sure as hell not cute
standard groudon had a few genuinely cute pictures a while back
this is so gay.. its just the fact some of you have just sat down and typed 'cute mewtwo' or something into your search browser
yeah it would be nice if we could maybe go off of how the mons actually look instead of finding cuteart, because by that logic 80% of mons would be a-rank plus.
Mfw a 6 meters vulture with claws and horns and evil eyes, and which is even considered the death god himself in the games' lore, is A rank.
Nominating Xerneas for A+ rank, mostly because Xerneas is an adorable Pokemon when you think about it, and giving it Mid B rank isn't really that sufficient. It is a really cute Pokemon who has it's benefits from it's color coordinated antlers, all the way down to it's bright white legs. Even it's official sprite looks elegant and noble!

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Are we considering Whimsicott as Ubers viable?
If so, then that thing is at least A+ rank. There is no denying it. If not, then oh well.
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