OU Battle of the Week - Week 6: Ojama vs. Dice

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idea and most of OP taken from EonX-'s RU BotW!

Hello, and welcome to the OU Battle of the Week! Every week, you, the community, will be able to create a matchup for everyone to enjoy. Any matchup is possible and it's all up to you! Have you ever wondered who would come out on top if Lavos Spawn went head-to-head with Dice? Who would come out victorious in a duel between prolific offense users Shurtugal and X5Dragon? Would Haunter's Metagross be capable of fighting off Eo Ut Mortus? If you want a particular matchup and/or if you just want to see some high quality OU matches, you can make it all happen right here.

  • How does it work?
In the past, users were allowed to nominate any three players they wanted to see play. However, repeated joke nominations led to this part being stripped. There is now a list of players that can be chosen from (one player vote per person) for the battle. The two most highly voted players will fight it out, unless they do not want to play, in which case the next-highest voted player will be the one chosen.

At the agreed time, the battle will take place on PO/PS. Anyone able to make the battle time is more than welcome to watch the battle, but fear not! If you aren't able to make it, one of the participants will post a replay of the match in this thread so you can watch it for yourself! Also, both participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts about the battle and talk about things such as crucial turns in the battle, when the battle was won and lost, and anything else they feel might be important for us to know. After this, the cycle will repeat itself for next week! The 2 participants in the battle that week will be ineligable to be voted for in the voting for the next week's battle.

  • Rules and Miscellaneous Info
There are a couple of key things to keep in mind. First, and foremost, please don't spamvote. As the main goal of this thread is to help newcomers better understand what goes through the minds of experienced players in battle, it would be detrimental to pit 2 people who don't have much OU experience against each other. The other is important as well to ensure we aren't forced to skip battles. If your name ends up on the 10-person ballot when the 2nd phase voting begins and you know you won't be available for the battle that week, please post in this thread to say so. We understand if things come up, but it will run smoother if we know on the front end so all the voters know what's going on and if someone won't be available for the battle that week. And as a final note, please don't vote for yourself during any voting phase. It's community driven, so other members of the community should want to see you battle, not just yourself!

Matchup History:

Week 1: Haunter vs. Dr Ciel
Week 2: CTC vs. ben gay
Week 3: Bloo vs. X5Dragon
Week 4: BKC vs. reyscarface
Week 5: Heist vs. Lady Bug
Week 6: Ojama vs. Dice
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Week 1 player nominations (maximum 3 per user) begin now!

My votes go to:
Lavos Spawn


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<Arcticblast> guys
<Arcticblast> OU BotW
<Arcticblast> should be Pocket vs. ginganinja
<X5Dragon> pocket vs ginga, not bad
<X5Dragon> mod battles are always fun
<Arcticblast> and if Pocket wins he gets un-blacklisted from the suspect thread
<BKC> rofl

also Haunter

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