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Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!


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Zarya's weakness is a dive comp where enemies are spread and often bubble targets are either ignored or killed too fast. She struggles to get energy against such comps. She's also very weak to Tracer, who can reliably solo any Zarya that's not over 50 energy.
Zarya doesn't really have the damage soaking of a main tank or the DPS of a DPS hero. At full energy her beam sits just below 200 DPS which seems huge until you realize she can't headshot. What she really brings to the team is CC/burst immunity and Graviton. Barrier can be clutch in saving yourself and your teammates but you end up not doing much if your cooldowns are baited out. Graviton's a great ult but you shouldn't expect to build more than 3, realistically 2 of them in a single round and if it gets eaten by Defense Matrix or deflected by Genji then the last 2-3 minutes playing Zarya was effectively wasted. High level Zarya vs D.Va is a game of waiting for the de-mech before you even think about Gravving which can be difficult to accomplish if the D.Va is respecting your beam range.
I'm probably in the minority here but I think the new hog is more fun/engaging to play. His gun's firing animation is a lot smoother and feels better imo, and you can't just mindlessly hook anyone you walks in front of you now, so it requires more skill and thought. Blizz should have buffed more than just his crit box if they wanted to keep him viable because he's hot garbage compared to old hog rn.

e: I'd like for blizz to buff his hook time back to 6 or even 5 sec since they want him to be some kind of fisherman off tank who displaces enemies. They don't want to reward him anymore for hitting his "skill shot" so I think they should give the player more chances to land it. A 5 sec hook helps with 1v1s too since a lot of the times you can throw out the second hook before they kill you, and if you let yourself get hooked twice in one fight you kinda deserve too die.
I don't think hog will be viable pro level though unless they give him back his one shot potential though because right now he doesn't really serve any useful purpose.
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The only thing I like abt dive is hog being bad now but I believe he will come back if dive gets toned down (still pick machine if ur good at him, he can still instakill squishies). Ppl are overreacting to his nerfs imo.

I don't really think a hero like hog belongs in this game, tbh. I think hes like bastion or a lot of other heroes who just ruin the game any time they are actually good. Widow/hog/bastion/others can just feel incredibly oppressive to play against when they are in every match
New map is out, hog is dead, seeing Reaper and McCree on comp. Fun times!
Yea... basically this.

Playing Overwatch in Xbox and played some comp today. Literally games are decided on who is the better Reaper, who supports Reaper better or who kills Reaper first. Reaper literally has great staying power unless if everyone focuses on him. Thank god that my friend plays the better Reaper lol.

Comp has been annoying for me at first, mainly because I would had been Diamond already if I didn't lagged to death so I started in high Platinum, and dropped cause of lag again. Finally fixed it and currently at 3087. Hopefully I can get even higher (was somewhat close to Masters but choked really badly and then got lazy).

My top two mains are still Dva and Bastion, followed by Orisa. Orisa is a hit or miss imo, because flankers really ruin Orisa's day.

Also finally Phara-Mercy is still a pain in the butt to deal with, does anyone have any options of countering them? The best way I can handle Phara-mercy is with Bastion but even then that depends of if Phara is focused on someone else.

Not sure if I'm going to get to Masters due to work, but I'll try!


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Phermercy have been the queens on consoles for very long, nothing to do about that other than have the better duo
D.va + McCree + Solider is the best combo. If you're still having trouble add a Zen in too. Pharamercy isn't impossible on console and I'd argue are easier to beat than a good Tracer :P Many Pharahs will switch when they start to encounter multiple counters too.
I'm sorry but the way the VA says "Rising Uppercut" sounds hella cheesy to me. Will probably grow on me though. He looks EXTREMELY satisfying to play. Almost made me give up the 10 GB of what little space I have left in my drive to download the PTR and play him but I'm gonna wait (especially with the bug he's got now on his Rocket Punch).
First off, thanks for giving me advice guys, I'm handling the annoying combo better. Currently at 3131, so I'm getting there.

Also excited with using Doomfist. My playstyle in Overwatch or other games like Call of Duty is that I always like to exert offensive pressure in damage while having some sort of survivability/staying power. Doomfist seems to fit this due to his passive ability but of course I have to try him out first. Also not sure if its me but he reminds me of TJ Combo who somehow has access to a predator missile lol.


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It seems like the overwatch team really wants dive comp to succeed this season.
Actually he's great against Winston and D.Va and his abilities seem necessary to get to close range and escape. I think he's gonna be a good answer to defending against dive, while Orisa counters him totally.
Doomfist is looking really fun, but the way his primary fire works (ala Tracer blinks) seems jarring. You can fire the first 4 at regular speed and then get slowed down as they have to recharge? Bizarre for a primary fire in a game where every single primary weapon is reloading or infinite ammo.


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I actually quite like his primary fire. It's like from TF2, where you have autoreload and you can interrupt your reload any time you want.

Currently I'm like doing more basic damage than ability damage lol :c probably not a good thing but I like his gun too much haha.


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You don't get slowed down to recharge, you have infinite ammo but can fire faster in a short burst at will. :)


Doomfist's secondary fire is so fun to use, I keep on joining Doomfist only 500% custom maps and you keep on getting secondary fired out of nowhere, its so hilarious but fun to do as well.
I also like his primary fire as it can deal a lot of damage if you have all four charges and it works really well close range or in tight spaces or if your opponent is trapped or slowed down (eg. Mei's freezing and Junkrat's trap). His ult is also very fun(ny) to play and it is actually very effective in closed spaces such as most King Of the Hill Maps, although there seems to be a glitch of when you land back down you get teleported to a normally unaccessable place of the map and die (most of the time). Overall Doomfist is very fun to play and I am looking forward to see new team comps with Doomfist as it will certainly be useful in competitive mode, well at least in my opinion since I could see Doomfist working where my competitive SR is (2773).

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