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Firstly, in the future please please read the rules. It isn't difficult.
darksylvion: Megamons
Fanyfan: Cross Evolution
Satanic Beast: Haxmons, Skillmons
TheBlueFiretruck: Linked
Chazm: Cross Evolution
Mr Spaz: Haxmons
Mr155551: Alphabet Cup
OM!: Partners in Crime
Wendig0: Alphabet Cup
Y'all suck.
Secondly, an issue has arisen. Camomons won't be counted this month due to some technicalities in addition to a certain event occurring soon. Sorry to all the people who wanted Camomons for OMotM this month.

Finally, here are the votes:
350 Cup 21
All Terrain 2
Automagic 1
Averagemons 11
Balanced Hackmons Doubles 10
Benjamin Butterfree 3
Camomons 23
Chimera 1v1 19
Chimera 2v2 1
Dancerability 2
Dual Wielding 9
Fallen Friends 1
Follow the Leader 9
Full Potential 13
Godly Gift 17
Gods and Followers 13
Hidden Type 8
Inheritance 11
Inverse 2
Inverse Doubles 1
Last Will 1
Lockdown 3
MediocreMons 4
Metagamiate 7
Middle Cup 4
Mix and Mega Doubles 11
Move Equality 2
Nature Swap 14
Pokébilities 2
Scalemons 10
Sketchmons Doubles 3
Statattack 7
Typemons 4
Z-Shift 5
1. Camomons - 23
1. 350 Cup - 21
2. Chimera 1v1 - 19
3. Godly Gift - 17
4. Nature Swap - 14
5. Full Potential - 13
5. Gods and Followers - 13
7. Averagemons - 11
7. Inheritance - 11
7. Mix and Mega Doubles - 11
10. Balanced Hackmons Doubles - 10
10. Scalemons - 10

Voting will be up within the next hour.

November 2017 - Voting Stage

- Vote for a metagame by liking the post (in this thread) that has its name on it.
- You may vote for as many metagames as you want.
- In order for your vote to count you must have at least five forum posts.
- If your account is less than one week old, your vote will not be counted.
- Do not try to influence other voters and do not bash any metagame. Asking people to vote for a metagame in the OM room may lead to moderation actions being taken from roomauth.
- The metagame with the most votes will receive a ladder on the main server of Pokemon Showdown for the month.*

(If you're unsure about any of these rules, post your issue in Simple Questions, Simple Answers)

Voting will close on October 31st.
*in the event that a meta is unable to be coded and/or implemented onto the PS! main server, the metagame with the second most votes will get a ladder instead.
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