OU - No Team Preview [Round 1] + still accepting subs

Tournament Specific Rules:
  • USUM OU, Bo1, Single Elimination
  • There is no team preview. Battles start with the first Pokemon in the teambuilder slot being sent out right away. Players will not know what Pokemon the other has until that Pokemon is sent out. (So basically, the same way that battles from Gens 1/2/3/4 start.)
  • The winners/losers of each battle are required to post a replay. If a replay is not provided by the end of the round, the battle will be determined incomplete and a coin-flip will determine who will move on. Only one replay is required from either the winner or the loser.
  • Standard USUM OU banlist and clauses are in effect. (which means Zygarde 50% is banned)
  • All general tournament rules apply (they can be found here).
Obviously, there is no Gen 7 (No Preview) format on the official PS! server, so in order for this tournament to be possible, all matches are going to have to be played on the Dragon Heaven server under the SM Singles - OU [No Preview] format. Please make sure that you are aware that this is where battles will have to be played, so that you don't accidentally show up on the wrong server and end up missing your scheduled time because you weren't in Dragon Heaven.


martha vs. neomon
Jefozz vs. So Noisy
BlueLobster vs. Lopunny Kicks
Dollainthewoods vs. monchooo
Baptism of Solitude vs. XxAwesomePlayzxX
Jase The World vs. Diophantine
Madtre vs. Weegah
Wanonymous1616 vs. Cheese5555
Sageau vs. Jojohouse
Alan vs. Bro Kappa

Deadline for Round 1 is in a week from now, Wednesday, January 9 @ 11:59 GMT -8.

I am still accepting subs, so if you would still like to participate but didn't signup in the original thread, feel free to post here and you'll be added to the list of subs.
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