Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records


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closest friggin battle so far, I almost died ._.

first thing, I didn´t catch the trainer type, because, I don´t know (mom & sis arguing about random stuff and I lost my focus)...

salamence I trick and in the same moment I think hell not set4...he outrages (of course it´s this one)...chomp is a no go and registeel has to curse up against this shit and gets +3 while sala never ever hurts itself while confused 5/5 (this is a common trait in the tower)...anyway I wanted to sub when he got a CH and I was at 54 HP or something, got the sub, then decided to attack and iron head was 2HKO while he failed to break my sub (yay didn´t expect it) with the next two outrages (of course through confusion)...

then he sent out garchomp who finished off with quake but not before being iron headed for about 50%...

now I check the list and set 1 and 4 have quake while set 1 is speed tie...haha again I doubt myself thinking are you crazy? what trainer sent out garchomp ... ... ... lol ... salamence was 4 then this one is 4 as well ... I vaguely remembered how the trainer sprite looked when we stand face to face before the battle begun, hell it has to be a set4 trainer

I am faster but he knows outrage, I could sub 4 times and hope for a confusion selfhit to SD...but judging by my exp. in the tower, that won´t happen...I outrage myself, foe´s garchomp fainted

it´s a pokéfan (knew it), who sent out bronzong (way to cheat mr. AI), set 4 QC physical zong is well known to me and I pray for...I don´t really know at this point lol

suprise surprise, QC activates right away, zen headbutt (or iron head?) for more than 1/3 HP, flinch (fuuuuu...or maybe not?) ...flinch means I am no longer locked into outrage

random abilities, I smile and cry at the same time :D

coinflip decision right there or should I just outrage? no damage calc, I just chose earthquake connects!!! ow...he survived with like 5% and iron heads

again, I am relying on "please no luck for him" as both of our next hits finish off

no QC activation !!!!!!!! earthquake

I scream YES!!!! very loudly and go on a OMG OMG YES victory walk around inside the house breathing

yeah sometimes you need a bit of luck, which in the tower equals to AI not getting hax

also, this is not the way my run really looks like (I mean each battle), I only posted becaue I almost lost, most of the time chomp or steel beat the oponent by themselves (messing up is part of the job...I mean I switched a chomp into scarf stone edge aero who hit all 4 and then I only had a 3 curse, 1 amnesia and sub steel for the rest :)

as for how far I am, hmm, place two right now :/ garo is still about a day away (84 today and it´s not even 5 PM, 98 yesterday and the day before were too many battles ._. way to spend one´s vacation)

oh, whatever, I´m at 329, yes the first day was 147
yeah sometimes you need a bit of luck, which in the tower equals to AI not getting hax
That covers the entire Battle Frontier perfectly. Although there are a few instance throughout the other Batttle Frontier areas where it is more of player not getting done in by hax (Battle Arcade and Battle Factory, I'm looking at you with a hard, cold glare).

As for my Battle Hall doubles, I'm not reporting anything quite yet but I have discovered a few walls I didn't consider in theorymoning (like double Jolteon discharge and with both of them using it results in a 51% chance PRZ rate and it's a 3HKO and double Magmortar is a battle against the hax since that Lax Incense is averaging about a 3 for 8 hit ratio for me...not counting the turns it used Protect...10% miss rate my ____ >_< ).

Although I do have one "good hax in my favor" story to share from my Battle Hall runnings. Double Porygon-Z beating double Snorlax. 47-20618-94992
Hey smogon record breakers :D
I really need help to beat this damn factory. All I get is the Silver Print.. sometimes and a few fights more, then I'll lose by the fucking hax of those
cpu opponents.. My record in lv. 100 is 31 and NO, I don't want to add this to the record list..
The lv. 50 just bores me so I everytime play lv.100 and the only thing I know is, that the more pokémon I change, that better the next pool of 6 pokémon will be..
But most of times I get 4 of 6 pokémon with good moves but with a terrible ev spread or good evs and ivs but with horrible moves.
Here are some people who got the gold print, so anyone of them could give me some tips? I read the posts of these people but as I remember they didn't write something helpful for me.

Please, I'm already trying it 2 months ._.
Yea, we all shout in joy when we aren't haxed

@GS, I am under the impression that swapping pokemon doesn't improve the next 6's ivs. Jump said something about it a few pages ago. Also, level 50 round 21-28 is "equal" to level 100 round 1-7 (as in same pokemon, but different levels). But the first 21 level 50 battles are hell.
Anyway, the Gold symbol is next-to-impossible to get. All the advise that can be given is don't give up, and try and vary the types and move sets. also SnapperTT wrote a reference-check ap, which is found on the first page but:( That really helps , as it can tell you your opponents stats and moves, also helps when swapping. But the Factory is hell, even with the resurch that has been posted in this thread, you only need to look at the records to see that. Don't take Nintendo's shit about intelligence being the key to winning in the Factory, it's more about persevierence and luck.
Ok, first, thank you very much. :)
Yeah, I know this list with the opponent's pokémon and from the 15+ battles I almost look for every pokemon to this list and slowly my brain is about making an own list of all factory pokémon 'cause I've tried it surely over 100 times.
Hm, maybe in next time I won't swap my pokémon after every battle as I've done it to this moment, if you say it doesn't improve the next pokémon ivs.
I'll look another time at jumpman's post..

