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Welcome to the OverUsed Resources Index. As the title suggests, this thread is going to serve as a Hub for all of our resources in the forum allowing for easier access to them and better organization.

OverUsed Resources

Viability Rankings - In this thread all viable Pokemon in the tier are ranked in order of viability from the very best Pokemon in S rank to the more niche end of the spectrum in the C ranks

Sample Teams - An archive for teams that are representative of the current metagame for everyone to try out and toy around with

Speed Tiers - Important Speed benchmarks are displayed in this thread for all your EV'ing needs

ULTRA Cores - A compilation of effective and splashable cores in the current metagame, a good resource for unexperienced builders looking to try new ideas

Role Compendium - A list of which Pokemon fulfill various roles in the metagame ranging from setting up hazards to wallbreaking or sweeping

Spread Compendium - A Compendium of different viable EV Spreads for every Pokemon in the metagame

Creative & Underrated Sets - An archive of unconventional sets posted by the community that fulfill a justifiable niche in the metagame

Sets Viability Rankings - Last but not least the thread that works in a similar fashion to the Viability Rankings except it ranks Pokemon sets rather than the sets themselves
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