Past Generation Analyses: Reservation Index v2

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Ok, so from the discussion that was occuring for the past few months in the BW Discord, it seems like a lot of the analyses that I wrote (Forretress and Blissey especially) have been rendered outdated. Is there a chance that there is someone that could take the place as head so that we could start work updating the analyses? There have also been talks about Clefable getting it's own analysis due to it's usage in high-level tournaments. I know Peng agreed to work on this analysis but it has been several months and not too much progress has been made aside from a skeleton finally being uploaded early March. I understand that you guys might be busy so it's not quite a big deal but with the renewed interest in updated BW info I think it would be worth bringing up.

Edit #1: Oops I just realized that Peng uploaded the analysis skeleton for Clef this early March lol.


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The clef thread has been up a few weeks, can we chill out on getting it reassigned. It will be done i have just had a busy irl

“There have also been talks about Clefable getting it's own analysis due to it's usage in high-level tournaments”
yes and me/dice/bluri are the people largely responsible for optimising this mon and the builds leading to its tournament usage - pls let the qualified people write the analysis, a delayed analysis by the right people will be better


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New sets have been added to the USUM slate! They are as follows:
Calm Mind Tapu Koko
Trick Room Magearna
Swords Dance Mega Charizard X
PuP + Encore Mega Lopunny
Choice Scarf Tyranitar
See this post for more details!

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