Well, let's see. :)


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around 405 I remember that second poke weezing4 d-bonded my registeel´s second iron head (didn´t check moveset) and then garchomp had to face glalie4 and I subbed and he missed which meant quake 2hko (played it safe to hide behind another sub afterwards because of lax incense)

current battles

497 – claydol 4, trick, lax incense, scarf, explosion (first time ever, little desperate AI?), both fainted, garchomp garchomp4, outrage, flareon4, outrage…2-0
bird keeper kira – skarmory – trick, leftovers-scarf, DT, TW, DT, charm miss, Dtcharm miss, FP, charm miss DT … garchomp, sub, SDx3, outrage drifblim, aftermath, staraptor…3-0
collector newman – tentacruel, trick wacan, scarf, barrier, switch chomp, sub, sdx3, earthquake, tangrowth, outrage, heracross, outrage…3-0
idol nissa – glaceon, trick, lax incense, scarf, double team, chomp, sub, sdx3, earthquake 3rd hit, vaporeon, earthquake, flareon quake…3-0
clown frank – jynx, trick, chesto, scarf, LK, woke up, LK, asleep, LK, asleep, , LK asleep, , LK, t-wave, charm, FP, garchomp, FP, sub, sdx3, earthquake CH, hypno, earthquake, espeon, earthquake…3-0
ace trainer leda – dewgong, trick, chesto, scarf, ice beam, t-wave, FP, charm, ice beam, registeel, sub, ice beam, amnesia, FP, amnesia, ice beam, amnesia, ice beam, curse, ice bem, curse, FP, FP, curse, ice beam, curs,e ice beam, sub broke, curse, ice beam, froze, fozen solid, ice beam, thawed out, sub, struggle, curse, FP, iron head, glalie, quake, iron head, glaceon, ice beam, iron head… 2-0
beauty becky – hariyama – check trainer, set3, trick, LO, scarf, ice punch 88dmg, charm, ice punch 49 dmg, charm ice punch 34 dmg, t-wave, ice punch, registeel, sub, FP, curse, IP, curse, IP, curse, IP, IP, curse, IP, curse, IP, curse, IP, amnesia, IP, amnesia, IP, amnesia, IP, iron head, rhydon, sub, avalanche, check set, sub, avalanche, hammer arm CH, sub, iron head, mismagius, shadow ball, iron head…2-0
jogger dimitri – steelix, trick, iron ball, scarf, curse, garchomp, sub, sdx3, earthquake 55%, earthquake, lucario, earthquake, shuckle, earthquake …3-0

nothing spectacular, except for the streak of course :p

…oh #505 was a little bit more interesting, ice trainer, locked jynx2 into mean look, second poke froslass thankfully, steel set up fodder, also managed t-wave twice (cheri )…hahaha last pokémon dewgong disabled my iron head and encored my sub :D
#506 and #507 both had ice starters, wth that´s 3 in a row
#508 was a DM latias, FB gigas & sheer cold articuno
#509 wailord4 froze latias with 2nd blizzard but missed the next 2 and I set up +4 chomp on struggle and outraged togekiss4 and flareon4
#510 pokéfan with a meganium using light screen (ambipom, shiftry) = garchomp sweep
#511 guitarist cecil with absol4 that I charmed 3times, set up 6 curse steel with 2 amnesia then iron head but he got another CH on my sub which broke, electvire, subbed on the quake, iron headed on quake 2, subbed on quake 3, iron headed on quake4 (2 break sub), bronzong neded another 2 quakes to break sub, iron head, sub, iron head (almost 2hko), iron head, 2-0

147 on monday
98 on tuesday
105 on wednesday
98 on thursday
63 today so far



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congrats on 500+! my first inclination is to be disappointed that i didnt get there first but i have to remind myself that i chose to not use my cls team in plat for five months because i thought it would be "fun" to try something

anyway i wrote this yesterday and thought i posted it...guess not

jump will you continue your active 190+ streak with CLS now or what (or are you already since you lost in DP two weeks ago? if so, then I shouldn´t be happy to make a nice record if you jump over me right after
no i of course lost that streak the very next battle after mentioning my 190 streak at 191 to ice fang gliscor that was roared in when i roared out something like magnezone, obviously had hyper cutter when i tried to charm, and flinched latias when she tried to roar again. i thought i saved the battle but i guess not...scizor didnt die to fire fang but something dumb ive already forgotten about happened.

