Tournament OUPL II: FINALS (won by Topszn Noctowls)

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from what Tokyo Tom has told me, rozes and Tesung are playing on monday night. the other alternative here was for ttom to sub in someone that wasn't as optimal for him to play tonight... not much of a difference. i'd rather have things go back a day than make things a bit one-sided; the inactivity during this last game of finals is at the fault of both players (on both teams). if this game still doesn't get done on monday, then we'll have to decide what to do based on the situation.

also, we tried pretty hard to make sure this would interfere with wcop as little as possible, but it was impossible to avoid at least 1 week of overlap. even then, the problems didn't come in until this went into tiebreaker.
Tesung!!!!!! <3

rozes; dont be too hard with yourself i saw the match live and it was a really good fight, u both gave all ur best, it was insane. peace.
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