Paddy's drawings

Hey, do you mind drawing me an avatar for on here?
Sorry, I am in tons of work this time so maybe I can do that in the future. Thanks so much for visiting my gallery :P
My recent work
Wallace and Gardenia in Alola
Couples in Pokemon - Red x Yellow and Blue x Leaf

Alolan trial captains - Lana, Kiawe , Mallow and Acerola
Caitlin from Unova league
This is one of the best pokemon art work I've seen. I would really like to see more of it, both characters and pokemons. Its so creative.
I draw too but only on paper and since I'm not at all creative, I only draw copying from the official pokemon artwork or fanart. So can I please draw some of your drawings on paper, I will include your name on it. :)

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