i was inclined to take this team to 500 or whatever when i first made it but rationality has gotten the better of me since then. because when i first made this team i was under the impression that acupressure worked behind substitute, and in a way the fact that it does not is all the reason i need to just use my best team. the loss annoyed me enough to shake off the rust with that best team by trying to get to 500 in pearl later that day, so when i lost at 500 the way i did, any desire to use anything but my best team in plat went out the window.

another random note: I love the fact that plat. is much faster than DP (attacks, lefties recovery etc.), saves a lot of time in bigger streaks
yeah this is a huge benefit, i kinda hinted at that delay in my "lol 499" post, plat is so much faster and it makes a big difference

now I understand your nick at last, after reading about how you were a triple/high jumper, how far/high if I may ask? I´m a big athletics fan and like to mesure my own various efforts (we had physical tests after/before season while I was a competitive tennis player and always loved them..50m sprint, cricket ball throw from standing still, long jump from both legs without a running start, no. of sit ups per minute, medicine ball throw lol dunno how it´s called, picking up balls - 5 short sprints in 5 directions and a 12minute distance run)
it seems you've rea my well thread!! that cricket ball throw thing sounds awesome, we never did that in our Presidential Fitness Tests. this one here talked about an enurance run which we didnt have to do (we did this in middle school, ages ~11-14), and all i remember is that we also had ot do a broad jump which i owned everyone at and that i got four stickers and i only remember the pushups, situps, broad jump and shuttle run (both of which you describe). so yeah i was a "pretty good" athlete in middle school

if i remember correctly, my best triple jump was 14.63 meters, or 47.99868766404199 feet. it may actually have been 14.64 because i remember telling myself it was barely over 48 feet which was cool in spite of my many injuries in college, but the only reason i can't remember for sure is because we did it in metric and "14.63 or 14.64?" is more difficult to remember than "47'x" or 48'x"?".

best high jump was 2.09 meters, or 6'10¼". proud of this one because i am barely 6' myself and not many people can jump over 10 inches more than their own height and this matters because taller people's waists start closer to the bar and they, everything else being equal (strength, technique, high jump approach, etc.), will be able to clear higher heights because of this alone. actually if i wanted to i could make the case that if they have different "tiers" of boxers like heavyweight, featherweight, welterweight whatever the fuck, then the same should be true of track but especially field events. that's for another thread though lol
Congrats Pterko, especially for beating Jumpman to the punch. Keep going strong because I'm sure you just lighted the fuel of motivation for Jumpman to take 1st place. Since you've surpassed the 500 marker, there needs to be a massive celebration if you can hit 1000. Best of luck as you continue your streak.

As for Llewellyn, it is a bold challenge...especially with Rampardos in there. If you can get enough speed to it, I'm sure it will hold out very nicely. Just be sure not to use Stone Edge because if it misses (and it is a bit well known to miss), it could bring your streak crashing down, especially if Ninjask is unable to setup for Lucario. I do agree that Ninjask is probably the best idea for this strategy though. Keep us up-to-date on how it goes since it sounds "out there" like trick idea seemed at first. It could have the same potential success.
I'm a noob here, but not elsewhere (read: YouTube).

Don't worry, I didn't join the forums just to post this; Smogon is perhaps my favourite website and so I will contribute my useless posts every now and then.

Actual Information Starts Here:

I dunno how often the records get updated in the original post, but if they're accurate then I might be getting pretty high up...

Platinum Battle Tower Single Battles: Currently on 192 wins, still going.

My team was (the IVs are in the usual order of HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Speed):

Uxie ** Wisdom Bro @ Choice Scarf
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP, 240 Defense, 12 Speed
IVs: 17/23/30/25/30/22
Ability: Levitate
- Trick
- Thunder Wave
- Stealth Rock
- Memento

Scizor ** Facepalm (shiny) @ Iron Plate
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 248 HP, 252 Attack, 8 Speed
IVs: 31/25/21/13/23/24
Ability: Technician
- Bullet Punch
- Superpower
- Swords Dance
- Substitute

Garchomp ** Draco II @ Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
IVs: 16/31/24/13/21/31
Ability: Sand Veil
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Swords Dance
- Fire Fang

Mmmyep, obviously an Uxie Trick-lead isn't an original idea; that was inspired by the smart folks here at Smogon.

Uxie's defenses are better than I thought; often surviving 3 super-effective hits, but criticals are annoying as usual. Memento is useful not only for the stat-boost, but to get Scizor in without switching into an attack or status move, and Sub for safety.

Not much else to say. Almost at 200 wins, it's getting quite repetitive.

I have a video of the 100th battle here:

Also, I will post a vid of my losing battle when that happens. Not that I want it to.

