paintseagull's art thread

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my art thread!
I'll use the first post as a place to showcase my favourite few pieces.
Featured stuff! (Updated October 30th 2011):

Baby CAP1 design!

"Cute" Sigilyph

OK let's get some art in heere

Main Design Baby CAP1! A more ambitious pose than the side-on, and shows the design better, but less successful as a drawing I think. Mainly because thicker lines cover up bad linework skills better :)

CAP1 design! Hate the colours (and actually most everything else) on this now. But I like his face.

Gen4 CAP11 design! I had to mess him up with that yellow stuff because of the Volt Absorb/whatever abilities he got.

Heracross rules

Eevee (+jolteon) drawings!

HGSS inspired sketches!

And lastly this is what I've been working on today. I decided to finally draw up a poketeam! This is my 9-member team in White. I love way too many pokemon in BW so I had to use them all haha. Scolipede (Rochefort) and Samurott (Ambroise) are both girls so I tried to make them more feminine. They are fist-bumping with Excadrill (India).
The other names for whoever cares are FinDuMonde (Fraxure), Chambly (Chandelure), Duvel (Reuniclus), Boreale (Vanilluxe), C3 (Eelectrik).. and Fluffee haha (the in-game traded Whimsicott who was modest and had Prankster so I didn't need to breed it!.. but I was stuck with the name Fluffee hah). Bonus points if you get the naming theme I'm using :3

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I'm surprised I am your first reply. Your art work is really good. I credit your cute CAP 1 Pre-Evo design for me sticking to my mediocre design. Hopefully you will win.
Going to parrot my original comment to you:

Fantastic! I love it all. And ahhhhhhhhh your CAP11 design is fucking awesome, I love that too. Your style is very rounded and soft, which is fun. I look forward to more, and I hope you win babyCAP as well!
Thanks guys!

I've been trying to work on shading and linework.. here is a Ledian!

and here is my team from Mystery Dungeon, Team Lemon-Lime! A work in progress..

Here are a couple tutorials I have been reading

I really wanted to post this mystery dungeon drawing right away because I wanted to share something associated with it. I've always wanted to draw my mystery dungeon team but I got really inspired to do it after seeing the PMD art group on deviantart started by purplekecleon:
I thought other artists would be interested in checking it out. If I join, I won't be using these two, I have another team up my sleeve that I've been sketching :)


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you showld have many more luvdicks

Anyway, WOW! That Heracross! Every last picture made me smile(THAT HERACROSS IS AMAZING!!!). You get a well-deserved Luvdisc! I cannot wait to see what else you can draw! AM I USING EXCESSIVE EXCLAMATION MARKS AND CAPITALIZATION OR WHAT!!!!
I dunno about requests, but tossing out suggestions can't hurt, I might decide to do some! Purugly is pretty great!

I finished the picture that goes with the Bouffalant - here it is:

I think it could be better, but Corphish gives me such a hard time! Also I definitely should have decided on a colour scheme before hand, the colours here are not the best, too light and not enough contrast or interest.

Anyway, Bouffalant and Corphish are supposed to be a potential PMD team - Team Surf'N'Turf!
The Corphish is really adorable, and the Ledian is dynamic, soulful and amazing! I support your babyCAP design. The only one I don't like is that flying monkey thing, but this is really great and a very unique style too!
Man, not only are all of your PMD pictures super cute, your team names are even cuter! The best I could come up with under pressure was Team Rocket. e_e; The only criticism I might have is that the light source in the Bouffalant picture is a little ambiguous (mostly just on the legs, there's some kind of weird optical illusion where I think the wrong leg is in front).

By the way, really excited to see how that lovely shade of purple will play out in the Pikachu & Bulbasaur picture. :>


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I think it could be better, but Corphish gives me such a hard time! Also I definitely should have decided on a colour scheme before hand, the colours here are not the best, too light and not enough contrast or interest.
But I love the washed-out, surreal feel of that picture! It is simple and elegant. You nailed it, for my tastes!
OK so I haven't made any progress on any of the WIPs in this thread because something possessed me to try spriting Scratchet even though I have never sprited before and his stupid design is so stupidly hard to sprite. And so I have spent all my art time making these sprites.

Here was my first attempt (too small/not facing the right direction)

And my second attempt which I spent a million hours on and got it to this final stage

which I am honestly quite happy with! I got him to look kinda round on the back which took a lot of persistence and trying different things over and over. And stopping and trying again a few days later with fresh eyes. But I am so happy I don't need to work on it anymore, ugh!

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