Tournament OU Sideboard - Round 1

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Activity Decisions

power vs The Hallows - From what I see, neither attempted to schedule, coinflip: power advances
rozes vs Xevara - rozes attempted to schedule, Xevara did not reply: rozes gets the activity win
Estronic vs obii - Extension granted to end of Saturday.
tigerharvest vs lyd - Extension granted to Sunday night.
zugubu royale vs Lopunny Kicks - Neither followed up after April 12th, neither requested activity, coinflip: zugubu royale advances
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Kingler12345 - Extension granted to Sunday night.
Insult vs shieldpoke - Neither scheduled, coinflip: shieldpoke advances
KingKdot vs FU SHUN HA - Neither scheduled, coinflip: FU SHUN HA advances
Caasi vs Weegah - Caasi attempted to schedule, Weegah didn't respond: Caasi gets the activity win
galih2612 vs Beraldinhoo - Beraldinhoo hasn't logged in since April 12th: galih2612 gets the activity win
Mellow vs GotCookies - Extension granted to Saturday night.
HKT vs Frat Dude - Frat Dude did not respond to scheduling: HKT gets the activity win
Bdlc vs Captain Funk - Neither scheduled, coinflip: Captain Funk advances
Hijasu vs thomas888 - Extension granted to Saturday.
Journalist vs Flares. - Extension granted to Saturday night.
Finchinator vs Sickist - Extension granted till this weekend due to late sub.
qsns vs Diophantine - qsns did not respond to scheduling: Diophantine gets the activity win
Its all RNG vs Shuckleking87 - Shuckleking87 did not follow up on scheduling: Its all RNG gets the activity win

New round up shortly, deadline will be slightly longer to account for extensions and to have 2 weekends to schedule in (this upcoming one and the one after).
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