So yeah, this is just an update, I'll post when I lose... since I want a final record to get on the rankings, not one that's unfinished.

Funniest moment:

Focus Sash Exeggutor switches in, but Stealth Rock was absent due to critical hits on Uxie. Scizor is behind Sub, Bullet Punch the tree to 1 HP. Then it uses Wood Hammer. Suicides and my Sub is still up. I LOL'ed.

What kind of loser puts Wood Hammer on a Focus Sash set?


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Congrats Peterko! I can tell you've been quite dedicated to the tower, 100+ battles on one day is pretty impressive.

Jump, that's quite prodigious, especially the high jump record. I first started long jump, got the Welsh U15 record(6.02m), but when I started the more "major" competitions I was a bit off the requirements, and so I've recently tried high jump (got from 1.55 to 1.88 this month). Did you ever try long jump? (As the 3 jumps normally go hand-in-hand).
thanks, and yeah i did, but i think it's the easiest of the jumps, which may have something to do with why i like triple and high better since i started with long like "everyone else". i did it like once or twice ever in college and idk, i did between 6.67 meters and 6.72 meters, i'll say the lower end cause i'd probably remember it better if i actually broke 22 feet but then again "lol long jump"

also from my experiences very few people actually did long high and triple in one meet, it was long/high or long/triple of anything and very few people actually did high/triple because that's the strangest duo possible and like no one did all three, not even me in college except maybe once and only cause i was annoyed at how i did in HJ that day lol

Sorry to break of topic so much. Anyway, is/has there ever been any attempt for a baton pass style team? I'm sure someone must of tried before. Whichever way, I'm starting a streak of Ninjask/Ramardos/Lucario. The sets are pretty straightforward, but the EV's aren't. I'll post it in detail after I lose to hax.
yeah i tried in pearl for a bit in like feb-mar 2008:

weavile@sash: icy wind/taunt/embargo/night slash, jolly, 4HP/252Atk/252Spe
smeargle@salac: spore/sub/belly drum/bp, timid, 232HP/24Def/252Spe (0 HP IV lol)
zangoose@lum berry: sub/return/cc/ns, adamant, 4HP/252Atk/252Spe

but i stopped because i only got one-turn sleeps etc, if i were to try it again id probably use yawn/memento uxie because zangoose is seriously the best pokemon as far as coverage and +6 goes

Congrats Pterko, especially for beating Jumpman to the punch. Keep going strong because I'm sure you just lighted the fuel of motivation for Jumpman to take 1st place.
guess again lol, my only motivation is to not "get struck by lightning", i do only 14-21 battles a day and almost primarily in the car. lets just say that peterko better not lose any time soon because i'm "probably" not going to against easier AI


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hahaha I didn´t even want to post, because I don´t want to be annoying with my progress :p

well, I am posting, but no comments on my streak :)

anyway, as for jumping jump and other nice physical efforts, does smogon survive another record topic? :) go out and jump, post longest distance you achieved blabla lol

also trust me jump, the AI/battle tower in platinum has resources to beat both of our teams, so watch out my friend ;)

sorry for not letting you rest, but kind of motivate you the way the 330 from TRE did maybe (?)

by the way, I can do 100´s per day only because of my 2 weeks vacation and that ends next/this tuesday, wednesday back to work...already said that, but way to "waste" ones vacation with playing pokémon, only the most addicted do...but those deserve the records, don´t they? :/


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658 is extremely impressive. ._.

Anyways, I'm gearing up to try a crazy Battle Hall run with...Feraligatr. I think it would be interesting to try because with SD/DD, good defenses, lack of 4x weaknesses, and Torrent I can try and work up a streak. @_@

Also I keep dying to stupid hax and bad team match-ups at the Battle Factory, but I'll also try to work up a streak for that.


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also trust me jump, the AI/battle tower in platinum has resources to beat both of our teams, so watch out my friend ;)
compared to dp? no, it really doesnt. i theorymonned this last september when i made the platinum pokemon database, and as it has played out so far platinum is so much easier than dp. (and to be fair, i won over 700 battles in pearl with CLS with only three losses, and i've detailed how "shocking" one of those was [the other with 3 atk raise metagross then arcanine was pretty lame too].) so far it's been a celebration of my new 31/10/31/27/31/31 Bold Cresselia "I dare you", her calming cry limning her nickname everytime she makes her dazzling entrance from the Heal Ball she finally deemed worthy enough to contain her beauty underneath the real 99% Waxing Gibbous moon that peeked out underneath the clouds right outside my window the night i decided to catch her.

toggle back and forth between those and try not to get aroused, yeah, you cant. anyway im not going to tell you where i am but lets just say that if i posted my streak now i'd be in the top three

sorry for not letting you rest, but kind of motivate you the way the 330 from TRE did maybe (?)
no. i haven't cared about extending a battle tower streak in almost a year, and as ive said a times itt, if i did care i would have been using my CLS team since about april. and you remember my "lol 321" post, that gives you all the idea you need of how much i poured into bting last year, im not doing that again.

so like i said, the only thing im going to do is make sure to come inside if it starts thundering

brother oh my brother...: 84-09867-39845
guess again lol, my only motivation is to not "get struck by lightning", i do only 14-21 battles a day and almost primarily in the car. lets just say that peterko better not lose any time soon because i'm "probably" not going to against easier AI
Ah...yeah...those odds are just insane and I'm still in awe about those calculations. Still, congratulations on getting 499, even if 1 more would have been a great ending.

