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I got suggested to make an art thread a million years ago by Eevee General and I finally did. Im absolutely horrible with updating and organization but hopefully I can hold onto this thread for at least a short period of time (mainly crossposting from my tumblr). Id be interested in taking requests for banners and article art too (not really RMTs atm), but due to my work "schedule" I not not always be able to accept. Hope u like the art

I did a daily type challenge up until a week ago when I took a break, but I was drawing a type every day. Heres the latest (enormous images that i dont want to resize atm):








Then I do some other stuff too- I like redesigning pokemon to look more like the animals they were based on for instance

lol this one is actually "realistic" gyarados altho it looks like eelektross

And then lastly heres some headers i made for some custom games and grand slam!

But I wanted to make this thread because Im interested in helping out with some more site art mainly/hopefully (maybe also get involved in some cap 3d modelling) Seems fun. Thanks for checking my thread :mad:
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Absolutely fantastic thread! I love your style, it's so varied and unique. Also wonderful job on that 3d wartortle (arvalis right?) I look forward to seeing more of your work!
thank you! and yes arvalis i think he's called on another site (hes grimchild on tumblr), hes a genius, i love all his designs and might try and model his bat gengar at some point or insect giratina


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That wartortle is mind blowing man. Welcome to Smogon and I hope I can see more of your art at some point!!
Loving the realistic Pokemon! I'm assuming the Wartortle 3D model is from this picture.
It's actually really gorgeous and I love it!

I also really like the Fire type daily type. :P Where did he get the turkey?
Probably Delibird...


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this is the pic that made me ask you to make a thread (however long ago), and man, the rest of the stuff you've churned out is just great, consider me another tumblr follower. Out of your type challenges, the starmie and rotom-H certainly stand out to me. Awesome start for an awesome thread!

You don't seem to be a stranger to helping out around Smogon, but just to up the ante, you can easily consider yourself an approved artist. What that means can be read about here, and the areas you may freely contribute to can be found here (under Quality Illustrations). Welcome to the studo!
Gosh this art is absolutely amazing, I also love those banners, the banners are so fun and stand out to me, that style is so cool and different from the regular online made banners. Also sent you a message about something

This banner is so sick

Also another note first post in the Art Forums! =) Pipotchi


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Really really really happy you got this going AND got approved artist! I knew when I saw your Nature Swap art and then when you made the OMGS logo you'd be going places, so keep it up! Of the art in the OP I think the Rotom-H is my favorite.

I'd like to request a new banner for STABmons. We changed things around and banned some moves, so the current banner (which features Dark Void Sableye - a banned move), no longer works. I'm not too picky how you want to design it, but if you could show a Pokemon using a move that it gains via the STABmons rules that would be preferable, such as Heatran using King's Shield or Landorus-T using Dragon Ascent. I really dig the style in the daily type challenge hide tags and the style for the two banners, but if something else is jumping out at you feel free to run with it. Thanks!
I made this clefable for an article :T

I also did somethin a bit weird that I guess is an experiment... I set up a store for some of my pokemon art as prints n stuff:


Hopefully Im allowed to post that here (Bummer Edit: hell yeah) I think the pillows are pretty cute and not too expensive. Im not a big fan of how everything on redbubble demands such an expensive base price tho (like 10% of the price goes to artist)
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