All Gens Please I need help with my team.

So i'm trying to form a really good team in pokemon emerald. My team i was planning on forming was a Blaziken, Gyrados, Gardevoir, Flygon, Swellow, and either a Skarmory or a Ludicolo. Please I need your help really bad. And I'm talking about competitive playing so, will ev training them be beneficial in the long run? I have no idea what a sweeper is or a wall, I'm assuming they're roles they play in the game. I know my basic pokemon stuff but im a noob when it comes to competitive play, if anyone can please help me out and explain to me how to make an efficient team i would greatly appreciate it.
First off, what is this for? Are you just going to be playing through the game, are you trying to beat the battle frontier, or are you actually going to be fighting real people?

If this is just going through the game, this team is fine, don't even worry about ev training, the in-game is really easy. My only suggestion would be to maybe run a better water type than Gyarados, Tentacruel or Ludicolo should be fine. You don't want a full team either, as its often better to run 5 and an HM slave.

In battle frontier, yeah you probably want to EV train to get the edge, you can look online for ev training guides and for suggested movesets and even pokemon for the battle frontier in emerald.

Against real people? Honestly this looks like a pretty cruddy team unless you are playing BL. If you want to gen into the gen 3 meta, read our online guides here at smogon to get started.
Eh I'm pretty sure this isn't the way to go about posting threads asking for help. Regardless, you typically want (but don't *need*, this is how the majority of teams are built up though):

1. A bulky water (pure water type or Swampert with a lot of defense)
2. Forretress or Skarmory + rapid spinner
3. Normal resist
4. Rock resist
5. Ground resist
6. Something that can wall boltbeam
7. Win condition (against things like last poke cm Blissey or Curselax)

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