However time for me to post my record for Battle Hall doubles.

Porygon-Z ~ Porygon-Z
Modest ~ Timid
Download ~ Adaptability
Choice Scarf ~ Focus Sash

Tri-Attack ~ Tri-Attack
Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt
Shadow Ball ~ Shadow Ball
Ice Beam ~ Nasty Plot

So my basic general strategy is send both attacks at one target (since the remaining attack will be sent to the other if target is KO'd before the attack). This way I will cover the biggest nuisance (IMO) of Battle Hall, the Focus Sashers, as well as those that are 2HKO against Porygon-Z (and very few are in the 3HKO+ for Porygon-Z of which isn't much of a threat and that is Blissey). As for the item choice, I have learned how important attacking first can be in the long-term for the Battle hall so I had one with timid nature but the one with modest nature felt a bit to slow for me to be comfortable with using Focus Sash as well so I gave it a choice scarf.

Serious threats:
  • Hitmonlee (Fighting type with just enough special defense and HP to survive the Tri-Attack and benefit from activating it's berry)
  • Snorlax (Gotta hope for Crit hit or other forms of miracles because that Brick Break will take out the Porygon-Zs)
  • Regice (Just hope you can avoid it or win via hax because of Blizzard's low accuracy...that is basically your only hope)
  • Heatran (especially since this is doubles and those double Lava Plumes activate Flash Fire on the other)
  • Jolteon (same as Heatran, but with Discharge instead of Lava Plume. You need to KO one of them before they start attacking, so I usually switch to double scarf for this)

  • Gallade (Just don't wait too late on taking out this one or it'll have enough special defense to survive and also has Vaccuum Wave)
  • Probopass (Always started off with a sandstorm and goos special defense and no super effective well as quad resist to your only STAB)
  • Shuckle (Already fantastically high special defense but add in the Sandstorm with smooth stone and all of those little bits of damage along with the protects it uses makes it an extremely close call)
  • Magneton and Magnezone (They are still beatable but resisting all attacks makes it a close call but I managed to pull through every time with Tri-Attack's STAB)
  • Cacturne (A threat I knew would be a concerned right from the start, especially since H.King uses it masterfully and has taught me how dangerous it can be when used well...and those Sucker Punches are capable of OHKOs)
  • Bronzong (very solid special defense and if it goes status happy, you're in a big bind...luckily I discovered it is still in the 2HKO range so it can be manageable as long as hax isn't against you)
  • Magmortar (Oh how I hated going against this one because hax always seemed to be on it's side. Protect is annoying but that lax incense seemed to give it a 50% evasion rate against me when held by Magmortar>_<)
  • Infernape (It always went Scarf-Z uses Tri-Attack to take one out, then Infernape attacks, then Sash-Z attacks and Infernape barely survives to use Close Combat and then it is screwed. Either Scarf-Z is out or Sash-Z hangs onto it's Sash so there is nothing that can be done by the Infernape to finish the job but it's still not worth underestimating)
  • Whiscash (Another one who loves to have hax on it's side and by that, I mean another Lax Incense abuser)
  • Lucario (Same as Infernape...concerning me but the steel puppy never quite broke through)
  • Dusknoir (Great special defense but not as great HP...however my biggest concerns are the double team and pressure hax that could eventually get the better of me if it lucks out right off the bat)

Threats I did not encounter but consider important threats:
  • Tyranitar (You know it's going to hurt and it has Sand Stream to boost it's special defense)
  • Garchomp (we know it's powerful and that EQ can be a blessing and a curse for both sides)
  • Registeel (Steel typing is good defensively and good special defense stat. I don't see it as threatening as Regice but my plan would be having Scarf-Z use Thunderbolt while Sash-Z start with Nasty Plot and then use advantage of Adaptability for Tri-Attack and aim for the status instead of the little more damage from Thunderbolt)
  • Metagross (known for stopping many streaks in the Battle Frontier. 2HKO one before it attacks and hope it attacks the Sash-Z on the first turn. Otherwise when it attacks Sash-Z, it will Meteor Mash and then Bullet Punch says my theory)
  • Milotic (Great special defense and has been known to take super effective hits well)
  • Spiritomb (Above average defenses, immunity to the STAB, and even pressure...enough to be considered a concern)
  • Uxie (The yawn is a bit of a concern, especially with the nice special defense it has...a concern but not as much of a wall as the others)

