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Banned deucer.
Stat Switch: 31 - Winner!
Typemons: 27
FU: 12
2v2 Doubles: 7
Acid Rain: 6
Priority Cup: 3
1 each for Type RemiXY, Reliablemons, Team Movepools, FaSTABmons, Averagemons, and Move Pass.

Also 1 vote for Tier Shift that I somehow missed earlier.

Edit: And 2 unbolded votes that didn't count. :(
Luckily it didn't matter this time.
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The ladder challenge is here! Starting now, for four months the top eight users on the OMotM ladder will gain entry into a 32 person tournament that will take place in the fifth month. The four OMotMs will feature in each round of the tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive Voice (+) in the Other Metas room on Showdown, their name recorded in the opening post of this thread, and possibly more!

Four months means you have four chances to qualify for the tournament. If no Smogon user claims ownership of a qualified account, that person will be skipped and the next user on the ladder will become eligible. Similarly, if a user has already qualified for the current tournament in a previous month, he will be skipped.

Warning: If you cheat by laddering for someone else, you will be caught and punished.

Good luck!


Banned deucer.

Another month, another OMotM!

Month 21 - Nominations
Close Date: 12/26

You may nominate one metagame. If a metagame has already been nominated, do not nominate it again. Check out the XY Index for a list of eligible metagames.
**Metagames posted after November 30th, 2014 are not eligible for this month's OMotM. See list below. Also, anything on the blacklist in the OP is ineligible!!**

Made after 11/30: Chart Shift, Normal Balance, Type Splice, 400, The Power Within, Tormenting Spirits, Legal Mons, Linked, Field Control, Offensification, Protect: The Metagame. Do not nominate from this list!!

Remember, we're enforcing a 1-Week Old Account Policy, which means your account must be at least one week old by the time of your vote. Votes from accounts less than a week old will be deleted. And posts that do anything other than nominate/vote for a metagame will be deleted.

Nominated Metagames:
  • Classic Hackmons
  • Typemons
  • Mergemons 2.0
  • Team Movepools
  • FU
  • No Guard 2.0
  • Noobmons
  • 2v2 Doubles
  • Stat Preference
  • No Ability
  • Acid Rain
  • Technician Tower
  • AAA Ubers
  • Level 1 Metagame
  • Type Remix
  • Ability Shift
  • Middle Cup
  • Stat Preference
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Edit: Guys we're not voting for it yet stahp ;;;;
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For all the FU people and the second Typemons person: This isn't how this stage works. This is still nominating metagames to be voted on.

As for me: Stat Preference.
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