Expected threats that didn't prove to be so bad:
  • Blissey (Dispite the fantastic HP and Special Defense, Scarf-Z keeps the pressure while Sash-Z sets up Nasty Plot until ready...then have them both bully one at a time until they go down)
  • Articuno (Great Special defense but not enough to survive 2 hits and whenever I went against it, it was only setting up with Reflect of all things)
  • Chansey (Same as Blissey but not as much of a wall)
  • Kecleon (120 base sp def seemed like a concern but alls it turned out to be is a standard 2HKO...just don't get too comfortable because sucker punch is available)
  • Umbreon (Great mixed wall but just didn't bring an offensive game. In fact, the only thing I ever saw them do was Facade that did around 38 HP of damage)
  • Wobbuffet (Mirror coat will easily take out Scarf-Z but Sash-Z can sit back and use 3 Nasty Plots and then dish out the easy OHKOs)

Gotta credit H.King for helping me train and theorymon through so much of this through battle and helping to force me to cover my ground because you never know when you'll hit headstrong into an unexpected and unusual wall. Also gotta thank those who were cheering me on as I streamed it...hoping to beat JumpMan's and Grani's record but didn't quite make it as I stumbled over Steelix (which to me felt as a "WTFSRSLY?" as it survived my 2nd attack with a meager sliver of HP). 191 still isn't too shabby, I guess.
Hello, i'm new in the forum but i've been playing competitively since netbattle and now shoddy. Been looking over this thread, and some of the streaks're mightily impressive (e.g. Jump's and Peterko's).

Quick question, how long do you spend to get the desired IVs for each poke? (days?)

I've been pondering bout doing Battle Tower, but seems laborious to me :)
Any tips for a BT virgin?

Anyways, glad to join the forum.



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all good things come to an end...I lost to a beauty hahaha omg

basically super luck absol 3 got like 5/7 CHs against registeel (were only 3 CHs afterall, but all of them when I was not under sub ._.)who got 3 curses and probably a sub (don´t want to replay the battle yet, because it sucked)...I had to iron head absol and kill it

then swampert 3 ... yea I was behind a sub but low HP and iron headed for about 30%, he broke sub, now what...started to switch back and forth between latias and steel to PP waste ice beam but steel was at 55 HP and ice beam did 16 dmg, 11 when at low health it also muddy watered which latias didn´t like (hurt after first night slash) and then I had to recover (103 max damage with expert belt), ->115 HP, ice beam, back to 12 HP, recover, he muddy watered IIRC and then recovered again and he used counter...then I dunno but it was the 6th or 7th ice beam (counted) which froze me, hell one or two later and I would´ve probably won

he failed at KOing steel afterwards by using muddy water, I survived with 1 HP and managed another iron head

now damage calc (before) shows that outrage does 112-133, but that (BAN ME PLEASE) has 207 HP (54-64%) and the bar was at around 60% ...long story shot I wished for a counter but it didn´t come and subbed twice, then out of shaky hands I misclicked swords dance (wanted outrage) and he finished me off with his last ice beam

really close before 700

696 ._. won´t be hard to beat for "him", fuck it

EDIT: damage calc.
1st iron head = 55-66
2nd iron head = 22-27
swampert was at 114-130/207
outrage dmg output = 112-133
would´ve been interesting if I had outraged :)

what a weird way to lose a streak

- now the video shows his 3rd poké, which was an empoleon hahaha, I was screwed anyway (the freeze basically meant game over)
- hmm the freeze was earlier than I remembered damn

PETERKO vs Beauty Becky
turn 1: latias trick, razor claw, scarf, absol night slash, dmg 53/185
turn 2: switch registeel, night slash, CH, lefties, 155/187
turn 3: night slash, CH, sub, 80/187
turn 3: night slash, curse, 91/187
turn 4: night slash, curse, 102/187
turn 5: night slash, broke sub, curse 113/187
turn 6: night slash CH, sub, 33/187
turn 7: night slash, iron head, absol fainted 44/187
turn 8: swampert muddy water, broke sub, iron head, 155/187
turn 9: switch, earth power
turn 10: switch, ice beam #1, 16dmg, 50/187
turn 11: switch, earth power
turn 12: switch, ice beam #2, 16dmg, 45/50
turn 13: switch, muddy water, 30dmg, 23/187, recover, 115/187
turn 14: ice beam #3, 103dmg, 12/185, 104/185
turn 15: counter, recover, 185/185
turn 16: ice beam #4, freeze, frozen, 85/185
turn 17: switch, ice beam #5, 40/187
turn 18: switch, earth power
turn 19: switch, counter, 51/187
turn 20: switch, muddy water, 58/185
turn 21: switch, ice beam #6, 16dmg, 46/187
turn 22: switch, muddy water 28/185
turn 23: frozen solid, muddy water, latias fainted
turn 24: muddy water 45 dmg, 1/187, iron head
turn 25: earth power, registeel fainted
turn 26: substitute, ice beam
turn 27: substitute, ice beam
turn 28: swords dance, ice beam, 0-2

yeah basically one more turn (fix: two more) before he freezes me and garchomp gets in a SD as muddy water doesn´t kill me after chomp subs twice and then it would´ve been -1 accuracy quake vs swampert and QC empoleon hmm, very interesting :)

hmm maybe the mistake was tricking and not charming, on the other hand maybe he would´ve gotten even more CHs (super luck, night slash, razor claw), tough one ... yeah charm is probably better time seriously set up garchomp right away dude as it´s a similar situation to the metagross scenario I posted earlier...

whatever, nice record, although it doesn´t feel like it
WOW,bad luck on the night slash crits this is where lucky chant might have worked buy yeah 696 is ridiculously high and it looks cool to :p
Anyways congratulations on the streak and you deserve to be number one!
I forsee the leaderboard,it is going to be ruled by different trick teams in the future.
Lost at 78. >_>
Which is an improvement over my previous 73 btw.

Was doing it with Yanmega/Garchomp/Gyarados.

And jesus fucking christ the hax has to be seen to be believed. I've never known anything like this, ever. I could've won this match a million times over had 910 Zapdos not done what it did.

26-72324-32448. Watch it and see the true evil of Battle Tower hax.

For those who can't be arsed looking up the video, Zapdos basically holds on with focus band 3 times in a row while ending up at +3 in everything from ominous wind boosts. Had even one of those focus bands not happened, my Garchomp would've +2 outrage steamrollered through both Zapdos and the final Articuno. The focus banding alone apparently had a 0.001% chance of happening, and 3/5 ominous winds/ancientpowers gave a boost. Clearly the odds are shifted in the favour of the opponent, though that's hardly news.
Well hi guys, I'm relatively new here at Smogon, and I have a quick question. I didn't put this in the SQSA thread because I wanted to ask the Battle Tower experts directly. =D Anyway, I have a Timid Gengar with a Speed IV of 29. Now will this hinder me much during my progress? Or is the 2 point difference really necessary? The other IVs are 23/x/21/31/26/29. Thanks!

Oh, and if I might add, there are a lot of really nice teams/streaks. Keep up the good work! =D
If you're doing WiFi battle tower, your Gengar is screwed really and you need one with 31 because of the sheer amount of other Gengars.

Ingame though, it won't really matter until you get to opponents with 31 IVs, and I think they only appear after 49.
Sorry to hear about that Pterko. Maybe the luck dieties got angry about you telling your streak and figured to dangle you around for awhile before bringing your streak to an end. I feel like my streak ended "wrongly by hax" when the steelixes beat my Porygon-Zs. Although Super Luck Absol definitely feels much more about hax ruiner than my min damage twice in a row. Next time you see that Absol, give it some crit hits back:naughty:
Congrats on 499 Jump, it's a shame for hax :(.

Wow, the Battle Factory is the worst out of all of the facilities. I just got CHed FOUR times IN A ROW. Bellossom got a Solarbeam crit, and two Sludge Bomb crits while Persian got a Slash crit after I KOed Bellossom. If it wasn't for that I easily would have won :(. Good thing I didn't have a high streak.
If you're doing WiFi battle tower, your Gengar is screwed really and you need one with 31 because of the sheer amount of other Gengars.

Ingame though, it won't really matter until you get to opponents with 31 IVs, and I think they only appear after 49.
Hmm, I think I'm going to stick with the in game BT. If it becomes, an issue, I'll rebreed. Anyway, thanks for your advice! =D

something (kind-of) new for the Battle Hall. I tried my Infernape (and some clones thereof) and got to 169 wins for the third (or fourth? I don't even remember wtf) time. I'm really speechless about Argenta's gayness and I'm not sure right now whether I can be bothered to try Infernape again (opinions?). Well, here's the set(s) and some stories:

232 Speed, 252 S.Atk, 24 Atk, Naїve
@ Focus Sash
~ Fake Out
~ Flamethrower
~ Grass Knot
~ Close Combat

I used this set for the most types. Exceptions:
- Threw in Earthquake for Poison type.
- Used a completely physical set (FO, EQ, Stone Edge, Mach Punch) against Electric and Fire, of course also purely physical EVs there.
- Employed HP Ice and Thunderpunch against Flying and Dragon types...
- ...and HP and Grass Knot for Ground.

I fought the types in the following order; it worked out quite well (some problems in parentheses):
- Water (way too much, thus first round)
- Fighting (just no way to hit them super effectively and some are quite bulky)
- Psychic (again, the bulky ones)
- Electric (Thunder/paralysis luck and Zapdos)
- Ghost + Argenta (QC randomness, maybe Ghost could be fought later though)

- Flying (Zapdos)
- Poison (Crobat, Muk)
- Normal (Togekiss)
- Rock (Aerodactyl)
- Ground (they have got too many luck items)
- Dragon (Latios, Latias if anything)
- Fire (Stone Edge misses against Charizard and Moltres; though, while writing this, I'm wondering why I didn't use ThunderPunch instead lol)
- Dark (Umbreon maybe)
- Ice (only bad luck)
- Steel (Bronzong if anything)
- Bug (Yanmega Air Slash Flinch, could be fixed by using Mach Punch though)
- Grass + Argenta (only luck items)

For those who like war stories (kind-of once more), I'm posting some interesting matchups I encountered and how the battles went.

H468 | Gallade | Adamant | Salac Berry | Psycho Cut | Close Combat | Swords Dance | Vacuum Wave | Atk/Spd
If played correctly, this set would beat the crap out of my Infernapes. Fortunately, it wasn't, meaning he Swords Danced not to endanger my Flamethrower 2HKO.

H471 | Uxie | Bold | Focus Band | Extrasensory | Yawn | Dream Eater | Swift | Def/SpD
Another 0-100 matchup. He yawned while he wasn't in KO range for Flamethrower, so I already saw my attempt being doomed. I have to thank Frontier there, as I scored a deadly CH in the turn after that. ;D

H110 | Carvanha | Adamant | Mystic Water | Crunch | Aqua Jet | Screech | Waterfall | Atk/Spd
Quite ironic, but Carvanha is able to beat Infernape while Sharpedo isn't. All it needs would be an Aqua Jet CH, as I'm forced to destroy my Focus Sash because of Rough Skin (actually, I was too lazy to calculate Grass Knot lol).

H367 | Spiritomb | Modest | Petaya Berry | Dark Pulse | Ominous Wind | Silver Wind | Icy Wind | HP/SpA
It became a threat after it got the damned Ominous Wind boost. If my second Flamethrower didn't kill, the Petaya would have been triggered and my flaming ape been dead meat. I fortunately dealt enough damage, but I believe there were chances to lose.

H409 | Umbreon | Relaxed | Leftovers | Facade | Sucker Punch | Confuse Ray | Moonlight | Def/SpD
The infamous Umbreon. Fake Out, Flamethrower and Close Combat (each once and in this order) won it for me, because he didn't use Confuse Ray.

H403 | Typhlosion | Timid | White Herb | Eruption | Quick Attack | Overheat | Swift | Spd/SpA
Argenta's new weapon. I flinched it on the first turn obviously, then I started to calculate stuff. Close Combat wouldn't kill without a critical hit, whereas I might get in QA kill range afterwards, if he used Overheat. Then, I used Flamethrower, so he was not supposed to damage me for much. Well, he used the dumb Eruption, but critically hit and left me with a yellow slice of HP. I didn't care much, because I was hoping to finish him with CC, but then -- you may have guessed it --, I got something like minimum damage and he lived through the intended final blow and gave the very final blow to another one of my like 8723462378 tries just to get the goddamned last coloured print... At least, my DS is fine, as my nature seems to be too calm to throw that expensive piece of technology outta the window. :D


I'm also encouraging you to check my YouTube channel. Some Videos of this run will be uploaded tomorrow.
Lost at 197

Platinum Battle Tower Singles Record: 196

My team was posted a few posts ago, but yeah... sadly, the loss cannot be blamed on hax, rather on Solid Rock. I can't believe Garchomp (max Attack IV) only just missed out on a 2-hit KO on Rhyperior... I now hate that obese boulder and his ability. I made a rather melodramatic video of this 197th battle here:

If Uxie had got Stealth Rock down, then Rhyperior ((BAN ME PLEASE)) would have died... but then again, not using Memento would let Scizor die to Milotic's Surf. If only I'd used Suicune instead of Garchomp... oh well, I can't get one.

Congratulations to the famous users here (Peterko, Jumpman16, etc) on their ridiculously massive streaks.

When you next update the records, will mine appear there? I hope so... it wasn't easy.
H110 | Carvanha | Adamant | Mystic Water | Crunch | Aqua Jet | Screech | Waterfall | Atk/Spd
Quite ironic, but Carvanha is able to beat Infernape while Sharpedo isn't. All it needs would be an Aqua Jet CH, as I'm forced to destroy my Focus Sash because of Rough Skin (actually, I was too lazy to calculate Grass Knot lol).
Grass Knot is a contact move too actually, so that does not matter.

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